AD #2652 – Fix for Wrangler Death Wobble, McLaren Returning to IndyCar, Are Used Cars Hurting New Car Sales in China?

August 12th, 2019 at 11:44am

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Runtime: 6:49

0:07 Are Used Cars Hurting New Car Sales in China?
1:08 EV Stations Need More Smart Chargers
2:13 Jeep Creates Fix for Wrangler “Death Wobble”
3:19 McLaren Returning to IndyCar in 2020
4:06 Weekend Racing Results
4:23 Mystery Cars Revealed
5:18 AIWAYS Road Trip Update
5:55 Baseball Signed by Henry Ford Sells For $24,000

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27 Comments to “AD #2652 – Fix for Wrangler Death Wobble, McLaren Returning to IndyCar, Are Used Cars Hurting New Car Sales in China?”

  1. Larry D. Says:

    “GM does not want to spend capital installing chargers, it wants to spend it making EVs”

    It only makes one true BEV, the bulky little hatch Bolt. WHich, in its infinite wisdom, it prices as much as the FAR superior base Model 3.

    No wonder 10 times as many Model 3s than Bolts are sold, and most of the few Bolts that are made go to GM Cruise billion $ debacle.

    The quote on top reminds me of the Stones song

    “You can’t always get what you want”… which is absolutely true with GM, what it wanted and what little it got in BEVs.

  2. GM Veteran Says:

    Disappointing that this broadcast did not include any news on the sales juggernaut, Volvo; so here is a headline and a link to the article for more detail.

    “Volvo China sales rise 25% in July; global sales up 7%.”

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    1 I hate to repeat myself, but a Bolt does NOT cost as much as a Model 3. The cheapest Model 3 is $40,190, including destination fee, but I think there are other fees not shown on the site.

    A Bolt is $37,495 including destination fee, but there is $5500 in cash back available, making the actual price of a base car $31,995. $31,995 is not the same as $40,190. Yes, we all know that you hate the Bolt, and love the Model 3.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 Maybe “buy Chinese” sentiment is rising in China, at the expense of GM, VW, and the other foreign auto makers doing business there.

  5. ChuckGrenci Says:

    1, (finishing the line by the ‘Stones’)
    ……….”but if you try real hard, you get what you need”. GM doesn’t want to spend capital installing chargers, as it certainly doesn’t spend capital for gas stations (nor should it).

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Most EV owners, even Tesla, do most of their charging at home.

  7. GM Veteran Says:

    4, Actually, they have it worse than the “transplant brands” such as GM, VW, M-B, Audi and BMW. Thru a combination of factors, the Chinese companies’ sales are down even more and ceding market share to the foreign brands. The brief article below provides more detail.

  8. Adam Says:

    I caught a couple IndyCar races on TV this season and found myself getting hooked!
    Great competition happening!

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7 Interesting. It looks like the “premium” brands, mostly the transplants, are doing relatively better than the home grown mainstream brands.

  10. John W Says:

    That Wrangler “fix” is merely a band-aid. I made a video about my fix years ago to my 2007 Wrangler (way to really get in on fixing this problem 12 years later, Jeep!!). In my video I only replaced the front axle track bar bolts which are undersized! There was a significant improvement afterwards. BUT I also did replace the front steering shock absorber which was completely shot and non-functional, this gave me the last 5% of performance change to complete the fix.

  11. Larry D. Says:

    5 Very good, also remember that utterly incompetent GM, which should be dominating the industry, having as much as 60% (!!!!) share in the US market, managed to go BANKRUPT and be bailed out on my tax dollar.

    and there is NO indication that they learned one thing from that extremely costly lesson.

    Imagine what will happen when gas prices rise again like they did in 2008. Luckily it may not be for a few years.

  12. Larry D. Says:

    3 really? And you think by GM throwing $5,500 at that underwhelming Bolt, it made it cheaper than the base 3, which is a WAY more substantial vehicle? DO you even believe your own words???>? Explain then why for every 1 Bolt “sold” to GM cruise, 10 Model 3s are sold.

    The Model 3 is A FAR FAR better value than the Bolt, and if you keep denying it, you are only fooling yourself.

