AD #2607 – Mexico Tariffs Could Cost OEMs Billions, FCA/Renault Merger Facing Issues, Musk Touts Electric Pickup

June 3rd, 2019 at 11:53am

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Runtime: 8:37

0:07 FCA/Renault Merger Facing Issues
1:07 Mexico Tariffs Could Cost OEMs Billions
2:16 Musk Touts Electric Pickup
3:13 Mitsu Wants UK To Offer PHEV Incentives
4:06 Volvo Crash Tests Bike Helmets
4:53 Weekend Race Results
6:00 Can AV Interiors Last a Million Miles?

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36 Comments to “AD #2607 – Mexico Tariffs Could Cost OEMs Billions, FCA/Renault Merger Facing Issues, Musk Touts Electric Pickup”

  1. Lambo2015 Says:

    Maybe the Tesla truck in total 300,000 pounds but can it stop it

  2. Kit Gerhart Says:

    1 It should be able to stop the 300,000 pounds the same as it can accelerate it, very slowly.

  3. David Sprowl Says:

    I’m giggling amount a million mile interior. I have yet to see any auto interior last more than 200K miles. let alone 1Mil

  4. ChuckGrenci Says:

    I’m going to bring up, about interiors, what was brought up originally; who is going to want to share ‘that’ vehicle towards the end of the interiors useful life (before the refresh interior is installed). Currently, if you own the vehicle, you accustom yourself to the interior’s condition; when it is someone else’s filth you generally become a little more fastidious and unforgiving.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3 It all depends upon how you treat the interior. Thin interior of my friend’s cheap Pontiac Sunfire is still in very good condition at 240K miles. The car is almost always garaged, except when driven, which helps a lot, especially in Florida summers.

  6. GM Veteran Says:

    Looks like Elon needs to get more sleep. Looks like he is mixing the Semi stats with the Pickup stats. And, apparently he hasn’t learned his lesson about not throwing out low base MSRPs yet.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 You bring up part of what is appealing about uber, compared to traditional taxis. The uber cars are recent vintage, and are actually the drivers’ personal cars, as opposed to that 10 year old taxi which, from my experience, often has a rather “nasty” interior.

  8. ChuckGrenci Says:

    300,000 pounds of towing capacity, unless he’s talking about the tow the airplane stunt is ludicrous (in the farcical sense). Even if he reduced it down to ten percent of that figure he’d be in high cotton; ain’t going to happen (using typical testing of load and towing capacity).

  9. Lambo2015 Says:

    I would imagine ride sharing vehicle interiors will become something very similar to the seats you find in the back of a police car or on a city bus or subway. Fiberglass molded seats that can hosed clean, along with rubber flooring and I think people will prefer that over a worn cloth or vinyl seat. IMO

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 The towing would clearly be of the “stunt” variety, like the Mini a few days ago, and the Toyota pickup towing the space shuttle a few years ago. It’s easy to make an EV have traction limited “pull” at low speed, as it is with a 4wd pickup in low range. The 300,000 pound airplane, or whatever, would need to have lots of air in the tires, good wheel bearings, and not be pointed uphill, even a little, or a vehicle weighing a few thousands pounds wouldn’t have enough traction to move it at all.

  11. Clem Zahrobsky Says:

    Trump knows that the American manufactures who have factories in Mexico are going to put pressure on the Mexican govt to get this fixed before the tariffs start. They have a lot of power in Mexico because if they move out the Mexican people will lose their jobs and go after the govt.

  12. Clem Zahrobsky Says:

    Trump knows that the American manufactures who have factories in Mexico are going to put pressure on the Mexican govt to get this fixed before the tariffs start. They have a lot of power in Mexico because if they move out the Mexican people will lose their jobs and go after the govt.

  13. George Ricci Says:

    On the topic of AV interiors lasting 1 million miles, there are a number of things you’re not considering. Technology is moving very quickly and it is accelerating. Just think about your cell phone or laptop. A 3 year old AV will be obsolete. Yes, you will be able to update the software over the air, but that will just be bug fixes and minor updates. Major feature enhancements will need more computing power and better sensors. As you have previously have talked about, AV sensors are getting smaller, better, cheaper with ever generation.

