AAH #529 – Nissan Upgrades Its Product Development

October 15th, 2020 at 5:09pm

Listen to “AAH #529 – Nissan Upgrades Its Product Development” on Spreaker.

Thomas Mally
Associate Chief Vehicle Engineer
Nissan Technical Center North America

04:10 – Nissan Sentra
25:53 – BMW 2021 Vehicles: 1 Year of Sirius XM
32:21 – What Do the Bolt, Kona EV & Kuga Plug-in Have In Common? Fires
40:09 – Tesla Model S Price Cut
47:48 – GM China Q3 Sales: GM U.S. Not So Lucky
1:04:15 – VW Intros Taos: How Many Compact SUVs Do We Need?

Tom Murphy,
WardsAuto.com; Gary Vasilash, AutoBeat; John McElroy, Autoline.tv

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One Comment to “AAH #529 – Nissan Upgrades Its Product Development”

  1. RickW Says:

    Why is it that you guys never acknowledge that a large percentage of people cant afford the price of a new CUV or SUV.
    A lot of people including people living on Social Security can afford a $20K car…..that’s right a sedan, to get around but can’t afford anything more.
    You never acknowledge us little people out here in the lower income bracket and y’all just talk about the fact that the major US auto manufactures have abandoned the sedan market.
    Maybe that’s all some people can afford without buying a 10 year old piece of crap with a lot of miles that becomes a maintenance hog.
    I’m very frustrated over your lack of acknowledgement that not all of us can pay the monthly payment on a $30K – $40K+ car, CUV, SUV or whatever it’s called.