#InternYazaki: Utilizing AI in Autonomy, Diversity in Leadership & More at CAR MBS 2018

August 1st, 2018 at 4:13pm

Autoline is partnering with Yazaki to offer a unique perspective of the 2018 CAR Management Briefing Seminars. During the week of CAR MBS, Yazaki interns will be posting their insights to Instagram and Twitter using #InternYazaki as well as Snapchat. We’ll be sharing some of the most interesting of those posts right here on Autoline.tv, so check back often. The opinions and reports from the intern correspondents are their own and do not reflect the editorial position of Autoline.

Yesterday when listening to Funding the Future of Mobility: Creating a Thriving Ecosystem, I had the opportunity to listen to Reilly Brennan- a founding General Partner with Trucks, a seeding stage venture capital fund for entrepreneurs changing the future of transportation. When asked what specific metrics do you look at when investing he says he looks for founders that have the best progress and growth—they usually have a better understanding of the risks they’re taking on. He then works with them to try and get those risks off the table. But what I really appreciated during the session was finding out that he encourages diversity within the workplace- he would have not spoke if there wasn’t a woman also speaking on the panel. #carmbs2018 #internyazaki

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