Ford Takes the Raptor to China – Beijing 2016

April 25th, 2016 at 4:12pm

John Lawler is the Chairman and CEO of Ford of China. He talks with John McElroy about how its performance vehicles are helping to sell everyday vehicles. And, as a bit of a surprise, Ford is bringing the Raptor to China, which will round out its performance lineup in the country.

5 Comments to “Ford Takes the Raptor to China – Beijing 2016”

  1. blueovalblood Says:

    John, I just watched the clip about the Raptor in China. Why were they show goers being man handled out of the camera views? Why is it that important for them not to be in them?

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Awesome move by ford to bring in the best they produce in China.

    I’m not a ford fan historically but color me impressed. Well done ford.


  3. stephen Says:

    Making the GT was to generate halo interest in the first place so why not bring it to China. I suspect the Chinese buyer would love a swanky Euro car but cost is a factor as usual. The Raptor might be on offer in China but sales will be minimal as wealth in rugged rural cities bar Beijing is low. What should be on offer there is the Bolt, Volt and hybrid plug in Fords. If Ford can boost sales there it can offset the high R&D costs from the US where sales are falling. Chronic air quality in China means the Gov needs to boost electric/hybrid car sales and it has the money and enforcement powers to just do it.

  4. John McElroy Says:

    #1. The Ford PR people got a little bit zealous in blocking people from getting in our shot with their CEO. We always tell the PR staffs that we don’t care if people are in the background because, hey, we’re at an auto show. As long as they don’t walk between us and the interviewee, we don’t care.

  5. Steve Pargeter Says:

    I was watching the Feb 6 2016 Autoline Network program and noticed you called the chief economist for GM as “Dr.” but did not for the female chief economist from Ford. Was this sexism on your part? Emily is also a PhD but I did not know from your banners.