ATW #2239 – Volvo’s Roaring Comeback

December 13th, 2018 at 4:00pm

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Internet Premiere: Thursday, 12/13 @ 4:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV: Sunday, 12/16 @ 10:30am ET

Anders Gustafsson, CEO, Volvo Car USA
Chris Paukert, Roadshow by CNET
Stephanie Brinley, IHS Markit
John McElroy,

A decade ago Volvo was flat on its back. Some wondered if the company could survive. Today it’s a completely different story. Sales are soaring thanks to an impressive lineup of all new vehicles. On Autoline This Week, Anders Gustafsson, Volvo’s Senior Vice President of the Americas, talks about how they’ll keep the momentum going and how they’re exploring new ways to move the metal.

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One Comment to “ATW #2239 – Volvo’s Roaring Comeback”

  1. Steve Henderson Says:

    Awesome guest. Would love to hear Aanders Gustoffson and Bob Lutz go one on one. AG made several bold statements and hats off to him….but when I hear of Volvo I think of Saab. Cost cutting in any business is important. Too bad the feds can’t take a lesson from Volvo. I’ve always been a GM person….and NOT an electric automotive wannabe driver….although Tesla can smoke almost anything on the planet. WTG Musk. Then there’s the reduction of broadcasting that proved to be beneficial for sales. We see where the automotive market is heading. Many like me are just not readily wanting to make that move….yet.