AAH #408 – Corvettes, Teslas, The Super Bowl & Dalai Lama

February 9th, 2018 at 11:03am

Audio-only version:

Don Runkle,
Runkle Enterprises

01:56 – Don Runkle’s thoughts on Autonomy, EVs & more!
39:12 – Automotive Super Bowl spots: Who got the most bang for its buck?
45:17 – The Greatest Automotive Publicity Stunt Ever? SpaceX, the Falcon Heavy & Tesla’s Original Roadster
56:31 – FCA Executive Shuffle: Tim Kuniskis now runs luxury brands
1:00:15 – Mercedes-Benz ad quotes the Dalai Lama: Big mistake in China
1:02:20 – Talkin’ Achates

- John McElroy, Autoline.tv
- Chris Paukert, Roadshow by CNET
- Phoebe Howard, Detroit Free Press

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4 Comments to “AAH #408 – Corvettes, Teslas, The Super Bowl & Dalai Lama”

  1. Ron Paris Says:

    Wow; terrific show John! Kudos to everyone involved, particularly Don Runkle whose insights are every bit as illuminating as those of Bob Lutz!

  2. Barry T Says:

    I agree with Ron – the “deep dive” with some intellectually honest points of view is so refreshing!

  3. Robert Sauter Says:

    John… has it occurred to you that the giant vertical (my words) screen in the Tesla Model S may not be such a good idea? Nobody else is touching it. Maybe the horizontal screen in most other auto applications, as well as the Tesla Model 3, is a better approach! The first time I say the vertical monster in a Model S I it was completely out of place. Shock factor aside being first does not always work.

  4. Joe Engelhardt Says:

    John why do we let PC and racist intolerance rule. The RAM adds were wonderful, uplifting (MLK) and funny ( Vikings )! God Bless America!