AAH #338 – Buick LaCrosse: From Good To Great

July 15th, 2016 at 11:33am

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The all new Buick LaCrosse is not all that well known. You haven’t read any driving reviews, and it’s not even on sale yet. But this is Buick’s flagship sedan and it’s bristling with new technology. So join us for an in-depth conversation with the car’s chief engineer, Jeff Yanssens, to learn about the details on this car and how they went about developing it.
- Ford & Collaborative Robotics: will it affect manufacturing and jobs in China?
- Tesla Crash: NHTSA or SEC?
- Hacking cars

All that and more with co-hosts John McElroy from Autoline.tv and Gary Vasilash from Automotive Design and Production, with guest journalist Dave Sullivan from AutoPacific.

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One Comment to “AAH #338 – Buick LaCrosse: From Good To Great”


    I am interested in the 2017 Lacrosse, but nowhere can I find the trunk capacity on their website or any other. That is the one reason I wouldn’t consider a 2016…trunk too small. I heard on your After Hours show that the Buick rep said it had been increased. Increased to what?