AAH #305 – The Tucson Also Rises

October 9th, 2015 at 3:02pm

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- 2016 Volt: Does/Will Anyone Care?
- Emissions: Paris Goes Semi-Carless
- Porsche, Motor Trend & Google: Whose Data Is It, Anyway?
- ISIS: A Customer Toyota Doesn’t Want

SPECIAL GUEST: Mike O’Brien, VP of Corporate & Product Planning, Hyundai Motor America
- While the Tucson carves its way through the crowded crossover field, Hyundai finishes its first month as a new NFL sponsor.

All that and much more with Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production; Richard Truett, Automotive News; Henry Payne, The Detroit News.

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5 Comments to “AAH #305 – The Tucson Also Rises”

  1. Alan Baum Says:

    Henry Payne is an extremist and embarrassment. Please don’t invite him back as he hurts the credibility of your show. He is an apologist for the bad behavior of the companies and is so extreme that he doesn’t contribute to the conversation.

  2. Bob hanover Says:

    Alan Baum is a liberal hack – Please don’t pay any attention to him as he undermines the credibility of this great nation.

  3. stephen D Says:

    Its no great news to say Paris has smog. Rome has it, London even with a congestion charge has it. More people=more cars=more transport=more tailpipe emissions. Even super efficient diesels or even hybrids cannot counter ever more cars.

  4. stephen D Says:

    Does Fuel Cell tech and its fuel supply not make the ideal powertrain for large/medium trucks. Trucks use special pumps to cope with the volume required so a dedicated Hydrogen fuel pumps would work, it has the space for fuel tanks and it sounds like the power output is the same. Not sure whether fuel cells can offer the torque over diesel. It would also offer much better idle efficiency.

  5. stephen D Says:

    I doubt that BMW with its i3/Tesla and Toyota with their Prius investment is making this for legal reasons. Any credits won’t make up for cars that don’t sell. Remember the initial Prius was not a great car. If you can afford a Tesla, you want to stand out hence you pay for premium marques even if you can get the same tech in a lower range brand.