Win a Copy of “Fast N’ Loud” by Richard Rawlings

May 12th, 2015 at 3:38pm

AAH Richard Rawlings Book Giveaway

7 Comments to “Win a Copy of “Fast N’ Loud” by Richard Rawlings”

  1. Kevin Krzos Says:

    Love the SHOW John

  2. John Hykawy Says:

    Love your show and Fast and Loud as well !!

  3. Carlos Herrera Says:

    Love the show! It is awesome how great people you guys bring in to talk to. It is always interesting to listen to and watch. Hope the show last for many years to come! !

  4. Marc Says:

    Not sucking up,just would like to read your book. By the way the show is phenomenal for a Gas Monkey. Ok, so I sucked up a little.

  5. Adam White Says:

    Really like the show but…
    To me all old cars should be considered valuable and sometimes it’s hard to watch even when a rusty old junker is damaged on purpose in the show.

  6. George Coetzee Says:

    Hey love your show never miss an episode really wish we could get more merchandise down here is south africa keep it fast and keep it loud.

  7. Robert Harris Says:

    Great show and the extensions that Gas Monkey is into.