Dodge Challenger: Exterior Styling

April 23rd, 2008 at 9:08am

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Jeff Gale is the chief exterior designer for the 2009 Dodge Challenger. In this interview at the media preview for the car at Willow Springs race track in California, he explained to me how they tuned the car for better aerodynamics and how they used a few styling “tricks” to enhance the proportions of the design.

3 Comments to “Dodge Challenger: Exterior Styling”

  1. John Farrow Says:


    Thanks for this detailed analysis of the 2009 Challenger body.

    I owned a 1970 Challenger and still have a 1969 Camaro. From the images in the media it looks to me that the 2009 Challenger is closer to the 1970 Challenger body, and the 2009 concept Camaro team took a path further from the classic 1969 Camaro styling. What is your impression from standing next to each car?

    Will you do a “Chevrolet Camaro: Exterior Styling” walk around video too?

    You may find some good questions in my letter to you from September 2006.

    All the Best,

    John Farrow

  2. John McElroy Says:


    We’ll have to see who made the better decision here: Dodge with a blatantly retro design, or Chevrolet with a modern updated design.

    There’s no question that Dodge is going to capture a lot of nostalgic Boomers. But Dodge also claims that it’s getting a lot of young movie, TV, music and sports stars who have put in orders for the Challenger. There’s no question that this is an eye-grabbing design.

    But there is a question as to whether nostalgic Camaro buyers will go for the new not-so-nostalgic design, and whether the new design will appeal to a new generation of buyers.

    My guess is that the Challenger will be the hot model in the short term, and the Camaro will do better in the long run.


  3. Phil Says:

    I think the 2009 Challenger more closely follows the 1970 Cuda proportions which was the much more popular car, especially based upon auction sales today! I hope they offer the shaker hood and pistol grip manual transmission!

    If a 1970 hemi cuda was around $5,000 a 2009 hemi Challenger should be around $38,000!

    If you have the money, who cares about MPG!