AD #2839 – U.S. Auto Industry Gets Back to Work; Porsche Reveals 911 Targa; Dyson Blew £500 Million on Failed EV

May 18th, 2020 at 11:37am

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Runtime: 10:02

0:07 U.S. Auto Industry Gets Back to Work
1:24 Ford Hires more Temps for Expected Absenteeism
1:42 Parts Shortage Forces Mercedes U.S. Plant Shutdown
2:21 President Will Visit Ford Ventilator Plant, Not GM
3:16 Porsche Reveals 911 Targa
4:33 Drifting a 500HP Mustang in a Driveway
5:15 Tesla Picks Austin for Next Gigafactory
5:56 Panasonic and Tesla Talk Gigafactory Expansion
6:32 California Rejects SpaceX Subsidies
7:09 Dyson Blew 500 Million Pounds on Failed EV
8:06 Lucid Mixes EV Technology with ICE Luxury

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38 Comments to “AD #2839 – U.S. Auto Industry Gets Back to Work; Porsche Reveals 911 Targa; Dyson Blew £500 Million on Failed EV”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Maybe the car factories don’t need to hurry too much to ramp up production, especially if it would affect worker safety and quality. Yesterday, I drove through the car dealers in my Indiana town, and except for Corvettes, there didn’t seem to be much shortage of vehicles at any of the dealers. Even Toyota and Honda seemed pretty well stocked, as long as you don’t like color.

    Cadillac had a couple new 2019s, a CTS and CT6.

  2. Vic Maslanka Says:

    That Dyson EV really sucked.

  3. Drew Says:

    No mask, no entry. It should apply to everyone, including the Pope and the Donald. I hope Bill makes a strong stand to reinforce the “Ford Family“ values.

  4. John Says:

    While in the Ford plant Trump needs to wear a mask. A rule for safety to others needs to be enforced. No mask. No entry

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 Trump is so proud of his status as arrogant a-hole to the world, that he probably won’t wear a mask. I hope I’m wrong. Maybe he needs a Boris Johnson dose of reality.

  6. Kate McLeod Says:

    Two things: Why would the orange menace go to a company headed by a woman who is approximately 170,000 times smarter than he is. He really doesn’t like women, especially smart ones.

    Two: Cars are harder than vacuum cleaners. Just sayin’.

  7. Norm T Says:

    GM made the 1,600th ventilator last Friday at cost. Though there was friction between the GM CEO Mary Barra and U S. President Donald Trump.

  8. Drew Says:

    @4 – Kit, what’s the difference between a hemorrhoid and an a-hole? The former is an imperfect version of the later. Given the man’s many flaws, I prefer to use “hemorrhoid”. Smile.

  9. Wim van Acker Says:

    I have noticed that Larry D. has not posted in a long time. I was annoyed when he would post his abrasive POSTS!!!, but now I am missing him and wondering whether he is doing well. Larry, where are you?

  10. Wim van Acker Says:

    And just to be sure: no, Melandro, I am not missing your rants about hydroxychloroquine. Still, I hope you have not ingested it, or confused it with Chlorox.

  11. bradley cross Says:

    Did Dyson really have Solid State batteries working?

    If Tesla does go to Texas, I wonder if they will be able to sell vehicles there. The Car Stealership model is very strong there.

    Also when Tesla show the production version of the CyberTruck will it be as popular?

    Interesting that Panasonic are exporting model-3 batteries to China from the US! I expected this as the car is designed around them. Also that Panasonic are improving the batteries this year, change of chemistry perhaps. Would the Chinese even let them build a battery plant in China?

  12. XA351GT Says:

    Multiple medical people are coming out that masks don’t work for this virus. Even N95 must be properly fitted to the individual if they are going to be effective. These cheap little paper masks will have a more negative effect that a positive according to many of these people. Even Fauci said months back that masks would be useless for the lay people. So this excercize is in futility will do nothing ,but make people uncomfortable, touch their faces even more and force them to breathe in CO2 which has negative effects on your health also. Masks are becoming more and more a show of compliance than safety. If they were effective why wouldn’t we have been doing it the 1st 6 weeks of this lockdown. ?

