AD #2864 – Rivian Moving Operations to California; Apple Updates CarPlay App; Lexus NX Already Showing Its Age

June 23rd, 2020 at 11:45am

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Runtime: 10:13

0:07 Rivian Moving Its Operations to California
1:04 NASCAR Shows Support for Bubba Wallace
2:48 VW Says Mexican Workers Test Positive for Virus
3:20 Toyota Production Slowly Returning to Normal
3:48 Apple CarPlay Updates
4:35 Porsche Improves 911 Cabriolet’s Climate Control System
5:38 Hyundai Considers Battery JV with LG Chem
5:50 What Will Your Car be Worth in Three Years?
8:06 Lexus NX Review

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48 Comments to “AD #2864 – Rivian Moving Operations to California; Apple Updates CarPlay App; Lexus NX Already Showing Its Age”

  1. george baresich Says:

    please bring your son back

  2. Phred Says:

    Once again you champion “gadgets and rainbows” for cars that do not add to the functionality or long life of the owner’s experience. the gear selector is the latest example of your worship at the designer’s table at the expense of the functionality of the car. there is no groundswell of demand to “ditch” the gear shift lever. That is all in our mind!

  3. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Phred – I disagree. Electronic shifters clear up space on the center console/steering column/dash, which allows for more storage, increased interior space and/or more functions.

  4. Sean McElroy Says:

    @George – I’ll be back after the 4th of July break.

  5. Jeff Taylor Says:

    Is there some unwritten rule that says if you start an electric car company that you have to treat your employees like dirt? First Elon, now R.J. Very disappointing.

  6. Steve Hen Says:

    Wow – I’m shocked on both ends with Rivian going & coming. Haven’t heard any news too thrilling about either states governors. Hopefully Michigan will recoup their loss with some other manufacturer. Pretty harsh reality thrown at workers.

  7. Buzzerd Says:

    @2 – I agree totally with about the gear shifter. With a traditional, shifter on the column or console, you don’t have to look at the indicator to operate the shifter once you get used to it, you can feel in indents. I don’t think that will happen with most of the push button operators. Why are they doing this? to free up space?? for what? Most vehicles have redundant controls on the steering wheel and now many are getting a mouse or that scratch pad thing which is another redundant control in many cases.

  8. Lambo2015 Says:

    Sounds like Rivian took advantage of the automotive expertise in the Detroit area to speed up development and not make some of the same mistakes made by Tesla. Hopefully they retain some of the manufacturing experience as that seem to be one of the areas that Tesla lacked.
    Not saying the move doesn’t make sense but sadly this is another step toward making San Jose/Freemont the new Motor city. Electric motor city.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2,3,7 The Prius gear shifter is the best. It’s smooth and slick in operation, and you don’t need to look at it to use it. Since it always goes back to the same place, they have it so just pushing the start/stop button to turn the car off puts it in park. They should use that shifter in the Camry hybrid, rather than the “traditional” looking console shifter they use.

  10. Buzzerd Says:

    @9 can you shut off the car and leave it in neutral? The odd time that is handy, rare but it’s still nice at times.

  11. Lambo2015 Says:

    Does the processing of 350 signals in half second intervals from 20 internal and 20 external sensors seem like overkill to anyone else?
    I mean; I would hope the fan speed isn’t changing every second or two trying to keep up with an ever-changing cabin temp of a convertible. Seems kind of like wanting to waterski but don’t want to get wet.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10 You can’t completely shut the car off and leave it in neutral, but I think you can put it in neutral in accessory mode, but I’m not sure. I guess I never wanted to do that. I accidently left the Camry in drive or neutral a few times when turning it off, when I first got the car. It will let you do that, and the car roll away, but it beeps at you.

  13. NormT Says:

    The Endurance truck from Lordstown Motors gets an official announcement with VP Pence on Thursday.

  14. Lambo2015 Says:

    10 Lots of vehicles with push button start and dial or push-button transmissions have a separate button that will allow you to place the transmission in neutral for towing. Not sure about Prius but I believe you need to hold the neutral button down for a few seconds then you can shut the car off.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14. Yeah, there may be a way to shut the Prius off in neutral. Even though I had a Prius for 8 years, that never came up, so I never tried to find out.

  16. Ziggy Says:

    Anybody seen pictures of this supposed noose in the garage area? Or is this just another hype job by NASCAR to be relevant in today’s society? Got a lot of publicity for BLM and Richard Petty’s team, which isn’t getting it done on the track. Just sayin’…..

