Time-Lapse Video: The New Autoline Set

January 3rd, 2008 at 6:19pm

Before and After

After months of negotiating, designing, deciding and sweating, we’ve finally and completely revamped and restyled the set of Autoline Detroit. The entire collection, from the structural trusses and backdrops to the futuristic Aeron chairs come courtesy of furniture distributor WorkSquared, a certified dealer of Herman Miller furnishings. I’d like to give the hard-working folks at WorkSquared and Herman Miller a hand for all they’ve done for us, but I think a standing ovation would be much more appropriate. We couldn’t be happier with our new studio arrangements, and I think you’ll agree, it takes Autoline to a whole new level. Thanks, guys.

To show you how much better the Autoline set has become, we’ve created a time-lapse video of everything being assembled.

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Runtime: 1:25

Here are a few photos of the new set. Click the thumbnails to see a larger image.

Wide View of the Set John Takes the New Desk for a Test Drive Looking at Autoline’s New Table
Autoline’s Producer and Host Front View of New Autoline Set Upshot of the Autoline Desk

And what better way to celebrate an all-new set than with an all-new guest. Like smashing a bottle of Champagne on the prow of a ship, the Autoline set has been christened with the taping of its inaugural episode. Kicking things off is first-time guest Alan Mulally, the CEO of Ford Motor Company. Of course we think the new set is really snazzy, but even Mr. Mulally thought it was worthy of a few photos.

Shutterbug Alan Mulally A Fun Bunch
Hello Down There Alan and John Executive Profile

One Comment to “Time-Lapse Video: The New Autoline Set”

  1. Bud Says:

    Just wondering what the make and year is of the diecast model behind you – top shelf, left side (appears to be from the 1920′s era). Where to buy would be nice too! Thanks