AAH #409 – NAIAS, NASCAR & NHTSA Numbers Hit the Skids

February 16th, 2018 at 10:17am

Audio-only version:

TOPIC: Reporter Roundtable

04:09 – Mercedes-Benz to skip 2019 NAIAS: Did Dieter just doom the Detroit show?
18:00 – Did you know NASCAR’s new season kicks off this Sunday at Daytona? Maybe that’s the problem.
33:08 – Doctor Data
38:00 – How far away are free-range autonomous trucks?
40:23 – RV Sales: Why buy when you can Rent?
48:10 – Is Designing and Building a modern automobile more difficult than Rocket Science?
51:57 – Changing regulations, NHTSA Study

- John McElroy, Autoline.tv
- Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production
- Stephanie Brinley, IHS Markit
- Joe White, Reuters

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One Comment to “AAH #409 – NAIAS, NASCAR & NHTSA Numbers Hit the Skids”

  1. veh Says:

    Why rent an RV when you can buy? First, because renting RVs is crazy expensive. Renting a small one for a week is over $1000, which is about what our year’s payments add up to. And we use ours about 3 weeks a year so it makes sense financially.

    Second, because it’s OURS. Our bathroom, our bed, our stuff. No one has slept in our bed except us. That’s a very nice thing. (also why I wouldn’t be enthusiastic about the AirBnB concept)

    Third, it’s always packed. We don’t have to spend hours loading a vehicle with supplies, and then unloading at the end of the trip; other than some clothes and perishables, we are ready to go in minutes.

    Storage isn’t that challenging; there are several lots on Dequindre, for example, where you can store vehicles for about $300/yr.