  17. RGENIEC Says:

    Coming to California will be their demise if they decide to produce cars and incoroporate here. I have lived here 53 years and everyone is LEAVING. This place is horrible for doing business. Telsa finally figured that out.

  18. John McElroy Says:

    #16. Ziggy, NASCAR called in the FBI to investigate. The G-Men will find out who did it. No way NASCAR, Petty or Wallace did this for publicity.

  19. Roger T Says:

    11 – Exactly the same I thought. I wonder why add so much complexity for so little? I’d think true enthusiasts would pick toggle switches over sensors any day, yet we live in a world with Porsche SUVs and sedans anyways.

  20. Don Wagner Says:

    What’s the big deal about being able to control that BMW with a phone? I have the same control of my two jeeps with the UConnect app on my iPhone. Good for one year and renewable after. Start, stop, unlock, lock, tire pressures, fuel fill, location, safety checks, faults. Can even see vehicles I leased and turned if if less than the year expired. I would assume the rest of the American FCA vehicles have the same software. John, get up to date.

    For the shifter opinion, I like levers best. I had a rotary dial on my 2017 Pacifica and like was mentioned, I had to look at it to be sure it was set as I wanted. I had a 2015 Grand Cherokee with the ratchet shifter and never had the least trouble selecting or knowing what gear I was selecting. Won’t roll away if one has/had any brains. Or, use the parking brake! (My 2020 has the old fashioned manual kind of lever, as did a 2018 I had.)

  21. Tony Gray Says:

    My first oopsie with an electronic shifter was the day after I purchased my 2019 QX50. I took her to the car wash and had to figure out how to get her into neutral! My muscle memory had me going from Park to Drive and back again. The car wash operator was NOT amused.

  22. XA351GT Says:

    I really hope that Bubba didn’t pull a Smollett. What better way to keep your job when your results have been fair to poor since taking over the #43. Now if he were to get fired it would be because everyone is racist not that he didn’t produce results. I watched the race last night and found ,let’s say interesting that a guy that finished 14th got a longer interview than the guy who actually won the race and very dramatic style at that. I know why NASCAR is doing it which is to placate sponsors who don’t want to be associated with anyone who isn’t woke. I just don’t know how this is going to play to the long time hard core fans that actually pay to go watch the races at the tracks. I have a feeling that they will feel they’ve been thrown under the bus and been classified as racists. I was wondering if they flew the Alabama state flag at the track as it has the stars and bars in the corner of it. Allowing people to kneel during the anthem won’t sit well either. NASCAR fans are very patriotic and I don’t see that going down well.

  23. merv Says:

    the scenery it that red lexus clip looked very much like here in B.C. with the Mountains, snow,and steep pitch on the roofs of the houses


    My fusion has a rotary dial. It is simple enough. 1 detent for reverse. 2 detents for neutral. Drive is technically the 3rd detent but it is also the end of the dial so switching to drive is simply twisting it until it no longer twists. Low gear is a button on the dial which is set below the surface so it is also easy to locate. I drive it without ever bothering to look because I don’t need to look to figure out what gear I am in.

    With all my cars I have some column shift, some center console lever shifts, and this rotary dial. I don’t find one better than the other, just different. I do find that switching between my cars is fun because my hand has to remember where to be placed to operate the gears LOL.

    Now, I never forget where to place my hand when I drive my manual shift cars. I just have to remember that when I drive the 5 speed it doesn’t have a 6th gear and when I drive the 6 speed I have to remember it has more than 5 gears. So there is that.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22. Wallace has finished well into the upper half the last two races.

    As far as Nascar, I might get mildly interested again if they’d just give points for about the top half of the field, and add up the points at the end of the season. “Playoffs” are for stick and ball sports, not motor racing. Then, get rid of the stupid “competition cautions” or whatever they call them, and don’t take multiple breaks during each race.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    24. I’ve had more cars with push buttons, a 1957 Chrysler and 1964 Dodge Dart, than with automatics on the column. I had one of those, a ’65 Ford that I got when it was old enough to be almost “collectible,” but didn’t have it very long.

  27. veh Says:

    Now that everyone’s all about the work from home thing, why not let the Rivian people continue to work in Michigan? Cheaper to pay people in Detroit than in CA.

