ATW #2413 – The Struggle to Restart the Automotive Industry

May 1st, 2020 at 10:00am

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Internet Premiere: Thursday, 05/07 @ 04:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV: Sunday, 05/10 @ 10:30am ET

Mark Wakefield, AlixPartners
Mike Colias, Wall Street Journal
Joe White, Reuters
John McElroy,

Automakers and their suppliers desperately want to get back to normal production. If they don’t get revenue coming in soon they could face bankruptcy. But even after they restart their assembly lines, will there be customers ready to buy their cars? Today’s panel examines the challenges the auto industry faces and the likely steps it will take to get things going again.

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One Comment to “ATW #2413 – The Struggle to Restart the Automotive Industry”

  1. Victor Mason Says:

    Very interesting discussion. Go for used cars as they become really cheap. People need jobs to buy cars in the first place. No vaccine no jobs no car sales.