ATW #2225 – Transforming A Traditional Supplier For An Autonomous & Electric World

July 26th, 2018 at 4:00pm

Internet Premiere: Thursday, 7/26 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV: Sunday, 7/29 @ 10:30am ET

Bob Pyle, President, Dana Light Vehicle Driveline
David Welch, Bloomberg
Dave Sullivan, AutoPacific
John McElroy,

Dana is a traditional automotive supplier that’s been around for 114 years. It manufactures axles for all kinds of vehicles but now it has to transform itself into an agile company that’s ready for an autonomous and electrified world. On Autoline This Week, we’re joined by Bob Pyle, the President of Dana’s Light Vehicle Driveline division, to discuss how Dana is getting ready for big changes in the automotive industry.

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One Comment to “ATW #2225 – Transforming A Traditional Supplier For An Autonomous & Electric World”

  1. James Indy Says:

    I worked for Dana at one time. My dad, mom, brother, brother in law, sister in law all did at the same time, too. My dad was the one that came up with their slogan, which they slightly changed the grammar from his submission. I saw a race car at Goodwood, UK two weeks ago and last year, too, with a “Perfect Circle” decal; one of the forebearers.