AD #2911 – Electric Cobra Jet Performance Numbers; Musk Hints at Model Y Redesign; VW ID.4 Interior Revealed

September 4th, 2020 at 11:48am

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Runtime: 9:46

0:07 Musk Hints at Model Y Redesign
0:52 Nissan Teases New Z Car
1:17 Vehicle Inventory Levels Very Low
1:55 Daimler & Torc Expand Autonomous Truck Testing
3:10 Are Big Grilles on The Way Out?
3:57 Bosch Creates New Spark Plug for Turbo GDI Engines
4:52 Volkswagen ID.4 Interior Revealed
5:33 Ford Shares Electric Cobra Jet Performance Numbers
6:29 Chinese Tariffs Force Volvo To Change Production Plans
8:26 Should the U.S. Increase Tariffs on Chinese Made Cars?

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71 Comments to “AD #2911 – Electric Cobra Jet Performance Numbers; Musk Hints at Model Y Redesign; VW ID.4 Interior Revealed”

  1. bradley cross Says:

    Lets hope the ID4 is successful so we have more “cheap” EVs around.

    In theory the US Tariff should be slowly increased to nearly match the Chinese rate but you need to do it gradually to be fair to businesses. Tariffs are tricky as lots of factors (politics, etc) are involved and the world is globally connected. I suspect China might start to decline within a few years as its policies are getting it no friends in Europe or Asia.

  2. David Sprowl Says:

    My thoughts have for a long time been sell it here make it here. That midigates tarriffs, and strenthghens markets through jobs.

  3. Dale Leonard Says:

    You hit the nail on the head,John,What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

  4. Dennis Johanson Says:

    Right on John!
    I agree with you and Dale Leonard.
    The U.S.A. should protect our industries from all goods that we exchange with other countries, especially China.
    For years they have gotten special treatment from us to build up their industries and all we got was COVID-19!
    About time the playing field is leveled.
    Thank you for pointing out that discrepancy.
    Tariffs should go to our businesses just like what Donald Trump did for our farmers.

  5. Bob White Says:

    The Trump strategy has no rhyme or reason. This is a war that he started and despite wild claims, has been losing badly. This purely political approach has cost the US, 100′s of billion of dollars. There’s a place for negotiations and if necessary tariffs, but the people in power need to have a clear end game in place.

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If the US raised the tariff on Chinese cars to 50%, it would just escalate the trade war, and wouldn’t make much difference anyway, since there are few Chinese cars being sold in the US. GM might be hurt the most, as Buick Envision is probably the highest volume car from China, with 1bout 30K sold in 2019.

  7. Larry D. Says:

    6 OH give me an effing break. THE US has intentionally encouraged the rest of the world, Protectionists to the bone, to embrace free trade, and they DID NOT/

    We have been the MOST FREE TRADE NATION OF THE WORLD by a MILE and the rest of the world keeps taking advantage of us. We lost millions of jobs by being FREE TRADERS and everybody else Protectionists.

    The culprit is always the CORRUPT CONGRESS which is bribed by the foreign nation LOBBYISTS to NOT retaliate when they abuse Free Trade.

    If you do nothing vs the OUTRAGEOUS 50% Chinese tariff, you will only encourage every other nation to abuse you similarly.


  8. Wim van Acker Says:

    @1-7: International Trade negotiations include all trade sectors. The delegations negotiate for months and usually end in net zero results. “I will give you a break in product groups X, Y, Z, if you give me a break on product groups A,B,C. After many months all countries involved have reasons to claim victory because they have scored wins. Without mentioning the concessions made. Everybody is a winner, yet the result is net zero. Therefore you cannot compare tariffs in one product group like motor vehicles without understanding what the situation is in other product groups. We are focused on the automotive industry and believe we can draw conclusions, but international trade has a much wider scope and therefore we cannot draw meaningful conclusions by looking at the micro picture. You need to look at the macro picture.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7 I’d be willing to bet that you weren’t such a fan of US tariffs, until your idol Trump arrived. If global, high tariffs would just hurt businesses, as companies like BMW would be forced to make X3s and X5s in multiple locations, instead of just exporting them from the SC plant. High US tariffs on cars would reduce the already dismal vehicle choice even more.

