AAH #334 – Car Sales, FCA & Even More About Musk

June 3rd, 2016 at 10:45am

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-  Which way is FCA going…
-  May sales better or worse than expected
-  Takata airbag update
- Tesla shareholder meeting
Join our co-hosts John McElroy from Autoline.tv and Gary Vasilash of Automotive Design & Production along with our guest journalists Alisa Priddle from Motor Trend and David Welch of Bloomberg as they tackle the automotive issues of the week.

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3 Comments to “AAH #334 – Car Sales, FCA & Even More About Musk”

  1. Bradley G Says:

    Really enjoyed seeing David Welch back with the group. He adds a depth of knowledge to the business/money side of the industry, and still remains a car guy. I hope you can persuade him into coming back more often, for his insight and perspective. And while you’re at it, give Jim Hall and Jason Vines a call and see if they have time to hang out “After Hours” Always Enjoy the Show! Thanks.

  2. John McElroy Says:

    We’d love to get both Jim and Jason back on the show. But Jim now works at General Motors and it will not allow him, nor would it be appropriate, for him to talk about what’s going on with GM or its competitors. Jason no longer lives in the area, but when he does get back we try to get him on the show. In fact, he was on Autoline This Week (Show #2009) earlier this year.

  3. Lawrence Driscoll Says:

    Now two Chinese companies have(some)rights to the 9-3, and yet neither have the right to use the name.
    And so the question still stands:
    What’s up with Saab AB?