AAH #525 – ZF

September 18th, 2020 at 8:58am

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Jörg Trampler, ZF North America Inc.
05:02 – GM Making Ultium Motors: Something to Put into Badgers?
31:21 – Nikola/Hindenburg
40:00 – LG Chem Spin-Off & GM Making Ultium Motors: Something to Put into Badgers?
43:58 – Kia Following Hyundai to EV Strategy?
49:51 – Tesla not on S&P
51:40 – Why Is Ford Emphasizing Americanness?
1:02:10 – Demand for Oil

Bill Visnic,
SAE International; Gary Vasilash, AutoBeat; John McElroy, Autoline

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2 Comments to “AAH #525 – ZF”

  1. Jim Bianchi Says:

    Good show, guys,as always!

  2. Sean Wagner Says:

    Thanks for another interesting show. Both John and Gary add their own pertinent perspectives on automotive matters and mix it up nicely.

    Tesla / Gigapress / Correction // There’s a factoid I’d like to point out – John was talking about Tesla’s new (Italian) IDRA Gigapress that had the potential to halt the entire factory’s work.

    According to the German teslamag.de, who were able to tour the rising Berlin/Brandenburg Gigafactory and do a Q&A with Evan Horetsky, the guy in charge, they plan to install 8 (eight!) of the giant Italian IDRA presses there.

    The idea is to make both the rear and the front chassis of the Model Y as a one-piece casting.

    Source with the relevant links: https://teslamag.de/news/exklusiv-tesla-deutsches-model-y-vorderes-rahmen-teil-guss-an-einem-stueck-29990