Nissan Rogue Gets a Little Brother – NAIAS 2017

January 9th, 2017 at 1:54pm

Nissan’s small crossover the Qashqai has been sold in certain markets around the world for 10 years and recently topped 2.5 million units. But it never made its way to the American market… until now that is. Starting in the summer of this year Nissan will offer the 2nd-generation of the Qashqai to U.S. buyers, but the company must have felt that customers would not connect with the name. So, it’s being changed to a name we’re a little more familiar with, the Rogue Sport. Despite sharing part of its name and a few styling cues with the Rogue, the two have little else in common. The Rogue Sport is much smaller, it only has two rows of seats and it’s aimed a completely different set of buyers. Where the Rogue has a lot of functionality and appeals to families, Nissan believes the Sport will attract younger, urban buyers.

One Comment to “Nissan Rogue Gets a Little Brother – NAIAS 2017”

  1. buzzerd Says:

    so is this a replacement for the Juke? or will they have both