R8 R tronic

July 1st, 2008 at 4:36pm

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Today only about eight percent of the new cars purchased in the U.S. are bought with manual transmissions. Compare that to Europe where around eight out of ten autos sold are stick shifts. The overwhelming preference for automatics in America means that even dedicated sports cars sold here had better offer an automatic.

And that’s just what Audi did when they launched the R8, their mid-engine supercar. It comes standard with a slick, six-speed manual transmission but they also offer an optional automatic dubbed R tronic. Unfortunately the $9,000 they charge for the R tronic isn’t the worst part about it.

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3 Comments to “R8 R tronic”

  1. Tom Martin Says:

    I agree with your comments.

  2. William R. Walling Says:

    “This is how AUDI management ‘guarantees’ manual transmission sales in 2008, offer the world’s worse automatic!”
    They DO know better, a.k.a. this is NOT engineering happenstance …

  3. Adam Says:

    DSG? Why doesn’t the R8 offer the Audi version of the Porsche dual-clutch ‘box?
    The “‘tronic” boxes are dinosaurs. The robotic-shift single-clutch boxes (E-Gear, F1, DSG) are obsolescent and it’s just a matter of time (and pricing/marketing strategy) before the dual-clutch boxes overtake manual-box sales because they’re _MORE_ fuel efficient and, if the Porsche version, PDK is a glimpse into the future for affordable commuter class vehicles, it’s a lot nicer experience to be in a dual-clutch car than a manual or an automatic. I expect even the most die-hard track drivers will want a dual-clutch box in their street cars (or their DE cars) even if they insist upon using a manual gearbox on the track.