AD #2920 – Features That Make the C8 Stand Out; Kandi Reveals EPA Range; Top 10 Chinese OEMs by Market Cap

September 18th, 2020 at 11:59am

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Runtime: 11:35

0:07 Bosch & Weichai Improve Diesel Engine Efficiency
0:53 Kandi Reveals EPA Range
2:03 Top 10 Chinese Automakers by Market Cap
2:52 Volvo Adds Air Quality Tech to Vehicles
3:44 Baidu Demonstrates Autonomous Technology
5:10 Toyota Develops Fuel Cell Power Supply Truck
5:54 Hyundai Exporting Fuel Cell Systems to Europe
6:47 Features That Make the C8 Corvette Stand Out

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70 Comments to “AD #2920 – Features That Make the C8 Stand Out; Kandi Reveals EPA Range; Top 10 Chinese OEMs by Market Cap”

  1. Larry D. Says:

    Chuck Grenci correctly pointed out that nobody died on Tesla Battery Day, so what do you mean by repeating the claim that you will do a “post Mortem”? I start to doubt if you know what the latin words mean. And if you think it’s cute, why don’t you use it when you have some garden variety losers on AAH, such as the “Achates” engine (which sure died, after unfortunately wasting lots of taxpayer $), that lame “elio” unsafe at any speed tricycle, or next time you have the crook from Nikola on AAH?

  2. Larry D. Says:

    Both Kandis are pitiful. The 20k one should get many more miles range from its 40+ KWH battery, and the smaller one, for $10k, is a total joke with a range of… 59 miles? Seriously? It’s DOA. And for those econ illiterates who will never consider buying USED, be advised that you can get a roomy Nissan LEAF with DOUBLE the range for HALF the price, and with low miles too. Yes, $5k.

  3. Larry D. Says:

    I just watched John’s gushing review of the C8. One deal breaker for me would be the colorless, joyless interior, which does not belong in a $65k (and counting) car. It is a NO-NO.

  4. Larry D. Says:

    Went on CNBC to see how markets are doing today, and saw this

    “Tesla – Shares jumped more than 4% ahead of the company’s Battery Day on Tuesday.”

    Really does not look like a “post mortem”, John! You may seriously want to rephrase that.

  5. Bob Wilson Says:

    Is “Kandi” the Chinese word for “Yugo?” One of my brother’s former girl friend had a Yugo and it looked like ‘death on wheels.’ Yet even Jalopnik defended the Yugo (see web link.)

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3. You can get red seats, even in the base 1LT. I have them in my C7. There are some additional interior color options in the higher trim C8s.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5. I remember hearing that the first car to ever go off of the Mackanac Bridge was a Yugo.

  8. Lambo2015 Says:

    Well first 4 posts again all negative nelly worthless feedback, and a stock report no one asked for.
    John great feedback on the C8 and I would also love to own one. I hope GM gets production cranking them out as I’m sure they will not have much problem selling them. Just a great looking car and performance on par with cars of much higher prices.

    I will be surprised if Kandi is able to peddle those small EVs. I could see most consumers referring to them and Kanti in reference to all the things the car cant do. I’m with Bob and see this as another Yugo. Tiny cars don’t sell well in the US and EVs are not even 2% so I don’t expect much even with the low prices.

  9. Lambo2015 Says:

    7 On Sept. 22, 1989, Leslie Ann Pluhar, 31, died when the 1987 Yugo sub-compact car she was driving went over the railing. There was some debate over what cause the crash. Witnesses recounted the strong winds but she first hit the median then traveled back across the lanes and over the guard rail. The police estimated that the Yugo was traveling as fast as 63 mph and that while the wind could have been a contributing factor, it did not lift the vehicle over the railing.

    The other incident involving a vehicle falling from the bridge took place in March 1997 when a Ford Bronco being driven by a 25-year-old man went over the guardrail, killing the man. That case was later ruled a suicide.