  10. Wim van Acker Says:

    @6: I am with you. First of all you have to look at value added, not at trade deficits. It is a much better business to export a billion dollars worth of Boeing airplanes from the U.S. to China than to export a billion dollars worth of cheap plastic trinkets from China to the U.S. Therefore we should not want to manufacture everything in the U.S. Therefore you need alternatives for Chinese imports when you want to start a trade war: the surrounding low wage countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, etc. We left the Trans Pacific Partnership, which served that purpose, in early 2017 and then started the trade war with China after having given up our alternative. Rookie mistake. Since we stayed in NAFTA and Canada and Mexico stayed in T.P.P. we could still import from those TPP countries, albeit with losing the supply chain jobs in the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach to the Port of Ensenada in Mexico and Vancouver in Canada. Well thought through!

  11. Roger Blose Says:

    Bring on the tariffs and level the market. It is fun to watch all of the foreign transplants struggle to ship their American made cars into China when Trump blew the whistle. Watching all of those Ford Raptors going up the ramp to China at $150K was a beautiful thing.

  12. Kevin A Says:

    Clearly, the US has been hurt by international trade. That is why the US has such a low standard of living and low wages compared to the rest of the world! Sorry. My sarcasm is acting up again. It’s the rest of the world with the low wages and standard of living. Oh, and it is not China losing friends around the world, it is the US. Trump has shown that the US is not interested in win-win situations. They only care that they win and you lose, like all bullies. … some friend.

  13. Kevin A Says:

    PS Trump threatened to destroy the Canadian economy if Canada did not sign USMCA. The new title of the deal tells you everything you need to know about his approach. US first, others whenever.

  14. Donald LaCombe Says:

    I certainly agree with John about creating an equity in tariffs with China. With the wage differential (perhaps some of it slave) there is no way US companies could compete and the Chinese could quickly saturate our market. You can only have a trade war if both side fight.The alternatives are equity or one side surrenders. We have been trying the later for decades.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7 No, the US is not the most free trade country in the world. Singapore is, and the US doesn’t make the top ten.

  16. Wim van Acker Says:

    @14: again, this is not the reality of international trade tariffs. It is not about parity in one product group. It is: one country is allowed to impose higher tariffs in one product group and the other country in another. Result: net zero, and all delegations can claim victory.

  17. Kevin A Says:

    FYI … the article “Trump threatens to destroy Canada’s economy by imposing auto tariffs” was in The Globe and Mail newspaper, 2018 Sep 7.

  18. JC Anderson Says:

    Halleluiah John!! You tariff POV reflects tremendous wisdom and something seemingly lost in Michigan–patriotism.
    Thanks Greatly.

  19. Larry D. Says:

    15 What worthless BS… I have been teaching Internstional trade to GENERATIONS of top students at the nation’s top Universities. Yoiu bring up SINGAPORE????? And compare it with the gigantic US economy??? WHO THE EFF CARES??????


    Do you know why TOYOTA< which RULES the US market, only sold a PITTANCE there for DECADES, in nations like Surrender Monkeys FRANCE??? They had NO tariff, they did not need to. They deviced s Trick where by all TOyota and other Japanese Imports to France would have to go thru the POITIERS tiny customs office, and the delay was essentially as bad as a 100% IMPORT BAN.

    ANd what about wage differnces, smart guy???

    When the US trades with India and CHina, where wages are $1 an hour and $ 30 here, HOW can we compete, other than use ROBOTS 100%? HOW will your senile idiot Joe Biden protect US Jobs from going there? THey do not even need Tariffs, they got their 30 to 1 wage advantage!!!

    Grow a brain, and USE it.

    AGAIN, the US have been the SUCKERS OF THE WORLD in encourasging, at OUR EXPENSE< Free Trade in the rest of the nations, FOR DECADES.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Why don’t you STFU. We really get tired of your CONSTANT SHOUTING. That does not make what you say true, and does not make your opinion fact. Internation trade is not as simple as you and Trump would like to make it appear.

  21. XA351GT Says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but when is the EV Cobra Jet going to run the Challenger Demon down the 1/4? That I want to see.

