AAH #311 – Something for Everyone at the LA Auto Show

November 19th, 2015 at 2:36pm

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-The Lincoln MKZ
-Ford’s new Escape
-All-new FIAT 124 Spider
-2017 Buick LaCrosse
-And many, many more reveals from the 2015 LA Auto Show

Guests: Kumar Galhotra, VP, Ford Motor Company & President of Lincoln; Milton Wong, Chief Engineer, Ford Escape; Bob Broderdorf, Director of FIAT Brand North America; Tony DiSalle, VP, Buick/GMC Marketing

All that and much more with John McElroy, Autoline.tv; Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production; and Anton Wahlman, SeekingAlpha.com/TheStreet.com

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6 Comments to “AAH #311 – Something for Everyone at the LA Auto Show”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Great show!

    Two standouts……the Lincoln MKZ…..wow….beautiful car….and love the 400 hp AWD…great moves by the engineers and designers…

    Leap frogged Cadillac with 400 hp and AWD as well as beautiful styling. I’m sold.

    Also scions new little cuv is one I can see a huge win for. I want one now…..it’s a sports car cuv. If it looks like the showcar with those large diameter wheels I’m running down to scion to buy my winter sportscar!

    Great guests throughout the show….

  2. stephen Says:

    Ford Escape – start stop is mostly standard in Europe anyway. StopStart is easier in a bigger car as space for the larger battery is available. Note the Kuga has not been a big seller in Europe and its not due to lack of demand. Bigger seller is C-MAX and larger S-MAX.
    Looks like Lincoln designers are big fans of Jaguar. Wonder if any did some internships when Ford owned it.
    Could we see Fiat and Mazda merge? Both need volume to make it more profitable. Mazda provides the reliability. Fiats small engines were good for years, its just the build was/is poor.

  3. Rick wakefield Says:

    #1, Jonathan, I agree with you on the MKZ.

    One other point I’ve been wanting to make for a long time is that I haven’t liked ANY of the BUICK designs of late. None of them. Have been curious and dumbfounded as to how they are selling any cars based on exterior design.

    The new one shown at this show has attracted my attention though. I will take a look at it when it arrives at the dealership.

    I still have one of the last Riviera’s that were made. I am tired of that design but like the overall ride and performance of the car, after I have made many mod’s to the suspension and engine performance. The Supercharged 3800 is a great engine and is even better after modifying it for more performance safely.

    The suspension is easily made more solid with parts available from Caddy’s (swaybars) and other aftermarket products. Have done too much to list here over the years.

    Will keep my low mileage Riv for a spare car after buying a new car next year. Just don’t know what I’m going to buy/lease.

  4. Myc M Says:

    I enjoyed your coverage of this and all auto shows. Have been a viewer for some years. Though there are quite a few cars that were of note, growing up in a Buick household, the new LaCrosse is fantastic!

    I wanted to comment about the numbers on the most congested cities in the US. Living in the number one slot (Washington DC), I’d like to know if you think because of this, DC would be ripe territory to introduce and showcase autonomous vehicles. In particular what I think is full autonomy (Level 5)? Are there any groups looking into this, especially being up close and personal with those who could legislate this nationwide?

  5. dean929rr Says:

    Scion would be foolish not to make that concept. Looks a lot like a Juke in terms of shape, but the current line is not appealing in design. The FRS is the only model appealing to me at all.

    Great show guys, awesome guests.

    John, its seekingalpha.com not chasing alpha. Surprised Anton didn’t correct you. First time I’ve heard him speak, please have him on again. Very insightful.

  6. JeffinOh Says:

    So the media is being so kind about the Buick Lacrosse- NOBODY is mentioning that it’s heavily based on the Impala. How did GM get you guys to stop talking about the shared platforms these cars use? I don’t even mind that they share, but just be open about it. Impala is a great car. But I’m much more likely to buy a Buick version than a Chevy.