    8) I doubt that the Kandi will sell very much either. The K27 is smaller than a Fiat 500. The cheap price on both only applies to the first 1000 customers. After that the price jumps up on both models by $3,000. The larger K23 is $30,000 without the EV incentive. That is insane.

    The smaller K27 has a top speed of 63MPH and the larger K27 has a top speed of a whopping 70MPH. Maybe it makes sense for those in a city once the massive depreciation kicks in. Except, how do they charge it? Both models on a 240 Volt charger take 7.5 hours to recharge. Where do you find that in a city environment?

    It is a vehicle that just doesn’t make any sense. There are so many other choices out there. If the Kandi was half the asking price it would maybe make me lift an eyebrow in their general direction.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9. You have a lot more detail about what happened than I remember. I just remembered hearing about it at the time.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10. The little one could serve as a faster, and air conditioned golf cart, for those living in The Villages in north central Florida.

  13. Ukendoit Says:

    Tying together the corvette and the (Yugo) possible strong wind crash comments, in the 90′s I witnessed a Corvette going at excessive speed over a “flyover” ramp in Missouri in high winds and the vette lifted up and back-flipped like the one in the video link. I was going West as they were going South, so I didn’t see if they walked away or not.

  14. SteveO Says:

    Excellent analysis of the Corvette’s design and engineering, John, but it begs the question: Why is GM unable to achieve this level of “surprise and delight” in its mass-market vehicles? It was a smart move for GM to put members of the Corvette team to work on their upcoming EVs, but their ICE vehicles desparately need some of that “Corvette thinking” – stat!

  15. merv Says:

    the new corvette is amazing and I would also like to add one to my fleet. While out walking my dog recently had one roll past me,not only do they look great,but sound great also.

  16. Larry D. Says:

    8 I never expected the proud owner of a fake Lambo (with not even a Lambo ENGINE, at least, which defeats the purpose of the whole phony POS) to appreciate the TOTALLY VALID posts 1-4. Why don’t you go hold hands with Joe and Cwolf?

  17. XA351GT Says:

    Bob @ # 5 . Maybe Jalopnik wasn’t so hard on the Yugo because it had a heated rear window so hands wouldn’t get cold while pushing it. I remember sitting in a dealership when the Yugos were 1st coming out. On the wall of the cube the salesman was in it had a article that had crash tested several different small cars including the Yugo. It crashed all the vehicles at 5 MPH straight head on straight rear on , 3/4 front and rear into a pole. the amount of damage on the Yugo was more than the car sold for. So Anyone who bought one would have been safer on a motorcycle then that tin coffin.

  18. Larry D. Says:

    14 even more surprising to me is that earlier Corvettes, although always priced quite low for their segment, were very PROFITABLE to GM as well. I could accept them as halo cars even if they LOST $, BTW, but having them make a ton of $ is amazing.

  19. Larry D. Says:

    6 I’m sure they offer non-colorless interiors. I would also not use the red exterior, let Ferraris and 911s have that, and look for something more original, maybe a bright blue. A neighbor in MI has a yellow C7 and it looks good too.

  20. Drew Says:

    The new Vette has a very nice “natural” interior color… a cross between tan and saddle.

    I mostly like the new Vette, except for the style of the side aide scoop (It just looks backwards too me and has too much black) and for the belt line that rises too sharply.

    I can wait for a higher reving engine. I know GM has taken OHV pushrod engines further than most OEMs, but a sports car owner needs more peace of mind Of engine durability at high rpm.

