Commercial Lending For Automotive Retailers – Autoline Spotlight Episode 2

October 24th, 2017 at 2:27pm

Automotive retailers face all kinds of different pressures in running their stores, and this Autoline Spotlight dives into the wholesale financing side of their business. Interest rates are starting to move up, inventory levels are running on the high side, used car sales are softening and delinquencies are on the rise. We discuss how car dealers are reacting to these developments, and what’s the next thing they should be on the lookout for.

PANEL: John McElroy,; Tom Bennert, Ally; Sam Slaughter, Sellers Auto Group, Steve Finlay, WardsAuto

One Comment to “Commercial Lending For Automotive Retailers – Autoline Spotlight Episode 2”

  1. stephen Says:

    So in 2016 6m Americans were in default for auto loans more than 90 days and 30% of all auto loans were sub-prime. With margins on new cars being razor thin, then increasing defaults are going to hit dealer profits, used car values and car manufacturer profits. Banks can absorb the loss but the response will be higher rates, less auto-loans, higher deposits and monthly repayments. This excludes higher rates from the Fed hurting consumers repayment ability.