    Oh, and GM loses $9,000 on every Bolt it makes, maybe More, now that the production numbers are going down and the units are not sold retail but ‘sold’ to GM Cruise,while Sandy Munro claims Tesla actually makes $ off the 3.

    I just cannot believe we keep having this discussion. The Bolt is a far inferior vehicle than even the base Model 3. It should be obvious to all but the blind and those willingly closing their eyes. It’s probably because you have an irrational love of hatchbacks.

  13. Larry D. Says:

    2 You are being sarcastic at poor pathetic Volvo, right? Everybody can sell in CHina. Do you not know what Volvo’s market share int he US has been for many many years now?? A PATHETIC 0.5%, and it’s not budging from that number, EVER.

  14. dave thompson Says:

    Keep up the good work on the “barn finds” I find them very enjoyable and informative

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 You have said repeatedly that a base Model 3 and base Bolt cost the same, or almost the same. They don’t, which I pointed out once again. The price you pay is what counts, not the MSRP which applies only to Tesla, and not much else.

    As far as the Tesla being a “better value” for $8K more, it depends on what you want. The Tesla is quicker, and handles better, though the Bolt is quick, 0-60 in under 7 seconds, and handles pretty well. The Bolt rides better, is quieter, and more reliable, according to CR. Passenger and cargo space are about comparable, but the Bolt is more versatile for cargo. The Model 3 can use the “supercharger” network, very valuable for some people, not for others.

    As far as the Model 3 selling so well, it is fun to drive, looks good from most angles, and it has a cult following. Yes, a cult following, like certain other products have had over the years. As a reminder, from Merriam-Webster:

    cult, noun, often attributive
    2a : great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (such as a film or book)

    A car is an object, and some have cult followings, including, for example, all Teslas, Porsche 911s, old VW buses, Citroen 2CVs, and some others.

  16. Lambo2015 Says:

    14 I would think you could add Wranglers and Mustangs, Harleys and to some extent BMW to the cult following type of vehicles.
    In the case of the BMW Wrangler and Harley their cost is typically over-rated for what you get. But people love them and will buy them regardless of their quality or value ratings.

  17. Lambo2015 Says:

    13: Sean What ever happened to the “You said it!” Segment?

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 With BMWs, especially certain ones, like 2002s.

  19. kurt wiley Says:

    Wrt Jeep’s Death Wobble, classic VW beetles including the Super Beetle also used a hydraulic damper to quell vibrations within their recirculating ball steering.

  20. Roger T Says:

    Larry take a chill pill. The point is not whether the two compete in technology, it’s the transaction price of each, which places the two in separate categories. It would be cool if you exercised cordiality btw.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 Yep, Wrangler may be the most cult vehicle in current production, except maybe Teslas. The 60s-early 80s Toyota Land Cruisers are up there, among cult cars.

  22. XA351GT Says:

    Easiest way to fix the Jeep death wobble is not to buy the overpriced POS in the 1st place.

  23. Ctech Says:

    As a former Jeep tech the new (and likely more expensive) steering dampener will delay the onset of the wobble but the root cause is wearing down the front suspension bushings (Track bar and control arms) and a worn dampener. The wear allows excess movement of the axle which gives these types of vehicles the death wobble at higher speeds. Remember this is not limited to Jeep Wranglers but can happen to most vehicles with a solid front axle when traveling at higher speeds. If you have a vehicle with a solid front axle, frequent inspection and replacement of worn front end components is very important.

  24. Lambo2015 Says:

    21 Yes I remember F-series trucks having the same problem. Another contributor is running larger tires which is a lot more common on Jeeps. Just seemed like the Fords had to be much older and worn before it could happen.

  25. ChuckGrenci Says:

    21,22, and others
    Would urethane bushing help (or are they used in OEM) or even available; seems that could tighten things up there in ‘suspension land’.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Is there any reason to keep using the solid front axle on the Wrangler, other than “tradition”? Didn’t they break with tradition and let go of the rear leaf springs a while back?

  27. Lambo2015 Says:

    24 Yeah I’m a bit surprised they haven’t switched either to also gain ground clearance and a better ride with an independent front suspension. Maybe they feel the solid axle is more durable.