AAH #380 – Why I Quit The UAW & Voted For Trump

June 2nd, 2017 at 10:25am

Audio-only version:

SPECIAL GUEST: Brian Pannebecker, former UAW worker

04:50 - The UAW & Donald Trump
40:18 - Doesn’t President Trump Like Mercedes?
47:52 – Levandowski Fired from Uber: Much Ado About Autonomy
52:55 – Volvo Takes the Silk Road, BMW Gets an Export License: Is this the Chinese Century?
1:00:48 - Who’s Going To Be Autonomous first?

PANEL: John McElroy, Autoline.tv; Gary Vasilash, AD & P; Doron Levin, In the Driver’s Seat, SiriusXM, CH.121

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12 Comments to “AAH #380 – Why I Quit The UAW & Voted For Trump”

  1. Joe Engelhardt Says:

    I have been watching you’re show for decades, but I have never been more disappointed in you than this after hours!
    You should get on you’re knees and thank God Trump got elected. The democrats where driving us to be the next Venezuela!!!

  2. Mike Hawkins Says:

    It’s nice to hear such balance and depth on the state of unions today. Kudos. I’m afraid unions have followed our government into entropy. It’s a bit sad because they filled a real need for many years. Today it’s turned into a lobbying group with a big slush fund and dubious ethics. It’s really sad. If they’re trying to tell us they spent $300M trying to unionize WV they must think we’re really gullible. I think they need to prove there aren’t Swiss bank accounts hiding peoples money.

  3. Charles Bartlett Says:

    Did Autoline After Hours just dedicate an entire show to a Trump fanboy?

    He literally knew nothing about how Trump might help the Auto industry. Corporate tax cut will help Auto works how again?

  4. Romaine Says:

    Great show! Great topic! Great Guest! This is why I watch this show every week. I loved the honest commentary coming from your guests. Brian gave us all an insight on the American worker and I believe his attitude/values aren’t just an anomaly. Its true,the UAW has been a political agent for the Democrat party for a great many years and large number of blue collar folks aren’t “buying” it any longer. Keep up the good work John!

  5. Dave Q Says:

    My reaction is just the opposite of Joe’s. I too have watched your show for decades and I thought this was one of the very best!

  6. Bo Li Says:

    God bless people like Brian, who are standing up against the union and fighting for the future of America. God bless America and we will make America great again!!!

  7. Jim T Says:

    The only thing that Trump is doing is to remove employee protections that Unions worked for decades to help get established and to ensure their rights are protected. Congress is working to hide any form of violation of employee safety being reported outside the regulator. In as much an employer will be able to ignore safety and focus on profits without needing to be concerned with the employee, yes the employee can file suit but large companies can extend a case for over 5 years or more. Even until the injured is deceased, Asbestos which many workers were exposed to in making welder protection equipment mostly deceased from lung cancer before they or their spouse received any settlement. But hey, when you get injured because your employer didn’t properly protect you and your dead, lose a limb and can’t work and the employer says you were careless. You will have no job, and no union. But you can sue and wait until your dead to realize hmmm maybe Trump’s plan may not be the best.

  8. Jim T Says:

    The last thing is the UAW has been Republican for as long as I can remember until Bush #2, that is when the Republicans made the huge move to Pro CEO’s and screw the working men and women. The alterations to regulations made it much easier to outsource jobs across the country, the best paying jobs are the ones that have been outsourced again, and again. Trump even in his own business operations produces the items he sells in China, Africa, or South America.

  9. Mike Hawkins Says:

    Ref: Jim T, neither party, nor unions for that matter, have been for the Middle Class or working person for over 30 years, maybe longer. They are for the power and money class which is big business, media, celebrities and union management. They write the laws and the beaurocracy enforces it frequently adding more regulations.
    This is one reason Trump is finding it hard to get real reform passed and Ryan Care somehow looks a lot like Obama Care. The lobbyists fund elections and write nearly all the laws. Notice how Dodd Frank banking laws strengthened the big banks and crippled the small ones.
    We need to rethink our government on many levels. Lobbyists need to go and perhaps even term limits.
    They all want us fighting over the tiny things while they get rich and pass laws for themselves. Left or Right, government is the problem.
    Of course Trump had his products made in China or wherever. Business isn’t a suicide pact. The tax laws made it impossible to compete otherwise. If unions were focused on maintaining a quality work environment and fair wages no one would complain about them. When they make $600M somehow “disappear ” trying to unionize VW for the 4th time I have a problem with their profligate spending never mind the possible theft.

  10. NormV Says:

    Best show ever! I listened to it 3 times now and bookmarked it. Great job!

  11. Norm Bucknor Says:

    A very disappointing showing by the would-be journalists here with the exception of John. Brian is a very articulate advocate for his position but what we are hearing is his view, which mostly goes unchallenged by the panel. He makes some good points but I also hear a lot of typical GOP talking points too. How much of what he said is actually accurate? At the very least, it seems you needed equal time from the UAW leaders about whom he was making serious allegations.

    Brian’s big objection to UAW leadership is that they are too much involved in politics. Well, if they want to elect politicians who are sympathetic to union goals, I don’t see how this can be avoided.

    It’s also quite naive to claim that all the protections that are needed are written into law. The recent GOP roll-backs to worker protection rules introduced by the Obama administration belies this notion.

    Lastly, I agree with Jim T. My impression is that UAW membership has been more likely to vote GOP than not since the Reagan years. So it is not news if +50% voted for Trump.

  12. John H Says:

    Perhaps having the UAW on to explain where the money went would be a good follow-up? If they dare!