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    27. Maybe a lot of their tech people would rather live in California. It does seem odd that they’d move to California, while Tesla are threatening to move out of CA. Probably Tesla will eventually be a Chinese company, though.

  29. Lambo2015 Says:

    @27 Cheaper to do basically everything in Detroit than in Cali. My guess is they want that same Vibe that Tesla gives off. They don’t want to appear like another old American Detroit steel automaker trying to do an EV. They want to appear more high tech/silicon valley I-phone doing things differently.

  30. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Rivian, Nicola, Tesla, GM, Ford and others; anybody else think that the flood of EV trucks will soon saturate with who knows who will go under first. Cars are one thing, trucks while also evolving are even less prone to quick change. It’s going to be something to watch (grab the popcorn).

  31. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Don – The difference is you can’t give that ability to someone else. For example, if a family member wanted to borrow your vehicle they’d have to physically get the keys from you. You won’t have to do that with this new app.

  32. cwolf Says:

    Since the majority of EV sales are on the coast, maybe it would make sense to move there. Also, many Detroiter’s are ICE diehards and have less interest in buying an electric vehicle. Just a possible reason

  33. Kit Gerhart Says:

    30 I’m thinking the same thing. I know a number of pickup drivers, and I don’t hear any of them saying “I can’t wait to buy a new electric truck.” I don’t see how these companies are all going to survive, or even ever build an actual salable vehicle.

  34. Ken Says:

    Do not like shift by button transmission and won’t have it in any vehicle I own. I want the shift handle, and I enjoy resting my hand on it.

    One other point – I prefer cup holders that are positioned side-by-side as opposed to front to rear. It’s a more ergonomic user friendly layout.

  35. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Cup holders have come a long way in the last 36 years. I have a first generation Dodge Caravan, I think one of the first vehicles to have cup holders, and they are not very good. They are about an inch deep, with no springy or rubber things to help keep the cup or can stable. If you have a very tall cup, or a 12 oz can even half full, you need to hold onto it if cornering beyond very gingerly.

  36. Jon M. Says:

    I think shift levers vs push button is a matter of preference. Personally, I prefer a lever, and a gated one at that…if you know what I mean. Technology is great, convenient and helpful. Some of it is good, some of it is just fluff for the techies. I for one would rather not have tech take over. As a driving enthusiast, I see no joy in technology taking over for driving skill. So as far as shifting goes, I don’t like the move to push button because its all the more a move away from…wait for it…manual transmissions!!

  37. Larry D. Says:

    30 Why is any of this newsworthy? We saw it already in the 20th century when we went from 100s of car companies in the 1920s to just three (and all of them sick, and two of three bankrupt) in the 2000s.

  38. Larry D. Says:

    8 sounds like extreme wishful thinking from somebody working for the bankrupt Detroit 3 or their suppliers, trying to portray them as such successful makers. Look at the EVs Ford and GM had for sale. ALL pitiful, esp the Ford focus electric, and even worse, the Fiat 500e from FCA. SO much for their valuable “expertise”.

    PS Last time I checked, Tesla, whatever its alleged and corrected mistakes were, not only dominates the BEV field with not even a distant second challenger, BUT it also, from a tiny David, became a Behemoth worth more than Ford and Bankrupt GM combined.

    That surely got to hurt… lol. Don;t cry for Tesla, cry for the Detroit 3 who may go bankrupt (in GM and FCA’s case, one more time!)

  39. Tony Gray Says:

  40. Larry D. Says:


  41. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Starting in 1966, there were standard, though maybe not too detailed, rules for automatic shifters. That ended GM’s PNDLR for Hydra-Matic cars, and, as this article discussed, may, or may not have put an end to Chrysler’s push buttons.

    The rules must have been repealed, or are blatantly stretched or ignored, given today’s proliferation of different shifting arrangements. At least the law, or the manufacturers, have kept the pedals in the same relative position, and have kept manual transmission shift patterns consistent, except for reverse.

  42. JB Says:

    Seems the FBI ran down to investigate the supposedly rampant racism in nascar only to find out every garage has a noose like rooe in every garage to close the door.

    Since BLM can sponsor a racear I think its time blm gets the fines for tearing down statues, rioting and looting etc…they also seem to have millions to give to a political party running for president , senate and the house,

    Time to bill people of any color when they da,age personal and government property.

