AD #2504 – Tokyo Extends Ghosn’s Jail Stay, Tesla Cuts Prices in U.S., AVs Could Help Large Scale EV Charging

January 3rd, 2019 at 11:39am

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Runtime: 6:30

0:29 Russia Charges American with Espionage
1:10 Carlos Ghosn’s Jail Time Extended
1:49 Tesla Cuts Prices, Stock Drops
3:16 AVs Could Help Large Scale EV Charging
3:51 Hyundai to Show Vehicle That Can Walk
4:56 Happy B-Day Michael Schumacher!
5:30 Lego is Going to Hell

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29 Comments to “AD #2504 – Tokyo Extends Ghosn’s Jail Stay, Tesla Cuts Prices in U.S., AVs Could Help Large Scale EV Charging”

  1. Lambo2015 Says:

    Again the EV tax credit should have been for a set amount of vehicles regardless of maker. Seems unfair that Tesla and GM get essentially penalized for selling what the government was trying to promote. I wonder if the tax credits can be bought from other manufacturers that will never sell their 200K cars.


    The original goal of the tax credit was to get electric cars off the ground and established as a viable alternative to ICE. As a few commentators here, who aren’t shy about using the caplock key, tell us daily about how great Tesla is and how tesla will take over the world………..I say mission accomplished.

    Time to get rid of the tax credit entirely.

  3. Larry D. Says:

    1, 2 It should never have been a Tax Credit but, IF they needed some incentive, a refund, that EV buyers would get, even if they were POOR and did not pay taxes, so the tax credit was 100% useless to them. The corrupt politicians made it a tax credit, and, as I mentioned many times, the average income of an EV buyer was $170,000, more than double than the average US income, so this was, as I said many times but mercur driver still does not get it, a Reverse Robin Hood, taking from the poor and giving the tax credits to the rich.

  4. Larry D. Says:

    2 Are you unencumbered by the thought process? Not even the HARD DATA?

    PS It is not me, it is John and Sean and Munro who tell you and will keep telling you how great Tesla is, and I have no clue, unless you are some savage America Hater in the Gaza strip, why wouldn’t YOU also be Happy that Tesla, a 100% AMERICAN company TRIUMPHED and made EVs MASS PRODUCED and PROFITABLE. Unlike the incompetents at GM and Ford and FCA, who use their SUVs and Trucks to cover their $BILLIONS lost in their LAME EVs.

    PS I use caps for EMPHASIS, not to “Shout”. Look it up.

  5. Drew Says:

    Shhhhhhh please.


    3. That is just another reason on my list of reasons why the credit should be ended.


    4) That was my point. There is no need for a subsidy on a mass produced product. Time to get rid of it entirely.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’ve been hearing that the arrest of Paul Whelan might be to try to set up a trade for a prisoner in the U.S. I also heard interesting today, probably not related to his arrest. Whelan must not have been a very good Marine. He was court marshaled, and received a bad conduct discharge. That generally involves something pretty serious.

  9. Kevin Anderson Says:

    Is the EV credit based on who sells the car or who manufactures it? Could GM spin off the Volt as a separate company, sell it to Ford or FCA and have the Volt re-qualify for the subsidy? … just askin.

  10. Lambo2015 Says:

    I believe most everyone agrees the tax credit was no benefit to the middle class on down. So it wasn’t about helping low income or even middle class buy EVs, The sole purpose was to get a jump start on EVs so that a higher volume would bring price down. It was going to take the upper class to do that.
    So my point was just that it never should have been equally distributed to each manufacturer as with free market the best should benefit. I’m guessing they offered them up equally because each one was coming to the game at different times and this way each one gets the benefit even if your late to the game. I guess an argument could be made either way.

  11. JWH Says:

    #8 – From what I’ve read/seen Whelan’s less than honorable discharge was due to larceny charge.

    Larry D – If you’re not on Tesla’s payroll, your posts continually appear that you are. In addition, not sure why you always need to SCREAM!

    Happy New Year to All.

  12. Lambo2015 Says:

    Just saw where Nissan lost a cargo ship due to a fire on its way to Hawaii New years Eve and the 3500 cars that were aboard. Sadly 5 of the 21 crew members ended up in the water 4 of the bodies were recovered but one still has not.


    12) very sad indeed. My prayers go out to the family of crew members.