  21. Lambo2015 Says:

    16 Oh Larry, Its not just me that doesn’t appreciate your posts and the clueless ranting about ALD using the term post-mortem. Let me explain it in 3rd grade terms for you.. See when someone dies they often do an autopsy of their parts. This is best done POST-MORTEM. So when Munroe and associates dissect the Tesla battery for “battery day” it will be like the examination of a part rendering the Tesla dead without its battery. This may be difficult for your limited brain power to comprehend as we have many examples that comprehension is a skill you lack so hopefully this clear it up for you. If not I am sorry I cannot make it any more clearer. As for my fake kit car I find it ironic that you refer to it as a POS when you know nothing about it or even could begin to create something similar. I doubt you could engineer your way out of a wet paper bag. let alone begin to build a car from the ground up. So with that, I find your insults amusing and amateur at best. You often speak about stuff you know nothing about, so that was just par for the course. Holding hands with joe and cwolf although it doesn’t make sense, would be a pleasure over reading anymore dribble from you. Have a great weekend.

  22. Joe C. Says:

    Great review John! that C8 Corvette will certainly be my next new car. It offers great performance and engineering (mid-engine) at its price point and it is great looking.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 You need to get a higher trim level to get the tan interior, but yeah, it looks good in the pictures. I haven’t seen it “in person.”

    The pushrod engine is very durable, but yeah, if you like the sound of 8000 rpm, it’s not the engine for you.

  24. Drew Says:

    @23 – The deep guttural sound of a high reving flat plane crank (GT350 or Ferrari) has me spoiled.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    24 Yeah, they definitely have a special sound, while a Corvette sounds a lot like a pickup truck with semi-load dual exhaust.

  26. Lambo2015 Says:

    23,24,25 Well rumor has it the Corvette ZO6 is getting a flat plane crank and twin turbos to replace the supercharger. Will still most likely be the same pushrod engine so probably not going to see 8000 RPMs.
    I wish they would stick with the supercharger as the turbos will change the flat plane crank exhaust note.

  27. Brett Cammack Says:

    Saw an all-black C8 in the valet park line at the hospital today. Wife thought it was good looking, but I feel like black doesn’t favor it. It doesn’t show those sculpted nuances of a red one. The black wheels just make the whole thing look like a lump, IMO.

    Nice car, otherwise.

  28. Warwick Dundas Says:

    I have serious doubts about trying to sell tiny and possibly tinny Chinese electric cars in Texas. Isn’t Texas famous for its love affair with big trucks? I also share John’s concerns about the crash safety and quality issues of these cars. Cheap but not necessarily cheerful short distance driving.


    I like the new corvette a lot. I was following a white one today and I approached it from a distance. The one thing that has always bothered me about the new corvette has been the rear. Approaching it from a distance proved why. That rear is as square as a 1982 Cadillac front end. I would still buy one because I don’t have to look at the rear of the car while I am driving.

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I haven’t seen a C8 yet, but I’d probably like the medium metallic blue.

  31. Jonathan Brown Says:

    Awesome report John
    My torch red blk interior c8 z51 was built on 9/9! Thanks for making the wait even more tenuous ..


  32. Kit Gerhart Says:

    30 What trim level?

  33. Larry D. Says:

    Tan always looks great w a red exterior, black exterior (for luxury cars) and others.

    know I may sound like I nitpick, but that curved spoiled on the c8 looks a bit like the plastic was deformed, while of course it has not. But looks is all that counts, and if it looks as if it did, it should be fixed.

  34. Larry D. Says:

    Tan always looks great w a red exterior, black exterior (for luxury cars) and others.

    know I may sound like I nitpick, but that curved spoiled on the c8 looks a bit like the plastic was deformed, while of course it has not. But looks is all that counts, and if it looks as if it did, it should be fixed.

  35. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Possible/Probable spy shots and commentary from TFL on the Ford Maverick (small pickup). link for those interested:

  36. ChuckGrenci Says:

    And more about C8; ZO6 will probably be a 5.5 DOHC and other rumors. Link for those interested:

  37. Kit Gerhart Says:

    35 I don’t get it. Yet another pickup that will probably be sold only as a 4 door “crew cab.” Isn’t there a market for even one company to sell a non-huge regular cab pickup?

  38. Larry D. Says:

    The APEX already… the Apex of bad taste.