    I’ve said before the US should mirror the trade and tariff practices of who we deal with. We treat you exactly like you treat us. If we did a lot of this BS might stop. Like him or not Trump has been right about trade and tariffs . The US has been hosed by every other country when it comes to be treated fairly in trade. Don’t want to be tariffed build your stuff here and hire our people to build it.

  22. Larry Skellion Says:

    Wow, usually this page is an intelligent lot. The pro/anti Trump stench is pervading a lot of posts. Thought this group was better than that. :/

  23. Larry D. Says:

    Changing the Subject.. this report from TTAC on the LS500h.

    Its not a plug-in, and you need to get used to the big spindle grille.

    Its 5000 lbs make it a nice highway ride, but it probably still handles like an accursed Buick (or Lincoln COnti. Caddies handle much better)

    But what is the deal killer for me is the Godawful Interior. 50 shades of Gray and no color whatsoever here too????

    I remember the BRILLIANT interior of the LS430 of my colleague Dennis S. from our Business School. Originally from Brooklyn, he also owned a corvette which spent most of its time in the garage, he told me, t he LS was such a great place to be.

    That LS 430 had a white or light ivory leather with bright red wood veneer. The interior was IMMACULATE and 1000 times better than the depressing interior of THIS 5,000 lb, $100,000 TURKEY.


    20) I don’t know when; but I would gladly watch it run against them :-)

  25. Larry D. Says:

    How right can I be? I have lost count.

    Remember when the “analysts” predicted gloom and doom for autos after CV and I was 100% opposed to that nonsense, pointing out that the exact OPPOSITE would happen, people would buy and drive cars a LOT MORE than before, and MASS transit would Suffer instead??

    REmember that Kit, as always, had to disagree and claimed that the poor people could not afford a car?

    Well, SURE they do, Even the poorest in Spain go to a junkyaed, buy a $1,000 clunker, and drive the living daylights OFF IT.

    Remember, even BEFORE the CV, the USED car market sells FOUR TIMES the units sold NEW.

  26. Larry D. Says:

    “…With the virus still circulating, the idea of getting onto a bus or as train will, to many, be akin to hopping into a coffin and nailing the lid shut.”

    Brilliant Quote from the above TTAC article, maybe your ‘expert analysts” who keep predicting lower car sales should have it as REQUIRED READING.

  27. Larry D. Says:

    I loved my “Magnificent 7″ but really do not like the i3 at all. Here is where you can get one dirt cheap, if you care. At the CA and Los Angeles taxpayer’s expense…

  28. Lambo2015 Says:

    13 I’m not sure why anyone would try and strike a deal that provides a better deal for the people of other countries over the one they represent. I along with many Americans are okay with having someone try and put our interests first. If that makes Trump seem like a bully so be it. I think he is a better negotiator than the bending over we have been taking for past years.
    I understand that we may not want to tariff Chinese cars while they tack on a 50% to ours. As mentioned by Wim (10) we may be making up that difference somewhere else. However that’s the whole picture meanwhile we risk losing a good chunk of our US auto market like we did to the Japanese. So from an overall trade deficit it could be fair but your picking and choosing what industries will be affected.

  29. Larry D. Says:

    26 while the 20k miles ‘as new’ i3s go for $20k, down from $50k new, I sure would not buy any of them for more than $5k. THeir battery is tiny and their Range is CONSEQUENTLY ATROCIOUSLY SHORT. A joke, really. Not even 100 FAIR weather miles, not even 60 winter ones. What a FOOLISH decision to buy them, to not use them at the LAPD, and now to sell them for peanuts, AND they are no bargain either. WHAT A DOG.

  30. Joe Says:

    Being that today’s forum has turned political, I will say one thing about Trump. In spite of the Dems fighting him every steps of everything, he has accomplished A LOT. A major one is trying to get fair trade, which we’ve not had for decades.

  31. Larry D. Says:

    I was critical of the “grand’ wagoneer concept (which only said “wagoneer” on its hood/front. It seems my impressions were echoed in all kinds of web forums, despite the positive comments by others here. “Meh” at best, as the article says.

  32. Larry D. Says:

    29 Not just the Dems, but the corrupt, disgraceful MEDIA, 99% of them are in senile Joe Biden’s corner. We have a very rare agreement on this topic. VOting is always about the lesser of two evils. Just looking at the senile fool who is running against Trump is enough to vote for him.