  14. Larry D. Says:


    HAHAHA!!! If this is not the pot calling the Kettle black! I have ZERO financial connection to Tesla or any other automaker or dealer. UNLIKE YOU. I know for a fact that GM and other automakers are PAYING people to go to sites like this and comment favorably on their DISMAL Sales and profits (if any). Tesla does not even spend one DIME on ADVERTISING, Genius.

    PS did you even TRY to listen to AAH? Do you also claim, with a straight face, that Munro and John McElroy are… also on Tesla’s payroll? Because, if you LISTENED to the show, even you would understand that, especially in its last 20 minutes or so, they were far more glowing about Tesla’s STELLAR ACHIEVEMENTS than I EVER was.

  15. ChuckGrenci Says:

    While I wasn’t totally on board with the EV tax credits, since the early adopters have run out (or at least are in the tapering phase), perhaps these credits should be phased out for all manufacturers at an arbitrary number of say 500,000 total. This gives credit for those on-board early and doesn’t yield benefit to the latecomers; an advantage they certainly haven’t earned

  16. Lambo2015 Says:

    Larry is your ego so fragile that you need to lash out at the slightest criticism? I truly mean this with respectable, constructive criticism. Your posts are often very off-putting/ borderline offensive. With your choice of words like pathetic and lame on things you don’t agree with. However throw on top of that the fact that you always include bunches of un-necessary information stuff in caps and way too much stuff about yourself which make your posts more about you than the comments that can be informative. We don’t need to know that you went to Menards and bought a telescope, blue ray DVD player and binoculars. Or that your oldest friend and his father were in the Navy in VA. That they own a buick skylark, MG, Jetta, smart car 7 series and Chrysler Imperial. Ive learned that you lived in SE Michigan for 36 years 5 years in Boston and in Northern VA and went to grad school. All this within the last few weeks. There is no end to the information about yourself that you like to share. No to say no one cares but its not needed. Mostly its your opinion and how offended you get that anyone should disagree with you. Something that obviously no one has ever told you but opinions are subjective to a persons perspective. So even with data on your side it can be like convincing an atheist there is a God. With that in mind, maybe relax don’t take varying opinions so personal and be so quick to attack an alternative opinion. Knowing your personality I’m sure you will find this offensive but honestly just telling you why people respond to your posts the way they do.

  17. FSTFWRD Says:

    @#4 I’m not sure you can call Tesla profitable.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’ve been playing AAH, and Munro keeps saying that the Model 3 battery could, or should be structural, and the body could be much lighter. He also said that the car would crash the same, with or without the battery. That doesn’t make sense. If nothing else, the front of the car would get smashed a lot more, if you have the extra thousand pounds of weight of the battery.

  19. joe Says:

    The beginning of the end is within sight with Tesla. I can not see such a controversial company stay in business. I predict before the end of this year, Tesla will file for bankruptcy.

  20. Larry D. Says:

    17 I am 100% sure you CAN call Tesla profitable, if you did not hate it so much, and in the 3rd quarter, LOOK IT UP, it made $312 MILLION. So there. Don’t stick your head in the sand, CELEBRATE the FIRST American Automaker who successfully challenged the bankrupt GMs and FCAs (and soon Fords), and, more important, is RESPECTED AROUND THE WORLD where your big 3 could barely sell a handful of USA-made cars ever.

    18 I listened to the same segment yesterday, he kept comparing it to the BMW 328, and saying how heavy (the 328?) is? which it sure is not. I believe his point was that the battery IS structural.

    “..If nothing else, the front of the car would get smashed a lot more, if you have the extra thousand pounds of weight of the battery.”

    I am confused with this statement, what does the front of the car have to do with anything re the battery, which is on the floor of the entire length and width of the car?

  21. Larry D. Says:

    19 HAHAHAHA! Tell the truth, you do not predict anything, you just HOPE, against ALL evidence, that… Tesla of all automakers, will go broke? Really? At no time in its history was Tesla more far away from such a possibility. Do not let the data and rational thought mess with your sick fantasy…lol.

    IT is really funny that you should say this 10 years after your GM and FCA DID go bankrupt, and Tesla never did nor is it going to ANY TIME SOON.

    Got it? I doubt it, this “Joe” character comes here once a month or so and does his “hit and run”, makes some ridiculous anti-tesla comment and never bothers to read anybody else’s comment.

