Acura Precision Concept Mixes Emotion with Performance – NAIAS 2016

January 12th, 2016 at 10:47am

Dave Marek is the Global Creative Director at Acura. He takes John McElroy around the brand’s newest concept, called the Precision. It maybe wild looking, but the car hints at Acura’s future design, both inside and out.

2 Comments to “Acura Precision Concept Mixes Emotion with Performance – NAIAS 2016”

  1. Joe Pastor Says:

    John, love the look both inside and out; primarily because it doesn’t look anything like a Honda. And that’s the real rub: will Honda execs allow these Acura guys to produce these concept elements into say a TLX, RLX and ILX. Memo to Honda: this Acura owner WANTS to see all this in my next TLX!!

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Whose did Acura hire to design their exteriors? This fresh new look is way over exaggerated or at least I hope so…the grill shape is a bit to large but ok…the rest of what’s going on in the front clip is just weird…..and unattractive..

    Go back to the drawing boards and tone down this abomination ..