AD #2990 – U.S. Transportation Secretary Resigns; Hyundai in Talks with Apple on EVs; Mercedes Details Massive Hyperscreen

January 8th, 2021 at 11:48am

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Runtime: 9:44

0:07 U.S. Transportation Secretary Resigns
0:44 Hyundai in Talks with Apple on EVs
1:33 Blue Paint Color Grows in Popularity
2:51 Details on Mazda’s New Rear-Drive Platform
3:49 Biggest Investments in Automotive Companies
4:51 Elon Musk Now the Richest Person in the World
5:15 Mercedes Shares Details on Massive Hyperscreen
6:31 Cadillac Looks Outside Industry for New Display Screen
7:32 Yanfeng’s Interesting Way to Heat Interiors
8:51 Can You Spot the iPad?

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31 Comments to “AD #2990 – U.S. Transportation Secretary Resigns; Hyundai in Talks with Apple on EVs; Mercedes Details Massive Hyperscreen”


    I am glad to see blue gaining popularity. I am so tired of seeing black/white/and shades of silver/grey everywhere. Blue is my favorite and almost every car I own is blue. Admittedly though I would not want to live in a world with all blue cars either.

  2. Jim Haines Says:

    So Mrs. McConnell quit with 10 days before she would have been fired and a lobby group is all about keeping PC shit going SoWhat !

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’ve been seeing some medium and dark blue on newer cars, but light blue, like the “ice blue” on my 1989 Caravan is nonexistent. I’d like to see colors like that return, as a less boring, fairly light alternative to light metallic grey, often referred to as “silver.”

  4. Buzzerd Says:

    The I pad did make me chuckle. I know as I age my eyesight while still very good can’t pick up things like as well anymore. My wife and I try not to buy things like covers that are black and also duffel bags or computer bags that have black interiors. Doesn’t help when manufacturers use black plastic with black embossing on top to label switches eg emergency brake lever release next to the hood release.

  5. David Says:

    how about the new colors coming out with new paint shops ?

  6. Drew Says:

    The availability of light color cars has often been a consideration for sunbelt customers… white, silver, light blue, and beige. The latter two feel out fashion for a few decades. I’m happy blue is making a comeback, which I credit to Lincoln, as they showcased blue a few years ago during the Navigator launch.

    Recent visits to the Sunshine State revealed a growing population of indigenous black vehicles. That has to be torturous in the heat of the summer.

    As I recall, the Granola State tried to ban dark color cars, claiming they consumed more fuel and contributed to global warming. What’s worse – heat absorption or heat reflection!?!? By extension, someone needs to tell the fashion industry that black clothing is a danger to the environment! Fruity and nutty.

  7. Marshy Says:

    Loved that iPad pic. Hits a little too close to home.


  8. Buzzerd Says:

    They can come out with what ever colours they want but if the dealers won’t order them then we are far more likely to buy white, black, gray…

  9. ChuckGrenci Says:

    It’s been said before (here), that white, black shades of grey/silver are safe colors that don’t alienate buyers. Quite a few of the different colored cars come from customer ordered cars, so dealers when ordering ‘spec’ cars, usually keep it safe with the aforementioned. The biggest change is the number of ordered cars, that just doesn’t happen to the extent of yesteryear(s) ago, i.e., the 50′s and 60′s.

  10. JWH Says:

    Like others, enjoyed the IPad picture, & hopefully it was found before someone used it as a seating surface.

    In addition, shame if Mazda doesn’t include a sedan or coupe emulating the styling of the concept vehicle pictures shown. Much more attractive than another SUV.

  11. Drew Says:

    @10 – Given Mazda’s recent ties with Toyota, I can imagine the new New I-6/RWD platform can spawn a better Supra… as Mazda is much more capable of controlling weight and cost than BMW. If the new platform is not capable of scaling down to a sports car, I can also imagine opportunities for a 4Runner or Land Cruiser replacement. Just speculating.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 My 2010 Prius was beige, but they dropped that color the next year. For a few years, maybe in the 1990s, I think beige was one of the top three car colors in popularity.

  13. motorman Says:

    the professional pols are covering their ass hoping to land a job in the biden administration. the libs have said they are going to black ball anyone that supported trump and make sure they never work again in washington

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 A lot of Corvettes are still factory orders, and I suspect Challengers might be. The only Challengers in stock at a dealer in Indiana last summer and fall seemed to be V6, 4wd, but in the same town, there are a number of R/T, 392, and a few Hellcat versions on the road. I suspect most of those are factory orders, especially the Hellcats.

    When I bought my 2018 Camry, the dealer almost refused to order a car to get a color I’d rather have. At least it would have cost about $2000 more than the one they had in stock. I don’t know if that was typical for Toyota dealers, but it should be possible to order a car that is assembled in Kentucky.