  22. Larry D. Says:

    In one hour you will see the sales numnbers that I saw 24 hours ago, for 2018 and December.

    Subaru is to be commented for 10 straight years of tiny but continuous sales increases. Now with its 3 row SUV available (or is it a crossover?) it will do even better.

    JEEP sold more vehicles than any FCA division, even RAM, at 80,000 or so.

    Automotive News (Ward’s rival publication), while claiming 31,700 sales for Tesla in December, AND, more importantly, ranking thew Model 3 as the third best selling car in Dec (above the Corolla and even the Civic, at 28,000 units), still refuses to include Tesla in the “% winners” list it has, instead it lists … poor pitiful Volvo, with its still tiny 0.5% market share, as number one with a 33% increase, and not.. Tesla with its 280% increase on much higher VOLUME than Volvo. This is not just an embargo, it is inconsistent with listing the 3 as the 3rd best selling car by the SAME publication. Wards and this Show is far more fair and objective on this matter, as you will see again today.

  23. Larry D. Says:

    A couple days ago I got my free copy of “Technology Review” in the mail. the whole issue was devoted to China, including an article titled “Electric Avenue”. There, on p. 27, there is a highlighted stat:

    “$14,000: Cost of a license plate for an ICE car in Shanghai”, followed by

    “$0: Cost of an electric-vehicle plate in Shanghai”

    If you can free yourself from your biases, and look at this objectively, then you will 100% understand that not only is there NO CHANCE IN HELL that Tesla will ever go broke, but that CHINA will be its hugest market, eclipsing even its remarkable success in the USA. AND Europe will follow soon, Auto News Europe had an article today that the Model 3 is getting close to being certified or whatever so it can start being sold in Europe.

    But CHINA is the key. Regardless what the US does about EVs, there is a far bigger market for Tesla’s there.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 If you add a thousand pounds to the middle or rear of a vehicle, and crash it into a barrier, the front will suffer a lot more damage than without the extra weight. Similarly, if you put 2000 pounds in the bed of a pickup truck and crash it into a barrier, the front part of the vehicle will suffer a lot more damage than if the truck is empty. I don’t see anything confusing about that.

    From CR’s site, the weight of the 328 is about the same as its closest competition, the C-Class. Both are about 300-500 pounds heavier than the somewhat larger, but front drive Camry and Accord.

  25. Larry D. Says:

    23 PS This was also mentioned in the last part of yesterday’s AAH. Munro also confirmed my belief that Tesla succeeded in attracting the SUPERengineers (he called them the “Navy Seals” of engineering) instead of the ho-hum, OK engineers that GM and Ford attract, the kind of overachievers that would never go work for detroit but in Silicone Valley instead.

    Munro also stressed the huge potential of the CHinese market for Tesla, whatever the conditions the Govt imposes on the company to sell its cars there.

    THAT was the most important part of AAH yesterday.

  26. Larry D. Says:

    24 All luxury cars, except Porsches and sports cars where engineers get bonuses by how much weight they save, are far heavier than the same size economy cars of the same size. This is especially true of my E class, at 4,000 lbs, and being the same size as the Accord or Camry. In fact, the 328 used to be a COMPACT, similar to the Civic and Corolla sedans in size, and smaller in dimensions than the Accord. THis is still true today when the Camry/Accord are longer than 190″ while the 3 is still around 180. This is even more true of the S class and the Impala which has about the same dimensions. And this makes the luxury cars much safer, not less, than the lighter economy ones. IF not for safety (and partly luxury and performance), an E class would be as lightweight as the Accord.

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    23 When I was in Shanghai, 20 years ago, the 2-stroke mopeds and buses were the obvious sources of pollution that fouled the air. The 2-strokes are probably gone by now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if aging diesel buses are still the major source of pollution, not the cars, even the remaining VW Santana taxis.

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    26 Yeah, luxury cars tend to be heavier, partly because of the various things that help make them “luxurious,” and quiet. Also, front drive cars are lighter than rear drive cars. The C-Class and 3 series whose weights I referenced were AWD cars tested by CR. That probably adds another hundred pounds or so.

  29. FSTFWRD Says:

    @#20, My head is not in the sand and why do you think I am a Tesla hater? Just wondering. I actually admire the cars and the company, they (EV’s)are just not for me.
    I believe you have said you own no Tesla stock, why not?