AD #1960 – Ram Overtakes Silverado, OEMs Not Prepared for Connected Tech., Forces Join to Eliminate Traffic Deaths

October 6th, 2016 at 11:39am

Runtime: 7:19

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- Ram Pickup Sales Blow Up
- 2017 F-150 Gets a Little More Efficient
- Hennessey Sinks Its Claws Into the Raptor
- OEMs Aren’t Prepared for Connected Car Technology
- Road to Zero Deaths Program
- Hyundai Shows Wild SEMA Concepts
- Rinspeed Shares Its Take on Autonomy

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17 Comments to “AD #1960 – Ram Overtakes Silverado, OEMs Not Prepared for Connected Tech., Forces Join to Eliminate Traffic Deaths”

  1. WineGeek Says:

    I think GM has made another marketing mistake by spending time and money bashing the F-150 instead of telling consumers why they should buy the Silverado. Negative marketing is a really dangerous philosophy to follow.

  2. Chuck Grenci Says:

    On a sad note: It was reported (elsewhere) that journalist, car enthusiast, writer, screen writer, etc., Brock Yates has passed on. RIP Brock, you will surely be missed.

  3. JWH Says:

    Sean – Comment on your diesel take rate calculations – Using Ram as an example – If YTD sales are 349,647 (Sum of 255,858 gas & 93,789 diesel) the diesel take rate would be 26.8% (93,789/349,647). The F Series would be 14.8% & the Silverado is 11.0%.

  4. Dave Thompson Says:

    Maybe Ram would sell even more with a biturbo on their pentastar V6

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’m not surprised that Ram is selling a lot of diesel pickups. With their V6, they have the only diesel powered big pickup that actually improves mpg over a gasser, in normal use.

    I’m also not surprised that the Silverado ads aren’t working. Ford truck buyers are a very loyal bunch, and most would continue buying Fords, even if the Chevy were clearly better. As far as the ads, the way most people use pickups, the Chevy is not particularly better. Most people don’t deliberately try to punch holes in truck boxes.

  6. GM Veteran Says:

    There is a reason for the Ram sales surge. They have a lot of them to move. The days supply for Silverado at the beginning of September was 72, F-150 was 78 and Ram was approximately 120. Ram added mightily to their incentives for the month, totaling as much as $10,000 on certain models. Chevy is simply being more disciplined and choosing profits over sales headlines. I imagine Ram has already made some production adjustments. And finally, don’t forget that October is Truck Month and Chevy wanted to make sure they had adequate inventory on the ground for this annual sales event.

  7. G.A.Branigan Says:

    Not being brand loyal,I have had all of the big 3 1/2 tons,all new.They are all good,some things are better on certain brands,but they are all good.Out of all three,I found that so far,I like the Dodge Rams the best.Very good value for the money,and not really into bashing the other brands.Jmho from a long time truck buyer.

  8. BobD Says:

    While the RAM increase is very impressive (assuming FCA is not cooking their numbers), the numbers for Silverado need to be taken in context in that GM also produces the more profitable Sierra which sold 18,068 (down 8.5%), or a total of full size pickups of 63,448 (nearly as many as the F-150). Also understand that part of the GM’s full-size drop is likely due to increased sales in GM’s mid-size pickups (up 38% compared to September 2015). If you add those in, GM’s total pickup sales are 76,780, more than Ford or RAM. With that said, GM’s total truck sales are still down 7.6% compared to September 2015. I’m also not sure if GM is de-emphasizing fleet sales in pickups, like they are with their cars.

  9. BobD Says:

    What is the take-rate for the diesel Colorado/Canyon mid-size pickups? I heard from a dealer they can’t get enough of them due to demand exceeding production of the engine, but that might just be BS. Also does RAM breakdown the diesel volume between their light-duty and HD engines?

  10. Len Simpson Says:

    A lot of those 35,000 dead could have been saved by pro grade driving schools.

  11. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ BobD: Funny you mention that.Just yesterday morning I got a call from my saleman at my local chevy dealer,just to shoot the breeze.I asked him how the midsize diesel twins were selling,IF they were selling and he told me the exact same thing as you were told.

    Everyone they have sold were pre-bought,sight unseen,and nothing more than a test drive in a v6 midsize.And,it hasn’t seemed to affect their sales of fullsize trucks either.GM certainly nailed the midsize demand for a diesel just right.

  12. C-TECH Says:

    R.I.P. Brock Yates.

    The Chevy Trucks from the 2008-2014 don’t seem to hold up as well as the competition, could this be the issue?

  13. C-TECH Says:

    Did I hear correctly, Continental has bought Hoosier tires?

  14. RumNCoke Says:

    #2 – Nice to see a shout out to the original and still best gonzo auto journalist.

    Let’s have a toast to the man who gave us the “Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash.”

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I have a selfie with Brock Yates from back before the word “selfie” existed. It was taken with a Nikon F at Chryslers at Carlisle about 25 years ago.

  16. Sean McElroy Says:

    @JWH – I was out of the office yesterday afternoon, so I did not see your comment until today. You’re correct, thanks for catching that mistake. I’ll correct the chart to reflect that.

  17. FSTFWRD Says:

    Yes, we have lost a legend. Brock, you will be missed. RIP