AD #1474 – MKC Stealing SRX Sales?, New Ridgeline Teased, NADA Reacts to Buffett

October 8th, 2014 at 11:59am

Runtime: 6:36

- GM Developing New EV
- Is MKC Stealing SRX Sales?
- Analyst Downgrades GM
- Honda Teases New Ridgeline
- NADA Reacts to Buffett
- You Said It!

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36 Comments to “AD #1474 – MKC Stealing SRX Sales?, New Ridgeline Teased, NADA Reacts to Buffett”

  1. Rob Says:

    The one thing that keeps a Wrangler iconic is the style, which has remained only slightly changed since its inception. Jeep would be crazy to change the design much and that leaves them with a brick in the wind when it comes to aerodynamics. What other choice do they have but to cut power or weight. An alluminum body only makes sense as much as I would like to see the iconic Jeep stay in my hometown of Toledo. Just not sure why it needs to move to change to alluminum. The F-series didnt have to move plants.

  2. marshy Says:


    As a JKU owner, I agree with the resistance to design changes – I’d be happy with a diet for the body – it only keeps out the elements anyways (as the stickers point out).

    Processing aluminum through a paint shop requires changes to the phosphate system which are not cheap, especially for a whole-sale material change.

    The BIW welding processes will change significantly also, but these changes would not be beyond the capacity of a major model change. From my recollection, the new Toledo plant has separate BIWs for the JK vs the Liberty, so no big deal there.

    Although companies continue to screw up diesel product packaging, the diesel JK is the holy grail among most enthusiasts. Its just that what I want is a mid level JK with a stick and a diesel and Jeep seems bent on only offering these in high trim/high margin vehicles.

    The way the hood opens and doors come of though – those things are off limits for design changes – these are key things I love.


  3. marshy Says:

    also Rob, don’t forget the Wrangler was made in Ontario, not Toledo, for the YJ era in the late 80s/90s

  4. G.A.Branigan Says:

    The JK would benefit greatly from an aluminum body,and at least the 2.8L crd that is going into the gm midsize twins.That would be a godsend to those jk owners. My last jeep was an 08 jk with the very anemic 3.8L v6,and electric bugs that plagued my jk till I got rid of it.

  5. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Jeep could save weight, frontal area and still retain the Jeep look (in fact, if it went back to the original, you know the one that help win World War 2) economy could be a result. Some detail would need to be addressed for the required safety requirements but a smaller Jeep (original size or slightly larger) could ‘also’ be the ticket (for economy). I know I’m dreaming (thinking out-loud sounds a little more sane) but a smaller, lighter, less ‘bricky’ Jeep with a smaller engine would get good results.

    Thoughts on MKC and SRX sales; too little data to confirm conquest sales (yet). The SRX is getting a little long in the tooth and the MKC is just out of the box. Time will tell (I suppose).

  6. Brett Says:

    I still miss my old 1988 XJ 2dr “Metric Ton” model Cherokee. Simple, honest, and reliable vehicle.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Wrangler needs to get lighter, but it also needs to get smaller. The current JK is huge, about 5 inches wider than its predecessor.

    Also, it could become at least a little more aerodynamic, and keep the “look” it needs to maintain. A little more windshield and front end slope, perhaps? The BMW MINI is more aerodynamic than a “classic” Mini, but it still undeniably looks like a Mini, especially the first two generations.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I would certainly expect the MKC to “steal” some sales from the SRX. The MKC is just hitting the market, while the current SRX is entering its 6th model year.

  9. HtG Says:

    8 you mean it isn’t Matthew McCaunaghy? He ‘just likes it,’

    (Cracks me up everytime)

  10. HtG Says:

    Wapo was running the spot for weeks on the crossword page

  11. G.A.Branigan Says:

    One of the big problems facing the JK is it needs to be higher then normal 4×4′s in order to get the ground clearance it needs to be ‘trail rated’,especially since it comes with 32″ tires.I’m not sure if an IFS would make a difference as there are different schools of thought regarding SFA vs IFS.The 3.6L V6 has adequate power,but does suffer from rather poor mpg’s.As for dropping in a diesel 4,or 6 cyl,that would improve the mpg’s as well as overall power,still have the diesel as an option so the soccer moms could still flash their peers by driving a JK,lol.An 8 spd auto would improve mpg’s a bit too.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4, They put that diesel in JK’s, but not for American consumption. I don’t get it. I’d think there would be enough people willing to pay the price to justify selling the diesel in the U.S.

  13. T. Bejma Says:


    Did you see this version HtG? Talk about a crack up…

  14. HtG Says:

    Yeah, TB. Are these True Detective inspired?

  15. pedro fernandez Says:

    A Hummer 2 would have made the bull scatter for sure!