  33. Kit Gerhart Says:

    This whole trade stuff is more two sided that people like to admit. Yes, the US “gives away” some factory jobs. In return, products are more affordable for low income people here, which will always exist, even if we import zero cars. Also, we take advantage of other countries in exporting pollution, especially the case with such things as steel making,

    20. Wouldn’t the EV Ford be quicker, without even having to race them? The Ford has almost twice the power and, I suspect, not nearly twice the weight. Also, it is probably 4WD, good for getting all of that power to the ground.

  34. Larry D. Says:

    31 and I would not mind the for-profit Media like MSNBC and CNN and other worthless losers, the problem is that EVEN PBS, which I fund with the MILLIONS I have paid to the IRS over the decades, are behaving disgracefully partisan. They USED to have a segment in the News hour every Friday where they pit a libaral vs a conservative. Not any more, now they have Brooks, a RINO who hates Trump, an Shields, an aging extreme leftist, who hates him even more. WHat a balanced program! I am glad I have not seen it in 3 weeks and will not see it again until Jan 20, 2021.

  35. JoeS Says:

    26. THOR! Is that you?

  36. Kit Gerhart Says:

    31. The media just tells the truth about what Trump says and does. If that puts them in Biden’s corner, so be it. Yes, Biden is much less evil that lying, corrupt, bigoted, deranged fool Trump.

  37. Kit Gerhart Says:

    34. Yes, that’t him, with many other names in between.

  38. Larry D. Says:

    BTW, the recovery continues, the US added 1.4 MILLION jobs in August, just saw in the NY Times Business page. markets currently flat or down by bit after yesterdays long overdue massacre at NASDAQ.

    Compare to pre-CV times, a strong month would be one with only 0.2 mill jobs created. (and 0.1 or zero in a normal month)

    I have seen a chart here in Europe with the GDP drops in Q2 and the US did better than almost all others, and the way they measure it here there were no 30% drops, every nation, from best to worst, went down by 9-12%.

  39. Larry D. Says:

    34 Having been born on a Thursday (like another billion or so humans) you can say I am Thorsdayschild

    “.. the Thursday Child has far to go” says the old nursery rhyme.

    Who are you? Did you post under another name years ago?

  40. Larry D. Says:

    Where is Pedro Fernandez? I miss his wicked sense of humor.

  41. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Pedro has been gone from here for years. I’ve wondered about HtG. He was fairly active, and then disappeared without a trace.

  42. JoeS Says:

    38. No. Just been lurking on and off for years after my local pbs stopped airing Autoline Detroit early on Sunday mornings.

  43. Lambo2015 Says:

    35 The media certainly does jump at every chance to exploit any lying on Trumps part. They also seem to be absent on any positives. Anyone who thinks a politician doesn’t lie hasn’t been paying attention.
    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton 1998, “There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq” Bush Jr or read my lips no new taxes, Bush Sr 1992, ” Not sending your boys to any foreign wars” Roosevelt 1940, “I am not a crook” Nixon 1972, “blah ahh bee sabadoo where am I” Biden 2020.

  44. JoeS Says:

    42. My favorite Clinton quote: “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is”. That sums up all politicians.

  45. Joe Says:


    I agree with you 1000% !!

  46. Larry D. Says:

    42 Biden was lampooned at liberal SNL in NYC for making up real tall tales in which he slays various dragons etc. But I saw a devastating commercial where Biden lies LIKE A DOG, nastily challenging some random guy in the audience, saying he is .. smarter than the guy is (big deal even if he really were), all this when he was very young and not senile, but with less… hair than he has now (thanks to the plugs), and then brazenly lies about his performance in college (he finished law school 78th out of.. 85, almost dead last, while he said he was in the ‘top half’ (which itself is no bragging rights), that he had a full scholarship which he had not, etc. After his shameless, brazen lies, they are proven lies by Newsanchors, incl. the very liberal Sam Donaldson.

  47. Joe Says:


    Videos don’t lie. If you dare look at any of these videos, tell me who is the big liar. I say big because all politicians lie at one time or another.

