AAH #7 – Peter’s Principles

May 14th, 2009 at 8:38pm

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With McElroy AWOL in the Aloha State, Mr. Autoextremist Peter De Lorenzo takes the helm to guide “Autoline After Hours” through stormy seas. Joining tonight’s provisional skipper is PR veteran, Jason Vines. Also, putting their two-cents in are first-time AAH guests David Welch of BusinessWeek and Car and Driver’s freshly-minted editor-in-chief, Eddie Alterman. This quartet of industry experts discusses everything from Chrysler’s earth-shattering dealership cuts and rumors that GM is abandoning its Detroit headquarters, to other hot news topics impacting the industry. Of course later in the broadcast they answer your questions in the popular “Rapid-Fire” segment. You don’t want to miss this installment of “Autoline After Hours,” the most candid car-themed discussion around. John will be back in the captain’s chair next week.
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4 Comments to “AAH #7 – Peter’s Principles”

  1. ron leax Says:

    just wanted to say good job with the after hours show !!!!!!

  2. KrashD Says:

    I think the reason the person online posed the question and worry about the heads of GM cashing in their stock is from the Eron scandal a few years back…….the big difference here is that the heads of GM never told their employees to buy stock in the company while they pulled theirs out. Big companies and big names that go Bankrupt and get Bad media (Peter’s Big B’s) bring up past media lambastings like the Enron scandall………..all bad for GM :(

  3. KrashD Says:

    Great Episode…….very good, too the points, and a great summary of current Auto industry affairs for those of looking in from the outside

  4. Bill Routledge Says:

    Fun show. Was amazed to hear Melvindale mentioned on media as I spend misspent youth there.We have three Ford dealers within 12 miles of each other in surburban area. Taking betts on who survives. Hope it isn’t the one that sold me a crappy rebuilt transmission. I own Ford for helping finance my college, but am running out of loyalty. New Taurus looks like it might be good but will have to go long way to beat Malibu. Alaways enjoy you guys, miss John, like the way you keep it real. Hay, why don’t you name show “Keeping it real in Detroit”. Maybe not. Might be putting too much stress on you guys.