AUTOLINE ON AUTOBLOG: A First-Hand Look at Ford’s EcoBoost Technology

May 16th, 2008 at 1:17pm

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A look inside Ford’s EcoBoost technology

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I just spent a day at Ford’s proving grounds driving a number of vehicles that use Eco-boost technology, which is the centerpiece of the company’s strategy to improve fuel economy. I wish I could tell you more about my driving impressions of these Fords, but all that information is embargoed for now. What I can say is . . .

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2 Comments to “AUTOLINE ON AUTOBLOG: A First-Hand Look at Ford’s EcoBoost Technology”

  1. Speedzzter Says:

    All of this “give up” whining about fours and sixes and CAFE is dispiriting to us DIEHARD V8 buyers! (Just as in Europe, some of us will want V8s even if fuel is over $6/gal.)

    How are they going to sell a Shelby Mustang (or a even credible Mustang GT, for that matter) with a “buzzin’ half-dozen” EcoBoost V6?

    Henry Ford hated sixes and so do many of his “disciples.” Since 1932, Ford has offered optional V8 power and some of us will quit Ford if they can all of the V8s. EcoBoost and the heavy hand of CAFE should not kill that storied tradition.

    Give us a choice of an ECOBOOST V8 (Has any American manufacturer EVER produced a state-of-the-art turbo V8? Of course not.)

    We want an ECOBOOST V8 before the power-grabbing anti-C02 nuts force us all into souless, sub-Prius wimp-mobiles (or mass transit)!

    Speedzzter suggests (

    1. An EcoBoost ™ (or EcoBoost “twincharged”) DOHC V8 . . . .

    [NOT A V6 or an I4! A glorious DOHC VEE-EIGHT!

    Note: the number of cylinders is MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE SIZE OF THEM -- a V6 of equal output simply can never, ever be a substitute for visceral and aural appeal of a V8 (and the dustbin of performance car history is littered with failed and almost forgotten non-V8 models, such as the Plymouth Prowler, a whole host of 1980s Chrysler turbo cars, the Thunderbird Super Coupe and the Mustang SVO.) Fewer than the traditional EIGHT HOLES always prompts the "what if" question . . . . ];

    2. An Ethanol Boosting Systems-style direct ethanol injection system (;

    3. A John Coletti “SuperCooler” intercooler (;

    4. Variable cam lift and phasing on the intake AND exhaust cams;

    5. A variable geometry intake manifold (not that lousy, “no-runner length” power-loser that’s stock on the Shelby GT500 and which costs 70+ horsepower at certain engine speeds due to an obvious lack of inertia “ram” tuning);

    6. Cylinder deactivation (a/k/a “Displacement on Demand” ™ or “Active Fuel Management ™;” and

    7. BONUS (if Ford really wants to balance high performance and better fuel economy): a 50+kw parallel hybrid electric “booster” motor!

    How about it, Ford? Is there another legendary V8 (the EcoBoost DOHC V8) waiting to be born?

  2. Tom Martin Says:

    I hope there is a V8 Econoboost. Ford needs to continue building V8s.

    But Ford needs to improve gas mileage — not because of CAFE, but to sell cars. And it needs to do that quickly–like right now.

    A majority of consumers won’t buy 18 mpg sedans and 16 mpg SUVs. The econoboost strategy is a good strategy to achieve significant MPG improvements in 2009 and 2010 to help improve sales.

    I recognize that Econoboost, by itself, won’t get Ford to meet the 2015 CAFE standards.

    That said many performance cars are V6s. Porshe and BMW have excellent examples, and many of these have turbos.

    As for a Mustang GT, I would pay more for a 3.5 litre V6 econoboost engine with 350 hp, 200 lbs less weight, and 2 mpg greater mileage, than the current 300 hp 4.6 litre V8. When I first read about this engine for Lincoln, I said to myself that this would be the perfect engine for the Mustang GT. I now understand that it will be an option in the 2010 Mustang GT. Great!!