  15. Eric Brunner Says:

    I agree with #8. When my sister went to buy a new Corolla, all the dealer had were the usual silver, white and light brown cars. She wanted the dark pearl blue and they tried to get her to buy one off the lot saying it would take too long to bring one in. She stuck to her guns and a month later the car arrived. The dealer had to agree it looked a lot better than what he had. She later found out that the dealer colours where easier to keep clean on the lot!

    My experience buying a new Suburban in 2017 was that the stock colours where black, white and silver. Any other colour was another $300. Would have like the pearl maroon but black looked just as good.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 The Biden administration will be trying to hire back a number of the career people who were run out of State Dept, EPA, and some other agencies by Trump, but yeah, I’m sure they won’t want to keep Betsy DeVos or David Bernhardt.

  17. Buzzerd Says:

    A friend of mine bought by C6 – Red with tan interior. He is a salesman at the local Chev dealer. He needed a daily driver for his wife and decided to order a red Cruze with tan interior to match. His boss was quite nervous that the dealership would be ” stuck” with the car if my friend decided not to take it. Like it was some kind of weird colour combo. Anyhoo, while it was on the lot for a week of so he sold several more just like it. BOOM! mind blown. They still won’t order anything different. I wouldn’t expect them to stock the lot with every colour in the rainbow but the odd different colour or model would be a good idea in my mind… and my friend’s who sells cars.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 Silver is certainly better than a lot of colors for not showing dirt, almost as good as tan.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    17 Chevy charges a $590 “color combination override” for some combinations, like a red interior in a blue car. I think if you pay the $590, you can get a red interior in a yellow car, if so inclined.


    19) That would certainly be a unique color combination. I could see a few people special ordering that.

    I remember the Dodge viper that was red with yellow wheels. That was interesting. I wouldn’t own it, but I liked that Dodge dared to be different.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    20 I’d consider ordering an Elkhart Lake Blue Corvette with red interior, but it might not be good to resell. I’ve seen a few cars, mostly BMWs with that medium dark blue/red combination, and I like it. I don’t think the new Corvette color, “rapid blue” would be good with red. The color is too “wild” to go with the red, at least to me.

    It one time, color was “in.”

  22. Albemarle Says:

    You would think the white/grey/black problem would be better in Canada because a much larger percentage of cars are not bought off the lot. Smaller dealers with less stock means ordering is normal. They have a good system of swapping cars so it’s usually not ages to get what you want. Still, the uncoloured are most popular. Obviously, only the colour deprived comment on auto sites.

  23. JoeS Says:

    The dark red color of my wife’s 2019 TourX was a $1k option. Standard colors were white, black and crayon red. We’ll have it for at least a decade and it is beautiful. She says it’s a guy magnet, well an old guy magnet. She gets stopped a lot and asked “what kind of car is that?”

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    23 The TourX is a nice car. It’s too bad they made 4WD mandatory, but that saved a few bucks on getting it certified. Unfortunately, it didn’t sell very well, so it’s now gone, like all Buick cars.

  25. Bobby T Says:

    My current cars are a medium blue Flex and a white Escape. I ordered the Flex. With the exception of the Flex, I usually buy cars that don’t show dirt, like white, silver and beige (geezer gold according to my wife), since we live on a dirt road. I read a story once about how out of touch with American tastes one of the Japanese companies was in the early years. They apparently shipped over a load of blue cars with green interiors, or maybe vice-versa.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It seemed like tan/beige/”geezer gold” cars disappeared from showrooms almost overnight. At one time, the color was very popular. Now, I see only one vehicle that color out of about 200 at my condo, an early Lexus RX, probably early 2000s.

    My first car was a 1957 Chrysler, white with a green interior. My fourth car was a 1974 Plymouth Duster, green with a white interior, which I ordered. I liked the white interior, with optional bucket seats. The seats were smooth vinyl, so didn’t get very visibly dirty, and could be easily washed.

  27. Bob Wilson Says:

    In a couple of months, North Alabama will be in yellow, pine pollen mode. The first rain fills the gutters with the yellow streams. It is the only time I wish we had “pine pollen yellow.”

  28. JoeS Says:

    27 The first time I saw that was in Atlanta and I thought someone had spilled a drum of yellow paint in the parking lot.

  29. Bob Wilson Says:

    The National Association of Manufacturers has suffered higher import fees (tariffs), increased taxes on exports as retaliation, and loss of productivity by the inadequate pandemic response. Those who have foreign business relationships are faced with loss of standing or face. So it makes sense they might want a change in current policies and practices.

    On an individual scale, apparently more than one cabinet or administration members have decided their futures lie somewhere else. But this means long established relationships with government representatives are evaporating.

  30. veh Says:

    22 Albermarle, curous to know what percentage of cars in Canada are ordered? I’ve read that in the US around 95% of vehicles are bought out of dealer inventory…wondering what’s different in CA

  31. veh Says:

    JoeS and Kit, I loved that TourX. I don’t know why GM didn’t make a bigger deal of it in marketing. People who saw them liked them, but they were barely visible in Buick ads.