2016 Honda HR-V the Perfect “Fit” for Young Buyers? – LA Auto Show 2014

November 19th, 2014 at 8:42pm

It’s no secret that the subcompact CUV is the “in” thing of late. But with the introduction of the HR-V stateside at the LA Auto Show, Honda thinks that by basing the vehicle on its Fit platform it might just have the right recipe to bring in young first-time customers. Here’s a quick look at some of the details of the new model including when to expect it and how much you’ll pay.

6 Comments to “2016 Honda HR-V the Perfect “Fit” for Young Buyers? – LA Auto Show 2014”

  1. MXfive4 Says:

    I can’t believe that Honda thinks they are early much less “pioneering” this segment. Either they are sadly out of touch or they’re Jedi mind tricks aren’t as effective as they think they are.

  2. Anthony Says:

    Oh brother MXFive, what are you eat/drinking/smoking…

    No Honda is not totally pioneering the segment but they are the first to market with these smaller CUV’s that are popular in emerging markets like SEA (South East Asia) and Latin America.

    Ford is already planning to bring it’s small cross over here that’s primarily sold in Brazil here, Google it.

    It would be downmarket to the Escape and this is where the market growth will come from according to analyst and I happen to agree.

    People are less interested in performance and more interested in connectivity, functionality and practicality.

    IE Chrysler gave up too soon on this segment… (Caliber).

  3. Johnny Hardges Says:

    The HR-V appears to have a more mature ambiance. Fit is a vehicle I feel uncomfortable driving at age 62. I always loved the small Honda civics from the 1980s. This may be a small vehicle I can drive again.

  4. jdmcomp Says:

    I too find Honda dreaming with their claims. Ford has had the Ecosport for sometime and Mazda was showing a vehicle in this class also. What is not understandable is John McE letting them make the claim without challenging the BS. Auto writers and presenters still fear tough questions because they will lose access for telling the truth. Wimps, all wimps.

  5. Auto Guy Says:

    The pioneers for the B-segment CUV in NA was GM. 2012 Chevy Captiva & 2013 Buick Encore

  6. TLS Says:

    I have heard honda will build the new HRV in mexico and would go on sale in spring of 2015. Excited to get my hands on.