    Have you seen the interior/exterior of just 1 year old rental or taxi cars? The interior of every band/model of AV is different. Who is going to stock whole interiors to replace every 3 years? The cost plus labor cost at $140+ an hour would make it too expensive. In 3 years the exterior would be scratched and dented from other cars and vandals. Drive train worn out with 300k plus miles. So why would you keep fixing an obsolete AV, when the industry would rather sell you a much better new AV?

  14. Lambo2015 Says:

    10 Beyond even those limitations towing capacity is not just an amount that the vehicle can move. I’ve seen a single man pull a train engine which is around 100 to 200 ton. So moving that much weight isn’t that impressive with a truck. Towing means you can pull it uphill and stop it downhill. No way in the world I would climb into a 6 or 7,000 lb truck with 300,000 lbs behind it and feel safe. So that number is just ludicrous propaganda to garner publicity as Elon does very well.

  15. Dale Leonard Says:

    Renault knows the value of Jeep and Ram and all they want to do is suck FCA dry and have it all to themselves and leave the US workers out in the cold without jobs. I can see the manufacturing plants moving to France if the merger goes through.

  16. Lambo2015 Says:

    13 According to the truck driving institute commercial trucks average around 45k miles per year and long haul trucks average about 100k miles a year. So I agree to achieve 1 million miles the ride share would be close to 10 years old and obsolete well before achieving 1M miles.
    If each rider uses a ride share for about 12 miles for each trip and the interior is replaced every 300k miles that still 25,000 different users. I’m guessing the interior would be on par with a public toilet seat when it comes to cleanliness.

  17. Kate Mcleod Says:

    Wait. An electric truck is going to be a better sports car than the 911? This is a typo, yes? I don’t often listen to AutoLine. I read it. So proofread before you hit send, OK? Or am I missing something?

  18. cwolf Says:

    Interiors will not last forever, but I know replacement cushions can be made very affordable and easy for DIY. I had upholstery shops to pay for my schooling. A portion of the work was servicing dealers and the common vehicles. The 70′s Trans Am and Camero seat and back cushions had plastic locking sections which hooked onto the seat frame. Early models had to be hog ringed near the inner bolsters, but in later years Velcro, molded into the foam cushion, secured the inserts in place. only two bolts secured the back to the seat. From start to finish two front buckets could be recovered within two hours. I think my cost for all the OEM pre-made covers was under $650. Replacing just the inserts only cost about $60/ea. at the time. So I do believe an affordable option could be had; Like snap on inserts with new foam at a reasonable price.

    Mexico tariffs! why not make them here like they should be? And by organized labor to support the working class.

  19. Larry D. Says:

    3 my taxi driver’s E Diesel has done 2,500,000 miles (4,000,000 KM) with the original interior. She told me she has just bought (what else?) Another E diesel, but the smaller engine, the 220 vs the 3.0 lt she did the 4 mill km with. That interior is in fairly decent shape. Despite having 100,000++ customers abuse it.

  20. Larry D. Says:

    17, yeah, you are missing two things. First, the truck is an EV, and second, it’s not some loser Leaf or Bolt but a Tesla. Makes all the difference

  21. Alex Carazan Says:

    In the late 70′s and early 80′s Americans were pushing MADE IN USA as new Japanese vehicles won market share and Big 3 auto-makers lost share and jobs. Then NAFTA came and large mass exit of auto assembly plants to Mexico from USA to go after cheap labor as unions would not compromise. A double wammy! Many families in USA became unemployed Mom’s and Dad’s. Then same happened to retail where most made in USA goods became MADE IN CHINA that were subsidized by China government to undercut free market pricing. Most mom and pop stores closed! Meanwhile China imported little from USA and China used high tariffs against USA imports to China. The fake news won’t report this.

    Finally we have a President who get’s the crony game that was played against the American people but for the corporate globalist “elites”. Liberal talking points all trash on tariffs and threaten huge price increases on Americans…typical scare tactic. All FAKE NEWS! Short term on tariffs is Mexico may slow illegal alien flow into USA, US Treasury will collect more $$ to help pay down debt, and auto makers and suppliers will transfer SOME of the cost increases to end consumers. In the mid term what happens? Auto makers and suppliers LOCALIZE parts and assembly back into the USA and that helps jobs and economic growth in the USA! That will then bring prices back down as tariffs are gone! That is good for the USA. We need to put America first not corrupt Mexico and communist China.

    For more truth about globalist cronyism see and World wide great awakening to truth is in process! Enjoy the show!

