This CVT’s a Ball

January 8th, 2008 at 3:10pm

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CVTs aren’t a new idea. Snowmobiles have used similar drive-trains for years; and why not? They’re generally more efficient and they don’t have fixed shift points like traditional gearboxes. Yet, with the exception of Nissan and maybe Audi, automakers have been reluctant to embrace the CVT.

But that may soon change. A company called Fallbrook Technologies has developed an all-new type of CVT they call a continuously variable planetary transmission. In fact, it’s so different it uses ball bearings and plates instead of pulleys and chains. Named after Leonardo da Vinci, the NuVinci CVP as they call it can be used in countless applications ranging from bicycles to power-generating wind turbines.

One Comment to “This CVT’s a Ball”

  1. Episode 570 – Mega City to Get Little i, GM’s Process All Tied Up, CVTs Get Accessorized – Autoline Daily Says:

    [...] them running at speeds that are above or below their optimum rpm. This CVT, using what’s called NuVinci, technology keeps the accessories running at their optimum, and that improves fuel [...]