  48. Larry D. Says:

    46 I’ve seen this, I see it again now, it is even more comprehensive than the campaign ad.

    And then there is the CORRUPTION of Joe Biden. WHat else was the $50,000 a MONTH (total over $1,500,000) to his worthless son, Hunter Biden, by a FOREIGN agent (that energy compny who put clueless Hunter on its board of directors?)

    The corrupt Media, in the pockets of the Dems, are MUM on this. And even FOX’s Mike Wallace, who will moderate the first debate, has turned very antitrump recently.

  49. Larry D. Says:

    43 That was priceless. The clown had no shame. Yet he is the only Dem One could have an intelligent discussion about the Economy, bar none.

  50. Larry D. Says:

    Try that too, from the usually very liberal “DILY SHOW”. Does Joe possess the “Benjamin Button of Scalps”?

  51. TERRY Says:

    So the electric Mustang has a lot of performance. But not a word was mentioned about how long it would take to charge the batteries. It might not be ready when it is it’s turn in line for match runs.

  52. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Since we can’t get away from politics today, there’s this:

  53. Brett Cammack Says:

    I liken the caps to a cat backed into a corner with their back arched and hair on end.

    If your not getting all caps in response, your not hitting very close to home and need to work harder. :)

  54. joe Says:


    If you believe that crap, you are very gullible. People will write anything these days without worry about any consequences It’s sad, but true.

  55. Kit Gerhart Says:

    53 Andrew Sullivan is a serious, respected person. What he says there can be confirmed as true. He does more than his share of criticising the “woke left,” and is a self described conservative, a fan of Reagan and Thatcher.

  56. Bob Aubertin Says:

    Both Ford & Chevrolet are wasting their time with these Electric Pro Stock prototypes.Why you say, here’s why;the sport of Drag Racing evolved from Hot Rodding back in the ’40.It’s all about bragging rights, who can engineer the Best built race car,make the Most horsepower all according to the sanctioning bodies rule book (NHRA)& (NASCAR)for safety and Winning
    an NHRA National Event you will see how the sport has evolved. The race teams tune or rebuild the mechanicals in the Pro and sportsman categories for the next round of competition. Ground Pounding Top Fuel Dragsters,Funny Cars and others that Produce Sound Smell Speed excitement.ELECTRIC RACE CARS ARE LIKE WATCHING PAINT DRY OR LETTUCE ROT.Boring.

  57. Kit Gerhart Says:

    55. To me, drag racing quit being fun, when the days of “pure stock” ended, when you just took your car, whatever it was, and raced it. I did that once with my ’57 Chrysler. There were a lot of classes, based on the rated power to weight. It was cheap fun, and for a lot of people, not too serious. In the ’60s, some cars probably had deliberately under-rated power to put them in a lower class than they should be in.



    Agreed. Used to haunt the strips when you basically ran what you brung. Now it is too professional and way too much money. With that said though, there are still pockets of local talent that are really fun to watch that are old school hot rodders at heart, just in modern cars.

  59. Larry D. Says:

    35 what worthless garbage!!!! The media cover up EVERY fault of BIDEN and MAKE UP STUFF about Trump and blow it all out of proportion. Remember Russia and the elections, and the PHONY Steele Dossier crooked Hillary’s campaign commisioned OVERSEAS, and the media used its heap of preposterous LIES to hurt Trump?

    The media disgracefully have DEMONIZED EVERY single Republican President. I remember the heap of lies and slander they hurled against the GREAT REAGAN! and later they presented G W Bush as a total moron, which he sure is not, and with his Harvard MBA he was 1,000 TIMES more able to GOVERN than ANY Dem Liars (spelled “Lawyers”) with ZERO executive experience and not ONE REAL JOB in their lives.

  60. Kit Gerhart Says:

    58. The media treated Eisenhower fine, because he wasn’t a crook like Nixon, a crook like Reagan (Iran-Contra and other criminal activities), a war monger/torturer like W., and all of that, plus much more, with Trump. W. may have been ok, had he not listened to Cheney and Rumsfeld so much.

