AD #1856 – Ford Tests Mobile Wind Tunnels, U.S. Sales Growth Slows Down, Barn Find Revealed!

May 4th, 2016 at 11:44am

Runtime: 7:01

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- FCA & Google to Make Autonomous Hybrid Pacificas
- 2017 F-150 Gets New Engine & Transmission
- Ford Tests Mobile Wind Tunnels
- The Pressures of Being a Supplier
- U.S. Market Starting to Tighten Up
- Barn Find Revealed!

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16 Comments to “AD #1856 – Ford Tests Mobile Wind Tunnels, U.S. Sales Growth Slows Down, Barn Find Revealed!”

  1. Ron Paris Says:

    Got an appointment yet for an implant Sean?

  2. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Ron – Yup. Should be back to normal Thursday afternoon.

  3. Crazy Canuck Says:

    Sean, why not keep the money in your jeans? It gives you character and when you visit Canada, you’ll fit right in. Canadian women find it attractive as it’s a symbol of virility. Lol

  4. Danny Turnpaugh Says:

    What is it with the auto makers and transmissions with all the gears? If your driving a semi truck and pulling a 50,000 pound load its needed, but in a pick up truck ?
    after all isn’t anything past 5th or 6th gear overdrive? Just looks like when driving in town going 2 blocks and stopping for a traffic light you have a hard time getting past 3rd gear.

  5. lisk Says:

    I can’t think Ford is going to get any significant data with an outdoor wind tunnel. Won’t there be too many variables that will influence the numbers. Head, tail, & crosswinds will influence the test results.

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3 ……..and they are using that 10-speed with a torque monster turbo. The main point of having lots of gears, is that you can have a wide range of gears, like 7 to 1. With a small engine that needs to rev to make power, having very low gears at the bottom is good for getting a quick launch from a standing start. With the 450 lb ft of torque from that 3.5 turbo, the only reason for very low breakaway gearing would be to lay rubber with all four wheels of a 4WD truck.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Here is information about the new transmission:

  8. Roger Blose Says:

    Ford’s dual fuel injection set up finally fixes the dreaded intake valve carbon build up that comes with DI engines. Catch cans and head replacements may become a thing of the past.

  9. Duke Says:

    I am not an engineer, nor do I play one on the internet, however, it seems to me that the 10spd tranny, with closer ratios (including 3 overdrive gears) is going to give the truck improved fuel economy – both under heavier loads (like towing – ie, getting the mass up to cruise and once it gets up to cruise – to maintain it)as well as in normal driving. In short, even w/controlled accel (w/o hvy load) FE should improve.

    Think of it as in w/ CVT’s – which tend to produce improved FE – but this one is capable of handling the much higher torque (which CVT’s can’t handle to date AFAIK).

    The dual injection setup might also be aimed at better particulate control with a PFI (requires less pressurization) for cold starting, at idle, and at cruise. Whereas the DI would be an improvement (over PFI) in delivery for higher load conditions.

    No doubt, much more complicated than that tho’ . . . and like the TTAC article . . . some guesses included therein. May even narrow some of the remaining gaps with diesels for those that do not require (or want) diesel – with its up-front and long-term costs?

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It seems that much of the reason for the 10-speed transmissions is a “race” for the most ratios. The Ford 10-speed has about the same ratio spread, about 7:1 as the ZF and GM 8-speeds. The ratios of the 10-speed would be slightly closer spaced, which should help fuel economy and performance, ever so slightly.

    My Corvette has the 8L90, and it doesn’t really need that 7:1 ratio spread, at least for performance. Acceleration would probably be traction limited, starting in 3rd gear through the torque converter. Having the higher gears more closely spaced might be good for fuel economy, though. The slowest speed for 8th gear is about 60 mph, and the gap between 7th and 8th is about 30%. It’s safe to assume that the mph is better at 60 mph in 8th, than at 58 in 7th. Actually, 7th should probably be taller, as it is only an ~18% gap between 6 and 7. An extra gear between my 7th and 8th might be a good thing.

    This summer, I’ll try to find out how big the mpg difference actually is between the minimum speed for 8th gear, and slightly slower in 7th.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    #10 Oops, typo.

    “It’s safe to assume that the mph is better at 60 mph in 8th, than at 58 in 7th.” should be “It’s safe to assume that the MPG is better at 60 mph in 8th, than at 58 in 7th.

  12. Ziggy Says:

    Sean, what did the other guy end up looking like?

  13. Robert Sauter Says:

    I just finished watching today’s show. Is there any way I can get a HD JPEG of the De Soto featured today?

  14. Rob Says:

    Pressures on suppliers;
    Steve Miller is right that when a plant opens up many suppliers need to also move to the area in order to deliver parts as required by the OEM. So when cities are bidding for a plant the impact is often times much more than just the assembly plant alone.
    Even when suppliers do not open a nearby plant they often contract a warehouse in the area to sequence parts into the plant based on production broadcast.

  15. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Robert Sauter – I can send you the image that was sent to us. You can contact me at [email protected]

  16. G.A.Branigan Says:

    I have the ZF,(fca built) 9 spd in my 4 cyl van.It really shines when going up all the mountain passes that I have to do.The gearing keeps me at near max torque at around 32 to 3500 rpms.The transaxle has a 3:73 to 1 gear ratio.It works great,and keeps me in the 25mpg range.I can’t see the need for anything above 10 spds.