  22. cwolf Says:

    Smoke another one and an extra for me!

  23. Lambo2015 Says:

    21 Yes the tariffs might be painful at first glance. What most Americans fail to see is if we want full free trade with the entire world than you can expect everything to be equal.
    According to the International Labor Organization, the average global monthly wage is $1,480. So if Americans are cool with earning $17,760 a year than support free trade and we will be on a level playing field with all other countries making a whopping $8.50 an hour.

  24. Lambo2015 Says:

    23 Oh and don’t think that it just applies to the auto industry. The current average income for a General Practitioner in the US is $161,000 and specialists average $230,000 The average worldwide income for a doctor is 80k and specialists make 83k.

  25. Gerry P Says:

    Shawn, can tell you’re mot a NASCAR fan. You said Kurt Bush won, but the text was correct in showing Kyle won. Kurt is Kyle’s older brother.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    25 Kyle won, in a Camry LE Hybrid like mine. Well, not quite.

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    21 China had been importing a lot of airplanes from Boeing, but with the Max 8/9 fiasco, that is probably over, never mind Trump’s trade war.

  28. David Sprowl Says:

    Kit..the 1 million mile interior is going to see a lot of abuse. I agree that 10 year old taxis are bad, these interiors will be in vehicles that will be akin to a small bus. Spending 500 plus a month on private bus seems unappealing to me

  29. wmb Says:

    Musk does need to reinvent the pick-up truck as he did with the falcon doors on the Model X. Using the Model X as a starting point, though, he could produce an amazing vehicle that competes with full size pick-ups in a new way! One that meets and exceeds every one expectations, but with none of the initial glitches and hick-ups that originally delayed the Model X’s arrival.

  30. joe Says:

    Elon Musk will say anything to keep the Tesla stock from crashing. He has a history of not being truthful….that’s how he got the Tesla stocks to an unrealistic amount through the years. Many investors are just now beginning to see the light and the stock is slowing losing it’s value. I don’t think Tesla will be able to survive.

  31. Lambo2015 Says:

    I think Elon Musk is making a prediction that he probably knows to be untrue. Simply put, he’s trying to convince people to buy more Teslas so that they can be on the cutting edge of a driving revolution that will never take place.
    Elon has made numerous claims that don’t pan out like saying self driving cars will be available by the end of this year. This gets people excited about Tesla and helps promote the idea that by buying a Tesla they are on the cutting edge of technology. Like many of his claims he isn’t entirely wrong. There are self driving cars that operate in a specific area within an specific speed and with optimal environment. Everyone gave Elon a pass on the claimed 35k model 3 which never really happened unless you include tax credit which who ever bases a car price that includes tax incentives?
    He also claimed the model S had 700 hp which it can achieve under certain conditions and for a limited time. Which conflicts with the claimed range which is not concurrent with 700 hp and with all accessories off. So just as he claims the Tesla Truck can tow 30,000lbs it probable will be able to move that much weight for a short distance. Never legally or practically but does that make him a liar? It certainly helps the Tesla Stock and I haven’t decided if its wrong or just capitalism.

  32. Kit Gerhart Says:

    A Tesla pickup truck would be for a totally different market than today’s market for big trucks. Where I am, pickup drivers seem to like noise, as a lot of them put aftermarket loud mufflers on them. That wouldn’t go along with an electric truck.

  33. Larry D. Says:

    I have been overseas since May 28 and this week I am heading a 4 member committee to accredit a major European University’s Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Eng.

    For the inveterate Tesla haters in this forum (Joe, you hear?), I inform you that EVs are STILL the Future, and I have just seen it here too.

    Germany will have 50% of its cars EVs by 2030. And Germany, Joe, is 15 times bigger than Norway, which already has succeeded in similar goals.

    EVS are the Future, and Teslas are the KINGS of EVS by a wide margin.

    Put this in your pipe Joe and Smoke it.

  34. Larry D. Says:

    33 PS I was right before, Germany will also close ALL its Nuke plants, just not by 2020 but 2030. ALL. Every single one of them.

  35. XA351GT Says:

    Anyone else seen the preview for Ford v. Ferrari ? It looks like it could be a great car/racing film. Hopefully it’s as good as Rush was.

  36. Len simpson Says:

    Take note that Elon’s giant Pickup closely resembles his Semi EV in size & shape