AAH #373 – All You Wanna Know About The New York Auto Show

April 13th, 2017 at 2:30pm

Audio-only version:

John McElroy from Autoline.tv and Gary Vasilash of Automotive Design & Production get a first hand look at some of the big announcements from the floor of the New York Auto Show where they talk 2-on-1 with special guests:

01:42 – Bill Fay, Sr. VP, Automotive Operations, Toyota Motor Sales
12:30 – Randy Parker, VP INFINITI Americas
23:45 – David Woodhouse, Design Director, The Lincoln Motor Company

34:35 - And joining the roundtable with analysis on the whole show are two east coasters who cover the auto industry:

- Sam Fiorani, VP, AutoForecast Solutions
- Jim Henry, freelance auto writer

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