AD #2489 – Tesla Hits Model 3 Milestone, Global Car Sales Tumble in October, Gladiator Vs. Wrangler Differences

December 3rd, 2018 at 11:35am

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Runtime: 6:18

0:28 Tesla Hits Model 3 Milestone
0:51 Alfa to Get SUV Based on Jeep Compass
2:16 Global Car Sales Tumble in October
3:15 U.S. & China Agree to Trade Truce
4:19 Gladiator Vs. Wrangler Differences

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39 Comments to “AD #2489 – Tesla Hits Model 3 Milestone, Global Car Sales Tumble in October, Gladiator Vs. Wrangler Differences”

  1. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Granted it is the diesel Colorado but it is on par with the Gladiator at 7700 pound towing capacity.

  2. MJB Says:

    Good to see China finally starting to play fair on tariffs. Now if only the rest of our trade partners would follow suit.

    Funny though, how when the school yard bullies have been regularly taking one kid’s lunch money for so long that everyone thinks its normal. But once that kid decides he’s had enough, and starts to fight back, all of a sudden it’s called a “Trade War”. ;) No ‘trade wars’ here. Just the U.S. finally has someone in office with the strength (and ability to ignore public sentiment) to get what we deserve globally – equal trade.

    Furthermore, there’s no reason why the European Union should be slapping tariffs on our vehicles(10%) that are 4 times higher than the ones we place on their cars coming here (2.5%).

  3. MJB Says:

    Scratch that. I meant to say “fair” trade – not “equal”.

  4. Larry D. Says:

    Manufacturers have been reporting their Nov US sales (except for GM and Tesla who report quarterly).

    While everybody so far (Ford, Toyota, Honda and Nissan) is down, FCA defies gravity with a… 17% rise from 2017! Jeep and Ram rose to new records while even Alfa rose 36%.

    Ford detailed sales were interesting. While the Fiesta did its usual lousy 5,000 sales (5,238), the Fusion was still strong at 16,652 (but half the usual Camry or Accord sales), the Focus tanked at 4,481, and the DISMAL Taurus, the once HUGE seller, only managed to sell 2,247.

    And while the Tesla Model 3 (just this model) builds and sells at the rate of 30,000 a month, the whole of Lincoln, 7 models, sold 9,207 measly units in November. And that was an.. increase over 2017!

    I remember when Acura eliminated the “Legend” model and replaced it with the “RL”, there was an article that claimed that the name “Legend” was worth a huge $1 billion (and that was 20 years ago, make it $2 billion in today’s worthless $).

    I wonder how many billions FOrd will lose by ruining and then abandoning the name “TAURUS”. Should be much more than the stupid Legend!

  5. Barry T Says:

    MJB – I so agree. As a consequence when the dust clears and everyone plays fair, we may we’ll end up with more overseas products to choose from rather than less. And more USA made vehicles shipped overseas. Time will tell, of course.

  6. Bob Gurr Says:

    MJB: “Just the U.S. finally has someone in office with the strength (and ability to ignore public sentiment) to get what we deserve globally – equal trade.” – that’s good as long as you don’t mind paying more for your hard goods, and don’t object when some of your exports have lost sales.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Farmers aren’t too crazy about the trade war, and aren’t the steel tariffs still in effect? Time will tell how this all sorts out.

    As far as selling U.S. built cars globally, that applies mainly to BMW and Mercedes, whose only source of some of their vehicles is the U.S. There’s not much market for huge pickup trucks in the rest of the world.

  8. Lambo2015 Says:

    #4 The problem with the Taurus name is it doesnt hold any prestige or value like it used to. Ford built and sold almost 3 million of those cars and although they were a good value and decent car they were not anything special. Similar to the Chrysler K car. Sold a bunch and helped the automaker out but isnt something a collector would give a second look to. Now it has almost a negative stigma associated to the name. Because they were around so long and so popular that everyone knew someone with a Taurus and they became the beater car to send your kids off to college with. Reliable, safe but expendable. So now for Ford to hold onto the name would be like bringing back the Pinto. The name has had its day, and that day has passed.

