AAH #11 – I Love Gooold!

June 11th, 2009 at 9:18pm

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Another week and another “golden” After Hours. John McElroy and the regulars, Peter De Lorenzo of AutoExtremist.com and PR master Jason Vines, are joined by John Mendel, Executive VP of American Honda, to discuss the automotive week that was. Honda celebrates 50 years, Mendel weighs in on Fiat’s restructuring efforts and Rush Limbaugh gets an earful from the resident Republican. Plus, we answer your questions in our “Rapid Fire” segment and we announce the details of our new GM Bankruptcy contest.

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6 Comments to “AAH #11 – I Love Gooold!”

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  2. ckernzie Says:

    As a Saturn fan like Jason and past owner of a decent SW2 I must say I was very happy to see Roger Penske take the reigns and agree with Peter et. al. that this is a great result. Well I’m disappointed to say the shine has come off a bit, not because of Penske but that Saturn, the car company that started out as the compact car import beater will go into Penske’s hands without a small car in its lineup as the Astra has been dropped. There is serious discussion that Canadian Saturn dealers may not be coming along for Penske’s ride because they need a small car as it is critical to Canadian sales. Saturn without the Astra or another credible (i.e. not Korean or Chinese) offering is dead in Canada. Will Penske as smart as he is, bother with a small car when despite the California green hoards, Americans really don’t and won’t care about small cars until gas is $5 or $6 bucks a gallon?

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  4. tim Says:

    rush sad he hopes obema fales so the USA sucseads ;survives(do you lision to whout he has sead?.love your show. tim

  5. Russ Says:


    Rush never called for a boycott of GM or Chrysler products. That’s totally misreported. GM’s a sponsor on his show! Someone called his show to say they were going to boycott government motors.

    Please, Jason, calm down.


  6. Derek Says:

    Great Dog. I think it was awesome to see him wondering around the set. Where’s his bowl of water? Oh, and when the fuel tank runs dry during rapid fire, the ring of the bell should drop a treat in a bowl for Ikey (?) – a little Pavlovian touch to the show….

    Great show as usual. I always enjoy it.