Auto Tune: “In My Gremlin” by the Rave-Ups

April 15th, 2015 at 3:00pm

Driving, riding, roads and of course cars themselves have all been immortalized by writers, composers and musicians around the world. Auto Tune is our way to spotlight a unique transportation song to celebrate these “ridden” gems along with the artists or composers who crafted them. Some you may know, many we’re sure you don’t.

The Rave-UpsYou may remember the band from its angst-ridden ‘80s hit “Positively Lost Me.” You might recognize the band from its brief appearance in the John Hughes blockbuster “Pretty in Pink.” Then again, perhaps you’ve heard the founder and lead singer, Jimmer Podrasky, is the cousin to our Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts.

However, you may or may not know The Rave-Ups, this “alt country” or “punkabilly” band which only put out three albums before its demise, did craft one of the greatest “Auto Tunes” dedicated to arguably one of the worst cars of all time entitled “In My Gremlin.” Yes, it was sort of an ‘80s anti-version of one of those epic 1960s Cali cars songs complete with the rather rough harmonies (on purpose) and even a nod to the Beach Boys’ 409, though that song never asked “Do you have a buck for gas?”

Like the car itself, this band and this song isn’t for everyone, but if you’re nostalgic for a 1970-78 Gremlin, this song may just put that hankering on ice.

- Chip Drake, Executive Producer, Autoline

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