  61. cwolf Says:

    Wow, lots of politics! I haven’t heard of any of the tales about Clinton, Biden or family come to fruition, but read weekly about indictments of Trump cronies. Sure would like to have Trump supporters provide proof.
    Heck, I’m still waiting for someone to find anything Trump accomplished besides diminishing our country in every aspect and destroying the constitution.

  62. cwolf Says:

    But on topic: History has shown trade wars don’t work long term. Everyone agrees trade agreements need to be renegotiated but backing out of our trade agreements with allies was foolish. China tariff on our exported cars amount to nothing, so what is to be gained?
    Consumers , especially the lower income, have become dependent on China low prices. IMO, the only retaliation had without effecting our economy and the poor is to limit the amount of goods over $200 exported from China. Doing so could target what is most important to them, like steel, appliances and other like commodities. At least it would provide us with a buffer until we once again rejoin our trade partners.

  63. rick Says:

    great to see bosch made a spark plug for turbo gdi engines someone needs to make an oil specific for the turbo gdi engines that dont have gasoline making contact with the intake valves.

  64. Kit Gerhart Says:

    62. What needs to be different about oil for turbo GDI engines?

    Regarding the Bosch plugs, they should probably last the life of the engine, under most conditions, with the iridium and platinum electrodes.

  65. Kit Gerhart Says:

    64 I meant 63, not 62 re. oil question.

  66. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It was a much more interesting Formula 1 race that usual. Sainz may have made a big mistake going from McLaren to Ferrari next year, though maybe the pay goes up. Will Gasly get un-demoted in Red Bull organization?

  67. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Gasly, Sainz, Stroll; an unlikely podium but there was a lot of mid field racing in today’s race and due to unseen and weird circumstances some of that racing was actually for the win.

  68. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Yep, a very unlikely podium. If there is gambling on the races, that trifecta, or whatever they call it, would have paid very well.

  69. Lambo2015 Says:

    56 I wouldn’t say Ford and GM are wasting their time. Lots of valuable information can be gained by racing. Building EV drag cars is an exercise in pushing the boundaries. How fast can they go and the affects that may have on batteries, motors and electronics. Just like the breakthroughs made on gas engines that same learning curve could apply to EVs. Gas cars soon ran on alcohol used turbos and superchargers anything to gain more power. They will attempt to do the same with EVs and by doing so may just develop the breakthrough that makes them affordable or charge within a reasonable time. If your looking at it from strictly a new racing class, yeah probably not going to draw much excitement but certainly not a waste of time when it comes to the knowledge that can be gained.

  70. Dan Kobussen Says:

    I am surprised at the sentiment towards China Tariffs, as it relates to cars. As you pointed out there are very few Chinese cars coming into the US. Why not put a tariff on Japanese and Taiwanese built cars?

  71. Alex Carazan Says:

    CHINA AND TRADE TARIFFS: China is one of the big reasons why Trump won in 2016 and will easily win in 2020. For decades BOTH corrupt political parties in the USA have destroyed MADE IN USA manufacturing and destroyed many families and lives with lost jobs. Only to move manufacturing to cheap labor or near slave labor countries like China. This was all in the name of “Globalism” and the “New World Order”. Many American politicians, Universities, and corporations we are finding out were infiltrated by China. They sold out the USA for money. Many products in Target and Walmart are made in China. China is run by the CCP – Chinese Communist Party that steal intellectual property, forces co-ownership of all businesses, subsidizes costs to dump low prices to kill competitors, and has a huge list of human rights abuses. When the impeachment hoax failed the COVID-19 virus gets sent to USA by China. Trump knows all of this and his goal is to penalize China, end trade with China, and shift to MADE IN USA. The USA does NOT need anything from China. For years China has exported billions more into USA than it imported from the USA. Trump is ending that slowly. Tariffs is one way to usher in change. Penalizing “American” companies that move jobs outside the USA is another way. Reciprocal tariffs is at least fairer. Americans need to decide what America stands for and what we are supposed to be…..freedom, independence, opportunity, innovation, prosperity, individual rights, etc. Anyway the ugly truths about China are being revealed. In the not so distant future I suspect many morally conscious freedom loving companies will be exiting China. The people of China are great…the CCP is the enemy. The people of Hong Kong were starting to revolt and the CCP ended it. Pray for a future China that becomes FREE. And may American manufacturing and jobs boom!