AAH #272 – Jeeps, GTs & Volkswagens

January 30th, 2015 at 6:18pm

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- Can an Italian-built Jeep make it in America?
- Detroit Auto Show 2015: what we saw, what we liked, what we didn’t see, and what we didn’t care about
- Volkswagen is dominating everywhere in the world, it seems, except the U.S.

All that and much more with Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production; Dave Sullivan, AutoPacific; Jeff Sabatini, Car and Driver.

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5 Comments to “AAH #272 – Jeeps, GTs & Volkswagens”

  1. Stan Says:


    I have no idea how you got through the show without punching Jeff Sabatini’s lights out. He’s a self-centered prick who was trying to give as little to work with as possible.

    He dragged the pace of the down so much watch became like that dream wherein you’re trying to run, but you can only move in slow motion.

    I gave up watching after 15 minutes and will never watch any Autoline video with Jeff Sabatini.

  2. Chris Bidlack Says:


    I make a special effort to watch any Autoline After Hours episode with Jeff Sabatini on it. He’s an intelligent (and unique) commentator who makes me think about the auto industry differently. He may not observe the industry as many do, and he may not verbalize his thoughts in the same manner as other auto writers, but that’s what makes him interesting.

  3. bradley cross Says:

    Both guests were good/knowledgeable and a good contrast in style.

  4. Carroll E. Gant, JR. Says:

    What is up with the Antoine Live? I click the like for a live webcast but it’s January’s show? This is February 5th, Thursday evening EST. Where is the live webcast? Seeing repeats is not fun but a waste of my time.

  5. Dee Says:

    Wow. Sabatini is such a bitter angry tool. No wonder he’s been shuffled around without a stable job for years. I suspect C&D’s bad financial state has a role in his increasing bitterness.