    Toyotas here look fine actually, but this US spec COrolla has been obviously struck up front by the ugly stick of the wicked witch of Japanese Car Design Preferences.

    ANd the bad news just STARTS staring at the ugly face. You used to save $1-2k when you opted for the manual. Now you will have to pay EXTRA (admittedly only $390).

    This so-called Sport COrolla has EXACTLY THE SAME non-sport meager engine of the regular Corolla, YET the “apex’ goes for $6k more, to almost $30k. Not that I recommend it, but this is close to the Vastly Superior Civic type R and GOlf R kind of money, and they don’t look butt-ugly either.

    Good luck to this turkey!

  39. Larry D. Says:

    38 correction, actually there is some good news, the 6k was not the price diff, it was how many of the ugly things they will make. THe price diff is actually less than $3k from the corresponding non-sport COrolla, and both as I said have the SAME meager engine and should have the same non-memorable performance. Being much stiffer than the regular one, though, if you have back problems, you DON’T want to buy the sporty one, unless if you are a masochist.

  40. Kit Gerhart Says:

    38. The Civic Type R base price is $37K, and the Golf R is over $40K, but a Golf GTi is ~$28K, less than the “sport” Corolla, and a much sportier, and better looking car, though probably less reliable.

  41. Larry D. Says:

    40 yes, the civic R is more expensive but has 300+ HP, twice what the corolla sport has.. Still as a FWD or AWD I’d not buy it.

  42. Larry D. Says:

    40 yes, the civic R is more expensive but has 300+ HP, twice what the corolla sport has.. Still as a FWD or AWD I’d not buy it.

  43. Larry D. Says:

    40 yes, the civic R is more expensive but has 300+ HP, twice what the corolla sport has.. Still as a FWD or AWD I’d not buy it.

  44. Kit Gerhart Says:


    In #38 you said “but this is close to the Vastly Superior Civic type R and GOlf R kind of money…” I guess I don’t consider 25-40% more to be “close” to the same money. I certainly agree, though, that the Corolla Apex is one of the sillier things Toyota has done in a while, though none of their styling is too great. I guess you get used to Toyota styling, though. I now consider my Camry to look ok, after having it for about 2 1/2 years.

  45. Kit Gerhart Says:

    From a new Car and Driver, I see that the 86/BRZ is being killed off for 2021. From the start, people whined about not enough power, though the people who have bought the car like it, both from CR’s survey, and from a sample of one friend who has one. The handling is great, and the ~7 second 0-60 is adequate, as it is for a Miata.

    Also, in the the new C & D, the Cadillac CT4-V won a comparison against the similarly priced offerings from BMW and M-B. The Caddy won mainly on the basis of ride and handling. The CT4 was rear wheel drive, and the other two were transverse engine, 4wd.

  46. Larry D. Says:

    Is anybody counting how many HUNDREDS of times I have been right here in barely One year of posts?

    The CROOK (100%, USDA choice CROOK) GM and clueless Mary Barra were in Bed with, Trevor Milton of “Nikola” Motors INFAMY, just QUIT.

    Should be a very interesting ALD show today. I wonder how the Joes and the Cwolfs and all their ilk will excuse their latest FIASCO.

  47. Larry D. Says:

    And one in the NY Times.

    AMAZING how this fool the retired exec Girsky of GM (now you know one more reason that elephant went BANKRUPT in 2008) did the matchmaking between the Nikola CROOKS and GM… I wonder if they bribed him or is he just really DENSE?

  48. Larry D. Says:

    Hey Bob wilson, you really should have taken my advice and invested with Hindenburg, they made BILLIONS by exposing the CROOKEDNESS of that Nikola CLown (and crook!)

    If she has any decency, MARY BARRA and any other GM execs responsible for this DEBACLE should IMMEDIATELY RESIGN and APOLOGIZE to the GM community for their GROSS INCOMPETENCE (if not criminal behavior too!!!)