    Just drive your car into a street sign and watch you as a driver get a bill from the government…

    Just a heads up. The “racist noose” is in each and every garage.

    We will accept the apology …;)

  43. Kit Gerhart Says:

    42. It’s mostly individuals. not BLM, right-wing Boogaloo, or any other actual organization that is doing the vandalism. The individuals causing the trouble need to be held accountable, though.

  44. Larry D. Says:

    During the McCarthy era, “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”.

    Today, barking “racist” up all kinds of trees is the same.

    I do not follow NASCAR, only NASDAQ, and that only for 30 seconds a day. So I don’t know the sordid details. Any ‘sports’ where you watch a bunch of heavily modified cars going round and round, puts me to sleep. I could never watch it at home, let alone watch it in the speedway.

    I was reading Woodward’s book “Fear”, allegedly very critical of Trump, but it also revealed many things most do not know.

    Initially Trump, a New Yorker, (not some kind of Hillbilly or redneck from the deep south!) was discouraged to run as a Repub, for many and specific reasons:

    He was so called “pro-choice” on abortion. He had to change that to pro-life.

    He made significant and big campaign contributions, but 80% of them were to DEMS. When asked about it, he was very frank, he said that if he did not grease those crooks, they would not give him a license to build a brick outhouse, let alone ten casinos and twenty big hotels and towers!

    And it went on and on. When that scum of the earth, Putin’s puppet in Syria, the murderer Assad, gassed 1,500 children or so, Ivanka sent him a ton of gruesome photos, and he, very decent reaction, wanted to kill the SOB. Then after input from all kinds of advisors, they decided to fire 60 lame missiles to damage some airfields, which of course the Syrian-Russian War criminals could fix in just 2 days. When he made the decision, he was having a state dinner for the CHinese President-for-Life Xi Jinping (sp), and he actually told him what he did.

    “Good. He Deserved it”, replied Xi.

  45. Larry D. Says:

    Question of the day. Will CV-19 delay or boost the shift to EVs? The chiefs of VW and Bentley think the latter. (cannot read the full article)

  46. Larry D. Says:

    I assume Maserati is trying to lower its costs, so it shoots itself in the foot. A very old friend bought the dirt-cheap (5 series rival) Maserati Ghibli a few years ago, and his main reasoning to me was “it has a ferrari engine” (although in the case of the Ghibli they cut two cylinders from it)

  47. Lambo2015 Says:

    @38 Your so full of crap Larry and I only wish you had a clue of 1/2 of what you spew on here about what it takes to design and develop and test a vehicle. Let alone develop a production assembly line or run a large company that has employed and been such a large part of the state you live in for over 100 years. You whine about the bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler like that’s the sole indicator of a successful company. If you had a clue you would also know Apple, Marvel entertainment, six flags and Texeco also filed bankruptcy. Not going to even get into the millions more that was given to the banks during the government bailout which they caused by over-extending on home mortgages.

    I’ve been in the auto industry for over 30 years working for suppliers and for Ford Motor Co. I interviewed at Tesla and toured the Freemont plant during my interview and although Tesla did develop an amazing powertrain and electronics its blatantly obvious they didn’t have the expertise to do a proper launch or they would not have the fit and finish issues they have. They would not have had the production problems they had.

    When I toured the Freemont plant they were trying to get some Engineers from Detroit to help prepare them for high volume production which they were not anywhere near prepared for. Which turned out to be obviously true when they built a tent in the parking lot. So you can continue to cheerlead for Tesla about the stuff you know like they are a leader in EV sales but everything else much like your profession. Leave the work to the people that can do cause they know how. All others teach or talk in terms of philosophy. So it was not wishful thinking it was reality which escapes you.

  48. Lambo2015 Says:

    38 Cont- Also the big three are adjusting to a new market and yes struggling to find the right combination with EVs. Just as I would bet Tesla would struggle stumble and probably fail miserably if they tried to make an ICE vehicle. Not to say they wouldn’t eventually figure it out just as all the other tradition automakers will figure out EVs.
    Its easy for a new company to trip up traditional players of an industry when it completely shifts. Like what video stores did to the movie industry and what streaming services are doing to Cable and video stores. Keep in mind Tesla only makes EVs and 3 models at that. Wait until they been around 50 years have retirees and proven themselves to stay on top of the EV game. Easy to talk crap when the segment they compete in isn’t even 10% of the market.