AAH #18 – The Legend of Bagger Welch

July 30th, 2009 at 9:37pm

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This week on another thrilling After Hours we’re running at redline as guest panelist Jim Hall of 2953 Analytics takes the discussion to a new level of intensity. Along with John McElroy and the regulars, Peter De Lorenzo of AutoExtremist.com and BusinessWeek Detroit Bureau Chief David Welch, Mr. Hall brings his expansive industry knowledge to bear as the discussion swings from the GM management shake-up to Ferrari to Mr. Welch’s little-known alter ego. Amid all the excitement, we even get some breaking news about the fate of Cash for Clunkers. And, as always, we get to your incisive questions in this week’s installment of Rapid Fire.

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2 Comments to “AAH #18 – The Legend of Bagger Welch”

  1. Jeff Taylor Says:


    While I agree it is not fair that the domestics (and Japanese) are excluded from the “German Provision”, I’d disagree that it will only help the very wealthy.

    While yes, most of the cars that would be covered under this exemption are huge luxo-barges for the very wealthy, there are a few of us that love the small high-performance sports sedan (M3, C63 and IS-F).

    When I first started working, I fell in love with the E36 BMW M3 4 door sedan. I really wanted one, but I couldn’t justify buying a car that cost more than my salary.

    Luckily, I was able to find a used 08 IS-F late last year that I was able to afford. It saddens me that this may be my last high-performance sports sedan for a long while, if not ever.

    I enjoyed the AAH as always. Please keep up the great work.


    Jeff Taylor

  2. Jon Says:

    With all the talk of Vette commercials, it made me think of this one. I saw it the one time it aired. I loved it!