  49. Larry D. Says:

    45 it was a stupid idea to begin with, sports cars cannot be ‘mutts’, it should either be a Toyota or a Subaru. Who wants to own a “TOYOBARU” or a “SUBAYOTA”?

  50. Larry D. Says:

    ct4v vs its rivals from BMW and Merc: ALL idiotic ideas. Seriously, who cares about a small breadvan with a big engine? Put it in a LOW, wide and sleek coupe or at least convertible where it belongs.

  51. Larry D. Says:

    “Nikola shares, which had jumped after the deal with G.M., lost 40 percent of their value after the Hindenburg report. On Monday morning, after the announcement of Mr. Milton’s resignation, the shares fell another 23 percent in premarket trading.”

    AND counting. The day is stil very young… markets have not even opened yet

    Hey Joe, Cwolf, GM Veteran, Ziggy, all other apologists for the crook from Nikola, I hope you did not put your life’s savings into ENRON shares (I meant Nikola.. or maybe SOLYNDRA, remember who your Obama-Biden Failed Admin wasted billions on?

  52. Larry D. Says:

    So now that the crook resigned, what next? Did his clueless brother, who laid concrete driveways in Hawaii and then became… an exec in Crooked nikola motors in areas he had NO CLUE AT ALL, did he remain??

    And did the crook resign on the advice of his lawyer? Did he strike a deal with the Feds for a lesser jail sentence?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  53. joe Says:

    21 Lambo2015

    Well said. Larry is a very obnoxious person. More people would come on this site if it weren’t for him, because who wants to be belittle by a moron.

  54. Kit Gerhart Says:

    49. The Toyota/BMW “mutts” are doing fairly well, even though the Toyota version looks strange.

  55. Kit Gerhart Says:

    50. So you consider sedans, as well as CUVs/SUVs to be breadvans? It looks like you have two mid-size, dirty breadvans.

  56. Larry D. Says:

    55 “breadvans” are the name I always give to crossovers and SUVs. FOr taller SUVs I use “breadvans on stilts”. I must have used the term two dozen times here at least.

    Who mentioned Sedans? A breadvan looks like a tall, clumsy wagon, not at all a sedan.

    It must be Caddy’s stupid alphanumeric system. I guess the CT4 is a sedan, because if it was a beadvan it would be a CX4? OK then, ignore my post # 50.

  57. Larry D. Says:

    Drove to the bank and a supermarket this morning, a ways away, about 26 miles round trip (cost about $5 even for my diesel, if I was paying for my fuel here, which I am really not) and behind me there was a well-behaved other Mercedes, which did not drive that fast or try to tailgate me, and later went on the left lane and I saw what model it was, it was a rather substantial 5 door hatch, looked quite low and wide, so that was no ‘breadvan’, and was an A 160 d model. I bet it is super-fuel efficient. In fact I am checking it now

    The little diesel was not slouch at all, BTW.

  58. Larry D. Says:

    So what was GM’s reaction when the news of Nikola’s criminal CEO’s resignation came out? Did Mary Barra resign? DId she say she was sorry they did NOT properly vet the snake oil salesman outfit? Nooo!

    ” GM said in a statement Monday that “we acknowledge Trevor Milton’s departure from Nikola and the decision of the Nikola board to move forward.”

    seriously? New GM is not any better than old bankrupt 2008 GM. Move forward where??? off the cliff? (for Nikola’s shares for sure, and probably for clueless GM’s shares too)

    “GM said it would go ahead and close the agreed transaction “to seize the growth opportunities in broader markets” with its fuel cell and battery systems, and confirmed it would build the Badger.”

    Nikola brought NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to this deal but its name which is not GM but sounds like a TESLA copycat. GM could have done EVERYTHING by itself, without being in bed with the criminals. Which are the WHOLE Nikola corporation, NOT just the “Fall Guy” Milton.