  16. T. Bejma Says:

    He does have basically the same tone as TD HtG. Might as well ride what is hot, right?

  17. HtG Says:

    So, this made me laugh. Thank you, Chappy

  18. pedro fernandez Says:

    C-Tech, I checked my original, metal PCV Valve and it still clicks when I shake it, does this mean it’s still good? I cleaned it a bit with carb cleaner and wiped off some of the oil, do I need to replace it?

  19. Rafi Jaan Says:

    Nicole is great, but we want John back in the show! It’s just not the same without him. I hope this is not the new format for the show and Nicole is guest hosting.

  20. HtG Says:

    I also want John going to conferences, visiting suppliers, and having a quiet drink with Agent X. Being tied to the daily show separates Autoline from the the Detroit milieu.

  21. Marshall Says:

    The headline was- ‘Is MKC Stealing SRX Sales?’ My first thought was, what brand is that? No one remembers cars that use only random characters for a name.

  22. C-Tech Says:

    Pedro if you can hear the check ball in the pcv movè, it’s still good.
    Of course the Lincoln Lawyer drives a Lincoln.
    My prediction for the next Wrangler is that it gets slightly smaller, gets the Diesel and the 8 speed. No aluminum.

  23. C-Tech Says:

    I’m surprised anyone buys the SRX.

  24. cwolf Says:

    I test drove the MKC during my MKZ purchase. The added width made it well planted and comfortable in all respects. I think it will sell better than the Caddy on its own merits. I’ve returned several times since to have the jovial salesman teach me the finer points using the MFTouch using the column buttons and voice controls. The bubbly salesman boasted that the MKC I drove was long gone; I noticed he too had munched on a bag of brownies as he greeted any MKC window peekers searching the inventory. He sold two more units since and still nibbling and sharing from his stash. I have now almost mastered the MFT during the week and stopped in the other day to thank him, but his whereabouts were unknown for several days…. along with some long haired dude with rose colored glasses and sandles…and the new MKC! I wondered if the empty bag found in the lot had anything to do with it?

  25. pedro fernandez Says:

    But, but the MKC is just a juiced up, fancy Escape while the SRX is a juiced up, fancy Equinox, I’ll just shut up now.

  26. pedro fernandez Says:

    Thanks, C-Tech I read that metal PCV are much better than the crappy plastic ones sold today.

  27. cwolf Says:

    pedro, the MKC can be thought of as a fancy and pricey Escape to many…., until you drive one. There is no comparison in the least. It is still overpriced, esp when only a couple options are added.

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    23, An Equinox is a much better buy than an SRX, just as an Escape is a much better buy than an MKC.

    The SRX has sold pretty well, but it’s been around since 2010. I’d expect the new Lincoln Escape to outsell it.

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    24, The road tests I’ve read say that the Escape drives “sportier,” but the MKC is a little quieter. Also, you can get the 2.3 engine in the MKC. Here is part of what CR had to say about the MKC vs Escape:

    “The Escape is one of the sportiest small SUVs on the market, yet doesn’t sacrifice a comfortable ride or a quiet cabin. However, any traces of the agile Escape have completely escaped the MKC. The Lincoln misses this fine-honed balance, lacking the Escape’s verve and dynamic energy. At least the hushed Lincoln adds cabin quietness.”

  30. C-Tech Says:

    If dealers make such slim profits why would W. Buffet want to buy the Van Tuyl Group? High return on investment. My prediction is Berkshire Hathaway Automotive will be buying more dealers in the future. Look out Autonation and Sonic.

    Kit to answer your question about Toledo production, the Jeep Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, and Comanche were built in the Toledo plant in the 86-92 period.

  31. C-Tech Says:

    The Toledo plant has built some form of vehicles since 1904, starting with bicycles.

  32. XA351GT Says:

    US RANGER UPDATE. I just read on Car Connection , that Ford is CONSIDERING a Ranger sized COMPACT pick up not a mid size. They said it could possibly use the Transit Connect FWD unibody platform not unlike the Ridgeline currently. Funny how we were just talking of this and that comes out. It would great news for those that want a SMALL truck. You can bet that it would get the ecoboost engines. Now we’ll have to see if they do it.

  33. C-Tech Says:

    @ #32 That sounds interesting, want to see what it looks like.

  34. Brett Says:

    That just might get me thinking about a new car purchase.

  35. Kit Gerhart Says:

    32, Discounting the obese Ridgeline, wasn’t the last small truck like that the Dodge Rampage? That was more like a mini El Camino than a regular pickup, though.

  36. XA351GT Says:

    The Rampage was really small that was Subaru BRAT sized. They said that the truck would be dimensionally very similar to the last Ranger,