AAH #2: “Broomin’ the Board”

April 11th, 2009 at 10:25am

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John McElroy and “After Hours” regulars Peter De Lorenzo, of AutoExtremist.com and gonzo PR ace Jason Vines are joined by renowned Automotive Consultant Maryann Keller to discuss the automotive week that was. Segway teams up with GM for Project PUMA; is it just an electric “rickshaw” or a way to show GM is hip and advanced despite all the bad press of late? A round-up of the New York Auto Show. Should GM’s board be subject to a clean sweep? Plus, we rate the Ford brands.

We had you rate the Ford Brands. View the results here.

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7 Comments to “AAH #2: “Broomin’ the Board””

  1. John V Says:


    I could not make it to the live webcast. Thanks for putting a copy in your journal. Also a big thanks for bringing Maryann Keller – I have always enjoyed her frank commentary.

  2. Thor Says:

    Great show, thanks primarily to Maryann Keller. John’s other two guests were quite good too. John, unfortunately, was by far the weakest of the four, and seened unablel to see the “handwriting on the wall”, esp. for VOLVO and to a lesser extent for MErcury.

    I should add that over the last decade or two, Volvos have HORRENDOUSLY bad reliability, worse than even most domestics!

    I remember a colleague who bought a brand new Volvo and babied it, had to ask me to take him to the dealer many, many times and had so many repairs, at the end he became paranoid that the dealer mechanics were.. actually sabotaging hi scar! WHich I seriously doubt is true, it is just that Volvos have become true pieces of junk (besides all their other problems mentioned in the show).

  3. Thor Says:

    The above may explain why the numerous Volvos that were filling college campus professor’s parking lots in the 70s and even 80s, were steadily replaced by such unexciting cars as Camrys and COrollas…just as unexciting as the volvos, but FAR FAR FAR more reliable!

  4. Thomas Stuart Says:


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    Keep up the great work!

  5. Mike C Says:


    What’s with making the Autoline After Hours podcast video only? I like to watch all of the Autoline podcasts on my AppleTV, and would love to watch the AAH podcast on my TV rather than my desktop…

  6. Mike C Says:

    Oops! I would like to have the AAH podcast in video format, NOT just AUDIO format! Dang fingers…

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