    Tesla announced back in early August that they were producing 5000 cars a week. So I’m assuming they were working 7 days a week to do that. So now that they can produce 1000 a day are they still working 7′s and making 7000 a week or did they cut back to a 5 day a week schedule?

  9. Buzzerd Says:

    I’m sure most realize how much the trade war is costing them. I know where I live the fire department I work for was just pricing out a new truck and were more than a little surprised by the cost increase from the last one. Much of the roughly $80,000 increase was due to aluminum and steel tariffs. The tax payer is paying that and don’t realize.

  10. Larry D. Says:

    8 Totally Disagree. If you really believe that the stellar success of the original Taurus is comparable to that DISMALLY poorly made K car, which I saw and test drove, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

    The 1985 or 6 Taurus had exterior styling that only the top German models could approach. Its interior was average, but it sure made a statement, while the K cars were truly execrable, especially those with the infernal BENCH seat up front. I once had the misfortune to be given a ride by a short woman who drove, and I was squeezed worse than a sardine in a can so that she could reach the pedals. Only snake oil salesman like Iaccoca was able to peddle that garbage. he even had the audacity to make commercials in which he… challenged the buyers, if there was a better car, to buy it! Which is EXACTLY what I did, even though I chose a mediocre but very fuel efficient Pontiac instead. (Shoulda listened to my father and bought a BMW or similar, I could easily afford it, but I was paid by the state of MI and many colleagues asked me to help the local industry by going domestic)

    The Taurus, UNLIKE the K car, was a GREAT looking car, and only in its second generation, the god-awful OVALS, did Ford’s then CEO, the disastrous “Jacques” Nasser, started the 20 years of ruin.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5 The thing that would give us more to choose from, would be standardization of safety and lighting standards between North America and the rest of the world. This could especially apply between Europe, which already has “high” standards, and the U.S. Then, we could get some nice “not available here” cars like C-Class wagons, which MBUSA is unwilling to certify and sell.

  12. Larry D. Says:

    Too bad I can’t edit 10, but the substance is still 100% correct.

    RE the Trade Wars. FIRST OF all there is NO Trade War. The Tariffs were ALWAYS a NEGOTIATING TACTIC. The US has tolerated all kinds of ABUSE by the likes of CHINA, especially in intellectual property theft, in which the Chinese are truly SHAMELESS, but also in Autos, where they have a RIDICULOUS 40% tariff on imported cars to CHina.

    Not only BMW and MERC will benefit by the lowering and eventual elimination (I will believe it when i see it) of that 40%, TESLA above all will benefit, because ALL its China Sales today are S and Xs imported from the USA, and a week ago it took a big hit by lowering the prices of the S and the X in China by 26% or so, to counteract the dam tariffs, and its stock that day lost $11 (from 320 to 309 or so)

    PS with 500,000 orders to fill, it would be foolish for TESLA to stop making Model 3s on weekends.

  13. Larry D. Says:

    12 In the case of China, and many other Trading partners, the reason the US could get them to cry ‘uncle’ is that they have MUCH MORE to lose, as a nation, from a Trade war, than the US with its open markets and free trade approach. This is why China, Canada, and soon the Europeans, will cave in to FREER trade and lower THEIR Tariffs to be like the US. NOT because of the goodness of their hearts, but because of the above.

  14. Lambo2015 Says:

    #9 No doubt there will some pain before the gain. Trade deficits will not be corrected overnight. I’m willing to spend more for products today to correct a problem long term.

    I assume your fire truck was in the ball park of 1 million dollars and $320,000 of that was raw steel to justify a $85,000 increase? If not I’m thinking the seller is using the tariffs to line their pockets.

  15. Buzzerd Says:

    right, it’s not a trade war, it’s just many countries applying import duties on different goods and then affected countries doing the same which is totally different than a trade war. A trade war is a …….. anyhoo it doesn’t matter.
    And the US doesn’t have clean hands either, every country has some protectionist measures. Speaking as a Canadian the never ending soft wood lumber dispute comes to mind.

