The Future of Buick – NAIAS 2016

January 11th, 2016 at 1:01pm

Duncan Aldred is the U.S. Vice President of Buick and GMC. He talks with John McElroy about the brand’s two newest vehicles, the Avista concept and the Envision. While the Avista is clearly a concept car, it does feature design cues that will carry over to future models and Aldred reminds us to never say never when it comes to Buick building a vehicle like this.

5 Comments to “The Future of Buick – NAIAS 2016”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    That Buick coupe should be built with AWD and a 400 hp tt v6. If Infiniti could do something like the Q60, BMW has the 340xi coupe. Audi has the a5,S5, Mercedes has the c class coupe AWD 400 hp coupe…why is this such a outlandish idea for Buick?

    Sure gm needs sports cuv s like the Macan and jaguar f pace pronto….but this alpha based AWD coupe with a 400 hp tt v6 is needed for filling the gap between the ATS v RWD coupe with its 464 hp tt v6 and the 455 hp RWD camaro ss

    One starting at 37 grand…the other around 55 grand….

    Give Buick a chance at catching young professionals who are too old for a youthful camaro ss and need all wheel drive 400 hp coupe but don’t want to pony up the 55 to 70 grand for the ATS v coupe…

    Jmo greet car!

  2. Rob Says:

    The more I look at the Buick Avista the more it reminds me of a 6 series BMW Coupe. The Envision makes me yawn.. Typical GM and Buick does not pursue its niche. Appears Buick is still confused and just builds its own version of the same GM divisions again. As disappointing as when Pontiac offered a minivan. Yes the sports division of GM with a minivan.

  3. George Ricci Says:

    Buick has been able to lower the age of people buying their cars, but it a slow process. If Buick builds the Avista that should really speed up the transition. We have all been waiting for a new Riviera, but maybe Buick management feel they need to leave the old names behind in order to speed the transition.

  4. Runner Says:

    Their has been nothing but praise and positive comments everywhere about the Avista. Why not lead a campaign to ask GM to build it, as close as possible to the show car with open non B pillar hardtop configuration, Autoline!

    You guys start the petition and others can follow. Keep the votes for it coming in and then turn them in to GM in a month! While it’s still in the mind of everyone and before we all give up, like we have with the Cadillac concepts.

    Count me as vote #1 for it.

  5. Dave Peterson Says:

    Every few years GM teases us with a near-production ready show car that could change their image overnight and increase sales tremendously.

    Whatever they end up building is a huge disappointment compared to the show car. It’s as though they are trying to keep us away from the showroom. If that’s the strategy, it’s working.

    Here’s a sample of GM show cars that I’d love to have in my driveway, and the production car that I wouldn’t be interested in. (One possible exception is the Chevy SS).

    Show car: Holden Coupe 60
    Real car: A mild refresh of the Commodore (our SS).

    Show cars: Cadillac Elmiraj and LTS
    Real car: CTS and CT6

    Show car: Buick Avenir
    Real car: Buick Lacrosse

    Show car: Buick Avista
    Real car: Either nothing or something that will make me want to kill myself.