ATW #2228 – Breathing New Life Into the Internal Combustion Engine

August 30th, 2018 at 4:00pm

Internet Premiere: Thursday, 8/30 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV: Sunday, 9/2 @ 10:30am ET

Dan Nicholson, VP, Global Propulsion Systems, General Motors
Lindsay Brooke, SAE International
Gary Witzenburg, Freelance
John McElroy,

Automakers face a dizzying choice of propulsion systems to use in their vehicles, which includes piston engines, hybrids, plug-ins, battery electrics and fuel cells. On Autoline This Week, Dan Nicholson, the Vice President of Global Propulsion Systems at General Motors, discusses GM’s strategy on where and when to use each one. And he also talks about the need for a new national standard on high octane gasoline.

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3 Comments to “ATW #2228 – Breathing New Life Into the Internal Combustion Engine”

  1. George Ricci Says:

    Finally someone from a company(GM) that makes fuel cells stands up and says “a C segment car may NOT be the right kind of vehicle for a fuel cell(Hydrogen)”. CARB are you listening!

  2. rich simonetti Says:

    Nice to have your program back in Los Los Angeles.

  3. Barry T Says:

    I continue to be bothered by the approach to the need for high octane gas (95) being no option – “only offer one fuel” as proposed. This will not do a single thing to improve the gas mileage of the existing fleet of cars, surely bringing an increase in gas costs to the lower income people that cannot afford a new car to take advantage of the higher mileage new engines.

    How about this idea? Give me regular gas 87 octane WITHOUT ethanol, (I’ll get better mileage on my older car) and let them ADD ethanol/additives at the pump to get 95? I can’t find a technical reason why not, so I’m curious. (maybe that is the new “E-##” fuel?)