AAH #290 – Discovering Explorer

June 5th, 2015 at 5:17pm

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- May Sales: Is Everybody Happy? (Well, maybe not Ford)
- Telematics, infotainment: Too much of not always a good thing?
- Chevy’s 2015 Car Onslaught: Didn’t they get the memo about trucks?

SPECIAL GUEST: Arie Groeneveld, Chief Engineer, Ford Explorer

All that and much more with Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production; Henry Payne, The Detroit News; David Welch, Bloomberg.

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2 Comments to “AAH #290 – Discovering Explorer”

  1. james C Says:

    Listening, not watching, the podcast, I had a very hard time finding a straight answer to the questions asked of the guest regarding the Explorer. I had to laugh a bit as my family has been watching BBC’s W1A. I still was reminded of https://youtu.be/TGDWgZAy6dM

    “So… yeah… cool…so…so” “so, so ok”


    One of my closest friends works as an engineer across many Ford (truck) vehicles, and my ex-roommate is a Ford upper management (US/UK/China) guy, so I mean no harm in saying that.

    I like Mr. Payne. Love/d having David back.

    Back looks very Durango-ish.

    Roof rack, drips..I think the Mercedes drip rail/profile works the best that I’ve experienced. It has added benefit of taking the upper/outer water from the wipers, and directing it into that drip channel as well, I think.

    Platinum – I wonder if a line-topping engine (3.7L? or V8?) might be advisable.I drove the F-150 aluminum trucks with the 2.7L and the 2.7 is very nice and surprising. SO, ME I think it’s fine. just asking.

    (Semi) autonomous parking features, pair that with your sensors, perhaps an “Automatic drive-thru” feature would be nice. :)

    Was David’s question answered? Platinum have any real differences? Sounded to me like the interior, softer leather? Anything I missed?

    “So, … so”

    I would call these full-size/d. The expedition are super-sized. my opinion.

    You AAH guys(Ben?) perhaps change the Default user names (AAH_guest….) so Gary/host can pronounce them. :)

    middle bench seat. I’d like front bench seat. :)

    (re: Road rage.)
    Here is David’s alluded article http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-05-27/china-road-rage-fuels-suv-boom-as-drivers-opt-for-self-defense-

    I think something like a side-step, step-rail could be deployed outward from the body further than a normal step rail, to impede a person’s approach towards the doors, and provide a barrier. (perhaps electrify it). and have side facing “road rage camera”. [I use dash cam due to semi truck smashing into me couple years back. and love the dashcams] Think of something as innocuous as a hula-hoop extending out from door. Just enough to prevent someone from smacking your window, or grabbing your door handle. One design might be to have the door/s frame with the lower-half having that frame be able to pivot/swing up and out. (frame, not door)this could encompass one (for a coupe) and two (Sedan/suv) doors long/wide. again, just enough to say “Stay away from me, my car, and my doors”. Perhaps “Active” layer for if you are sitting in your car and someone is detected to approach your doors that you do not see, and raises. Stop lights, when your attention is on light, etc. also, STRONG SCREENs (think screen doors) would be nice to be able to talk with those outside, but not have an open vulnerable space. As well as a mail slot type thing to pass flat articles, but not allow hands through. (driver’s licenses, paperwork, etc.) ATM defense could include something like same barrier come up to impeded someone coming in from around, behind the atm drive-up kiosk. Just thoughts.

    Most cops? I don’t like center consoles in some vehicles. 3.7L hmm?Unibody better for police? I’ve always read/heard body-on-frame was preferable due to they can repair them much more readily.

  2. Dr Z Says:

    I am longtime follower of autoline but the session where gary and guests are pontificating on low sales numbers of some vehicles in a VERY unintelligent fashion is a dis-service to this show..the reason I come here is to get proper knowledge and understanding. FJ cruiser sold 8 vehicles because they are out of production since July 2014 for NA. A fact that none of them knew about or were inquisitive enough to check either!