Chrysler Pacifica: A Lot of Best-In-Classes – NAIAS 2016

January 11th, 2016 at 6:10pm

Tim Kuniskis is the Head of Passenger Cars for FCA North America. He talks with John McElroy about all-new and newly-named Pacifica minivan. While it’s the first to offer a plug-in hybrid minivan, Kuniskis feels that customers don’t really care how a vehicle does something as long as it does it well. And, as you’ll find out, the new Chrysler Pacifica ticks a lot of best-in-class boxes.

2 Comments to “Chrysler Pacifica: A Lot of Best-In-Classes – NAIAS 2016”

  1. Tim Beaumont Says:

    Nice minivan by FCA ! But, not the world’s only hybrid van. Many in Japan … e.g. Toyota Alphard.

    It may be the world’s first plug in hybrid minivan.

  2. Whitey Says:

    Nothing like one of your top executives using words like “cancellization” That was awesome.