  13. jJWH Says:

    Mask wearing – While I agree with all that state that someone will not wear a mask when reviewing Ford Rawsonville Facility, common courtesy along with attempting to be a good role model dictates he should. I will not hold my breath.

  14. Wim van Acker Says:

    @11 “Would the Chinese even let them build a battery plant in China?”: why would the Chinese authorities not let them? Any latest technology produced at a plant in China is most welcome. If you understand what I am saying here.

  15. Buzzerd Says:

    I would view a mask like safety glasses. You can still get debris in your eyes with glasses on but it’s a reasonable amount of PPE to wear and if the rules are that everyone wears it just get on with it.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    12. Hong Kong did a lot better than NYC with covid-19, and one of, if not the biggest difference was that Hong Kongers wore masks early on when the plague arrived.

    There’s not “proof” of anything, but the above makes a lot of sense.

  17. Carl Says:

    When I first read that Dyson, a company known for making vacuums and hand dryers wanted to manufacturer electric vehicles I thought they were joking. That would make as much sense as Sonic the drive in fast food joint announcing they will begin manufacturing space satellites.

  18. JR Says:

    @12 The primary purpose of the mask is to keep people from spraying saliva and other bodily fluids at others when talking, coughing, sneezing, etc. It doesn’t stop all fluids, but catches the larger droplets. It’s the same reason surgeons wear the cloth surgical masks in the operating room (not N95 masks). Wearing masks provides reasonable protection when social distancing isn’t feasible. Fauci agrees. The flaw in this is that because wearing a mask protects other much more than it protects yourself, the strategy relies on people not being too selfish to wear one. Being tough or not caring about your own health doesn’t help others.
    The early debate on masks has more to do with using them to protect yourself when interacting with COVID-19 patients. An N95 will work, but if the average person keeps touching the mask, it will be less effective. The guidance was changed as the strategy changed to one of prevent spreading rather than protecting the wearer.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    C8 news:

    The 2020 Corvettes will be among the rarest ever, according to the article, with only 2700 built.

  20. JR Says:

    @17 As much sense as some rich paypal guy starting an electric car company? And a rocket company? And a tunnel boring compay? All at the same time? If Elon has taught us anything, it is that with the right ideas, money, and skill sets, you can do great things.

  21. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Masks are most effective, in the general population, from the person wearing one not spreading their germs to someone not infected. A good rated mask, in a clinical situation, certainly does help protect the wearer because even though some healthcare workers have been infected, take away all the masks and it would have been catastrophic. People, if in doubt, wear the masks; some protection, beats no protection, and no your not breathing back your own CO2 to any extent of harm ( why do you think artificial, mouth to mouth respiration works, because even in expelled air there is adequate O2 to breathe.

  22. Roger T Says:

    Tesla to start assembly of Ys this year in a plant that doesn’t exist today, in mid May? Riiiiight. Texas ain’t California, but it ain’t China either.

  23. MJB Says:

    @17 – I agree 100%

    And for critics of Elon, it’s one thing to call out a particular action of the man as ‘stupid’. ‘clueless’, or any number of other adjectives. But let’s please stop calling an individual who has managed to do more in one third of a lifetime than most entire graduating classes of Harvard do in a full lifetime ‘stupid’. The man is straight-up ‘success going somewhere to happen’.

  24. MJB Says:

    Oops. I meant @20. NOT @17

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    23 Elon is crazy, but he’s certainly not stupid.

  26. ChuckGrenci Says:

    19, Interesting if comes to fruition. Wonder why Corvette doesn’t honor more of the orders that they’ve actually received before venturing unto the ’21 model. Supposedly the factory will continue to build ’20 C8′s with the 3000 build code but I don’t know how many of those are still unfulfilled. I suspect a clearer picture will emerge shortly after production resumes and a firm(er) strategy is revealed. By the likes of this announcement, that would assume that very few if any C8 convertibles will be built (now that could/would be a “rare bird” if a customer gets one of those).

