AAH #399 – Ford Took The All-New Expedition To The MAX

November 9th, 2017 at 2:30pm

Audio-only version:

TOPIC: 2018 Ford Expedition

01:09 – Craig Patterson, Utility Marketing┬áManager, Ford
15:17 – Todd Hoevener, Expedition Chief Engineer, Ford
31:29 – Doctor Data
34:40 – Can Ford Take Truck/Utility Buyers From GM?
45:37 – House Republicans say “No” to EV Tax Credit
48:51 – Tesla Model 3: Still Worth The Wait?

- John McElroy, Autoline.tv
- Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production
- Henry Payne, The Detroit News
- Stephanie Brinley, IHS Markit

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4 Comments to “AAH #399 – Ford Took The All-New Expedition To The MAX”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Really wish someone would come out with a 2 door Expedition or Tahoe. I would like a full size SUV but I don’t need something so long. Hopefully this is in the works one day!

  2. stephen Says:

    Not alot of improvements to fuel economy/emissions – ecoboost has not shown big mpg test boosts (apart from cutting out V8 orders), start-stop and a better 10 speed. Size would have allowed for a mild hybrid to boost city mpg and city emissions. Nice to see Ford has joined the 20th century with independent rear suspension. Why such a massive rear overhang from the rear tyre. Still looks like a brick. No consideration of using Alu to cut its weight.
    Sure buyers don’t care about the material but boosting mpg, making it more nimble to drive, improving performance from start. Why did Ford blow cash on developing how to make ALu cars and not use it on their heaviest passenger vehicles where cutting weight helps.

  3. stephen Says:

    Stand corrected- looks like aluminium was used to cut weight and maybe rear overhand is less on the SWB. Wonder if the Platinum has all the cool extra features vs the more “basic” versions.

  4. stephen Says:

    One man moved the EV industry. Vast amounts of cheap capital investment also helped. A free market in China = smog filled cities that kill people and vast demands for oil that require deep sea oil platforms, drilling in natural reserves, injecting chemicals underground to get fracked oil/gas and pipelines or trains delivering oil and climate change. If the public was to be given free reign to buy cars they’d all buy any car as long as it was big and drove fast no matter what came out of the tailpipe or how much gas it took (assuming cheap gas).
    Note Paris is NOT banning fossil fueled cars just taxing them more than EV to access the city centre.
    Also while US mpg rates flatlined during the boom and before any higher CAFE mandates Europe did advocate diesel. The result was better MPG, lower C02 but higher non C02 emissions. Yes diesel fuel efficiency is lower than car makers claims but for some drivers with long mileages no petrol car comes close to diesel efficiency apart from recent hybrids.