AAH #325 – 2 Hosts, 4 Guests, & 1 Big Apple

March 24th, 2016 at 2:46pm

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- The New York Auto Show’s Hits & Misses including:
- The Lincoln Navigator 3-step!
- A Prius Finally Ready for Prime Time?
- Face Lifts for Acura & Buick…and much more.

The Car Coach; Dan Gray, Autobytel; Tim Stevens, CNET; Mike Spinelli, The Drive

Join hosts John McElroy of Autoline.tv and Gary Vasilash from Automotive Design & Production for AAH at the Toyota LIVE Stage in New York’s Javits Center.

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7 Comments to “AAH #325 – 2 Hosts, 4 Guests, & 1 Big Apple”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Fun show as every year! I always look forward to your insights and predictions….still I wish you would have spent more time on the cars at the show and a little less on autonomy…

    I’m sure autonomy is a hot topic among journalist and manufacturers but as you know NY is consumer car show..

    We are interested in the cars for sale or about to be on sale…what their performance will be..what you think the latest and greatest compares to with regards to its market segment…

    Keep up the great work and consider that performance and luxury vehicles are where most of us listening are at.

    Autonomy tends to be years away and it’s putting most of us to sleep….

    Enthusiasts love to drive….and cars like the 640hp ZL1 with its new 10 speed automatic…do we want the manual or the A10. For track work? Fast lap times..

    Do we want the mx5 convertible or the new fastback hardtop coupe?

    Does Genesis 3 series competitor actually stand a chance in hell to compete with the BMW 3 series from a drivers perspective?

    Have fun in NY and enjoy

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Which would you buy? ZL1 or Z06. Or hellcat? Gt350.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Was tesla there and if not why? Will the March 31 set reveal be strong enough without the car show reveal?

    Does Elon Musk want to be perceived differently than other car companies and if so why?

    I’m assuming tesla wasn’t at my?

  4. Jonathan Says:

    Next year do the show at that deli downtown…lol

    Also….what ever happened to the roving reporter and checking out each of the cars….

    That used to be awesome…and we could ask questions via the interweb as well….

    Fwiw..I miss the older roving reporting at the show you used to do…it was fun…although this years format was fun too…

    Just do more individual car coverage if you can…

  5. Bradley Says:

    First panel was excellent.

    And yes, would like more time spent on cars that were revealed. And how it compares with its peers.

    Might need a strict agenda to go over all cars revealed but that almost goes against the flow of the show.

  6. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Agree with Jonathan and Bradley; after all it was the N.Y. Car show. Anyway, good insight nevertheless. Surprised that since Cadillac moved their corporate headquarter to N.Y.C. that there wasn’t more announcements/product.

    RE Jonathan; I want the Vette.

  7. James Says:

    THINK car/s. I still see a TON of those on road here in Indy. The dealerships on 96th street at one time had a couple. It’s like they all got some for run-around cars. Sprinkled around ALL the dealers it seemed. Maybe just Tom Wood owned ones.