  27. Larry D. Says:

    9 I am here every day. I am fine health wise. I usually post the next morning, not right away. And while I was sure my opinions annoy others, I had no idea my posts annoyed YOU, I thought we agreed on most important issues.

    Not much else to comment about on today;s show. Dyson is old news, he quit a long time ago. The only news is that he wasted $500 mill on the stupid BEV. Why didn’t you just buy a few Tesla shares instead with that $ back then, Dyson? You would have made 1.5 billion by now, on that purchase ALONE. But they would probably not change your lifestyle much. You could already afford the megayacht and Mcmansion and the private jet.

  28. Larry D. Says:

    22 Ever heard of Musk’s EPIC successes at Space X? Let Dyson even attempt to try that and tell me how many billions he will blow with nothing to show for it.

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    26. It sounds like they are going to start calling them 2021s at about the same time of year the model changeover normally comes. Between the strike and the plague, things have really gotten messed up.

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    SpaceX will attempt to fly people to the international space station soon, the first US space fly with humans since the shuttle was retired.

  31. Larry D. Says:


    “SpaceX company. It wanted over $650,000 to help train 900 employees and hire 300 more”

    is this for real or a belated april fools story?

    IS the 7th or whatever biggest economy on the planet, CA, quibbling about giving Musk, whose net worth is over $50,000,000,000, a measly 0.001 billion? (more accurately, $0.00065 bilion?

    Why do we bother about amounts that are less than NOISE?

  32. Larry D. Says:

    31 I had to check the link, sure that the amount was one or more zeroes higher than this extremely paltry $0.00065 billion, but it was correct. It was $0.000655 billion, in case you want more accuracy, and in today’s crazy environment of $3 trillion aid packages, this sounds like really NOTHING. Not even noise.

  33. Bob Wilson Says:

    It was pro-union, California politicians who posted “F*ck Musk” and blocked the SpaceX training grant. After union organization failed at Fremont, Musk became their personal target. Opening a Tesla plant in a ‘right-to-work’ state is just “union avoidance.”

    Tesla builds assembly lines with two long walls of side-by-side, semi-trailer docks. The trailers arrive with the parts ready to feed the assembly line thus cutting out a central receiving and parts storage areas.

  34. XA351GT Says:

    18 If your mask protects me and mine protects you ,but medical professionals say they won’t work for covid 19 , who exactly are we protecting and from what? We are being told to wear them to stop the spread of the virus which paper masks and cotton cloth won’t do. So what are they actually protecting anyone from?

  35. Brett Cammack Says:


    Instead of spewing your aerosols a good 12-15′ from your mouth, you maybe only spew them 3-4′ if you’re wearing a mask. It’s an incremental benefit that grows with utilization. I shall not abandon the practice simply because it does not achieve perfection.

  36. JR Says:

    @34 Wow. You have clearly crossed into willful ignorance at this point.Medical professionals are not saying that paper or cotton masks “won’t work for covid 19″ with respect to aerosols expelled from your mouth. They work quite well for that – again, the same reason why surgeons wear them in the OR.
    What medical professionals are saying that paper or cotton masks won’t do is filer out the coronavirus from the air you breath with the level of efficiency required when exposed to covid patients. So leave the N95 for the medical professionals, and wear a cheap cotton mask in public to keep from spreading any potential virus that you have. This is pretty simple stuff. When in doubt, listen to Fauci. You know, the guy wearing the mask in the recent press conference.

  37. XA351GT Says:

    #6 You mean the same guy 8 weeks ago said it didn’t make a big difference? There is a video floating around of him saying that. It’s not my imagination. They just keep adding and changing the story to fit their needs at this point. If you feel better wearing a mask then by all means do so , but it maybe like putting a band aid on a bullet wound.

  38. XA351GT Says:

    @36 That should have been