Faraday Future Ready For A Comeback – CES 2020

January 7th, 2020 at 1:56pm

SPECIAL GUEST: Carsten Breitfeld, CEO, Faraday Future

Faraday Future debuted with a big splash at CES four years ago. Then it ran smack dab into major financial problems which set off a whirlwind of problems with investors. It cancelled plans to build a greenfield plant, and retrenched. Now it looks like they might be putting those problems behind them. Carsten Breitfeld, the CEO, talks about how the company will launch its car this year and how they plan to revolutionize mobility services.

One Comment to “Faraday Future Ready For A Comeback – CES 2020”

  1. Dave Hourd Says:

    I can see most of the arguments presented except for the suggestion the “office conference calls ” can be continued in a shared mobility application. I cannot imagine contacting one of my customers while others unrelated to the issue are listening in to our conversation. Similarly, I cannot see how a video conference would work with internal staff. Even if the audio was isolated to one seat area the video is still available and can be viewed by others. To be clear I find these concepts exciting and can see some beneficial applications in large population centers but I think there are a large demographic that this excludes. If taxpayer funded we need a solution that will benefit all not just a segment of the population at the expense of others in lower density areas.