  16. Lambo2015 Says:

    #10 you totally disagree but yet defend the Taurus by is great design from 1986.. Which was not to compare the Taurus to the K-car other than it served a purpose 30 some years ago and was subjected to 20 years of ruin as you described. Thats why the name isnt worth anything.

  17. Lamar Says:

    Hertz crippled Taurus, current Taurus are better than ever…

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10 They had bench seats available in K cars, because some people wanted them Toyota did that with the first generation Avalon. Most K cars and Avalons had bucket seats.

    The first generation Taurus looked kind of like an Audi 5000, which was no doubt intentional. I test drove an ’86 Taurus wagon with a manual transmission. It drove ok, as I remember, but was pretty slow with its roughly 90 hp four cylinder.

  19. MJB Says:

    #6. Means to an end.

    And, sure, that kid on the school yard whom the bullies used to kick around will have some sore knuckles for a few days (from evening the score). But he’ll also have some new found respect.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It appears that some “conservatives” are not fans of trade wars.

  21. Larry D. Says:

    19 Nobody is a fan of “trade wars” if they have one ounce of economic literacy. Trump has an MBA from Wharton and I am pretty sure he knows that Free trade is better, BUT when your trading partners CHEAT SHAMELESSLY and you do NOTHING, like EVERY president before Trump, then you are NOT a Free trader but a major league Sucker.

    Trump’s econ adviser Larry Kudlow is as big as a free Trader as they come.

    and takeover artist Romney, who was nominated for US president and conducted a pitiful campaign (he rolled over and played dead instead of FIGHTING to WIN, and we were stuck with 4 more years of incompetence by the Obama-Hillary Admin) should not speak. Americans, he should KNOW, suffer just as much, and much MORE, from the unfair trading practices of our PARTNERS than from the negotiating tactics journalists call ‘trade war’ and ‘tariffs’.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 I remember well, that in one of your previous lives here, you were a big Romney fan. Maybe that was early on.

    12 China has a 40% tariff on cars from the U.S., in retaliation for some of the new U.S. tariffs. The tariff on cars going to China from the rest of the world has be 15% for a while.

    Maybe the 40% will be reduced soon. That will be good for BMW and Mercedes, and probably Tesla, until Tesla’s Shanghai plant is going. Then, it shouldn’t matter much.

  23. Lambo2015 Says:

    Every person should know equaling trade is costing them. We should also be told what it cost to deal with our trade “partners” over the last 20 years. The media has turned it into a propaganda circus. So far I know what it has cost me to date $0. I have not seen an increase on anything I buy. Its the same old doom and gloom the media likes to promote because people tune in to hear about shocking coverage. No different than cutting into a program to tell me heavy rains are moving into the area.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I just watched the AAH segment on Gladiator, and the guest seemed to be pretty clear that 4 door, 5 foot bed would be the only version. Also, 4wd will be mandatory. I don’t understand either decision, but I’m sure it will sell well, and maybe it would sell only a little better if there was more choice. At least it will offer a manual transmission, but not with the diesel, where it would be exceptionally cool to drive, with the torque monster engine.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 So far, businesses are mostly “eating” the cost. That won’t go on forever, if the tariffs continue. It sounds like some things may be getting resolved, at least with China.


    I am glad to see some movement in trade parity. Need to see all the details before jumping to a conclusion on if the outcome is good or not.

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    To me, the big problem with China is the theft of intellectual property, some by outright theft, and some by forced joint ventures, including in the auto industry. I have no problem with low tech jobs going to China. It not only provides us with cheap consumer goods, but it helps them keep people occupied, with millions of low tech factory jobs. Things could get very ugly, not only for China, but for the world, If there were too many people there with nothing to do.

    If millions of factory jobs suddenly returned to the U.S., there wouldn’t be people to fill them anyway.