  59. Larry D. Says:

    “With a fuel consumption of 3.7 litres/100km – 76 mpg UK – 64 mpg US (Average), 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 13.8 seconds, a maximum top speed of 112 mph (180 km/h), a curb weight of – lbs ( kgs), the Class A (W176 2016) 160 d has a turbocharged Inline 4 cylinder engine, Diesel motor.”

    64 MPG US with no hybrid. Of course this may be the lenient Euro MPG calcs. Still, very frugal, and what is needed here, where many wages and pensions are a tiny fraction of US wages, and fuel is twice to three times what it is in the US.

  60. Kit Gerhart Says:

    56. Yes, the C and D comparo I mentioned in 45 is sedans. A CT4 is a sedan, as are a BMW M235i and AMG A35 4Matic.

  61. Larry D. Says:

    55 PS as to what I have, I told you before but it probably did not sink in, since you think they are Camrys or Impalas or whatever. I have, for a paltry $10,500 and $11,000 respectively ( the worst Kia or Hyundai costs more than both combined) bought and driven two WORKS OF automotive ART, with STUNNING interiors, that are a great joy to drive ( a different joy than driving my Magnificent 7 from 2005 to 2017), AND, surprisingly or not, are THE two most reliable cars I have ever driven, even more reliable than my US Spec 1990 Accord Coupe (and possibly than the 1991 CIvic, which never had a problem when I would drive it, but 80% of the time it was driven and maintained by my parents and they would not tell me if and when they had to fix anything)

  62. Larry D. Says:

    60 It would have been hard to beat the M235 in terms of driving fun and handling capability, or did they make it AWD? DId the A “amg” finish last?

    The “V” Caddies sure are interesting, but I bet very few are sold (even the regular Caddy sedans have very low sales, despite their good handling and performance and that they are not Chevy clones, like Lincolns are all FOrd clones)

  63. Larry D. Says:

    Not all silvers are created equal. I wrote the other day about a neighbor with a stunning looking SL from many years ago (pre-2007), looks very expensive too, I almost thought it was a McLaren-Merc but it was not.

    TOday I saw another Silver Merc Convertible, it was a smaller CLK 4-seat (not the very small SLK 2 seater), and I did not like its color one bit. Maybe it was a different silver, maybe it had faded, maybe the styling etc.It just did not work for me.

  64. Kit Gerhart Says:

    62. The BMW finished last. They have downgraded the 4 door 2 series to transverse engine FWD/4WD. For now, the 2 coupe and convertible are still RWD. It looks like the test is not on C and D’s web site yet, so they can sell more magazines.

  65. Kit Gerhart Says:

    59 It’s seriously slow, at 13.8 seconds 0-62, but would be a nice car, a more upscale Golf competitor.

  66. Brett Cammack Says:

    Ford Maverick small pickup based on Bronco Sport? What happened to the Ford Courier small pickup truck based on the Focus? They’re still missing the point.

  67. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I received a mailing from Toyota, saying that I can have Apple CarPlay installed in my 2018 Camry. I assume that it’s just a software download. I’d look into it if I had an iPhone, but I have Android.

  68. Larry D. Says:

    64 I thought The CTS is E-class size, mid-sized, while the 2 and the A are very cramped compacts or subcompacts two sizes smaller. By selecting 3 different cars that are only close in price you have an irrelevant comparison, as few CTS shoppers would find the room of the 2 or the A satisfactory.

  69. Kit Gerhart Says:

    68. Do you even read anyone else’s posts before you type? The Cadillac in the magazine test was a CT4, which is very near the same size as the other two cars. Jeez

  70. Larry D. Says:

    69 I only know the CTS is an E class size car. Calling the “CT4″ a much smaller car is NOT my fault, but the MORONS at GM and Cadillac who cannot even assign a PROPER alphanumeri name.

    Perhaps i SHOULD NOT waste my time reading and replying to those WORTHLESS posts comparing WORTHLESS cars like the 2 and the A, even if they slap it the “AMG” lABEL.