  28. Kevin Anderson Says:

    Maybe you forgot, but the U.S. if the bully! During the NAFTA negotiations, it was reported in Canada that Trump was willing to collapse the Canadian economy if necessary to get what he wanted. … so much for the “art of the deal”. Americans always define FAIR trade as where the U.S. always wins and to hell with the other guy. And you still have the nerve to call yourself our allies. Call a spade a spade. Canada and Mexico are your economic slaves. If we could trade with anyone else, we would.

  29. Brett Cammack Says:

    The only “brand equity” the Taurus had towards the end was “cheap, soulless. mundane rental fleet appliance”.

    I thought it absurd when they pitched the “500″ name for “Taurus”

  30. Larry D. Says:

    26 If this is not the pot calling the kettle black!!!!

    As usual, you do not have a clue what you are talking about.

    NO nation on this planet did more to promote free trade and lift nations that were poor into prosperity than the USA. IF you had a clue, you would KNOW this.

    Part of this was deliberate Government policy, such as the JF Kennedy Round of tariff lowering etc, that greatly helped the World Economy.

    It is YOUR buddies in Europe that are as protectionist as they come. Why do you think the Brits finally had it with these clowns in Brussels and voted for Brexit, despite the many negative consequences it may have on all? because they pay billions and billions net outflow to Brussels every year so that the farmers in Europe can maintain their unsustainable ‘traditional’ standard of living and way of life, at the expense of the poor city workers and middle class! My own parents benefited from these idiotic policies, they would get SUBSIDIES in the old country to buy all the fertilizer and pay the water bills for their small scale, uncompetitive oil groves they inherited from their parents.

    I have no time to give free lectures to those who never understand. I only note that so far we know very LITTLE about what the cheats in China will do. Trump’s tweet was vague and poorly worded, he said they will “lower and eliminate” the tariffs. the two are mutually exclusive, plus he did not say lower by how much. if they go from 40% to 39% on US made cars, it is a drop in the bucket.


    30) I assume your response was meant for someone else besides me on 26.

  32. Kit Gerhart Says:

    29 They changed the name from 500 to Taurus, when they made it smaller on the inside, and bigger on the outside, not what you should want.

  33. Wine Geek Says:

    I hope everyone has heard the truth on this great trade deal. There is no deal except in Trump’s head. Everyone else has said they are talking about a deal but nothing I repeat nothing has been agreed and nothing will be implemented. Sean make sure you verify your facts before you report. What a mess!

  34. Bob Wilson Says:

    The Chinese reports on the G20 meeting agreements have credibility. The web link is to “Contrasting Chinese, US statements on trade war agreement”.

    I prefer reading an independent report of the Chinese tariff changes.

  35. Kit Gerhart Says:

    34 Thanks for the link. As usual, Trump and his gang seem to be “stretching the truth” quite a lot, but hopefully, some useful agreements have, or will be made.

  36. MaxC Says:

    How anyone can think that a guy who could run a casino, of all things, into the ground, can run a national/world economy is beyond me. World trade, trade deficits, trade surpluses, etc. are a very complicated menagerie to comprehend, even for people with knowledge. This president simply does not have the mental capacity to understand it, let alone do anything to fix it. I trust nothing that comes out of his mouth. His total desire is to line his own pockets, and he doesn’t give a damn about the rest of us, or about this country. If he hadn’t been given millions by his father, who was also a conman, this guy wouldn’t even cut it as a WalMart greeter. And by that I certainly do not mean to insult WalMart greeters.

  37. Brett Cammack Says:

    32 Alan Mulally had it changed to Taurus shortly after his arrival. “Why are we abandoning a brand name with so much equity and name recognition?”

    Because, Alan, as I said before, the name recognition was “cheap, soulless. mundane rental fleet appliance”.

    It would be like Mary Barra saying, “Why are we calling this the Cruze? The name Cavalier has so much brand equity and name recognition!!”

  38. Brett Cammack Says:

    32 He changed the Freestyle to “Taurus X” at the same time.

  39. Dwight Barnes Says:

    The quote from post 30 posted by Larry D.
    “As usual, you do not have a clue what you are talking about.”
    What ???? Is there no monitor on this site ?
    Although he just made my point in my earlier post.
    Get rid of this cancer.